Living Toward The Sun 向阳而生 Episode 10 Recap

Jason gave Amy a necklace. She posted a video to show off to Xiong Dun for the first time. Xiong Dun reminded her to be more careful. That is a habit used by men, but Amy felt that Jason was sincere to her. When Xiong Dun saw that Little Mushroom drank the impending medicine that his father bought back, he quietly asked Little Mushroom about the effect. Little Mushroom’s cough was obviously relieved, Xiong Dun felt relieved.

Mother Xiong thought that Lin Zhiheng was very handsome, but she was not good at talking. She did not agree with Xiong Dun and Lin Zhiheng. She was worried that the two of them had different personalities. Xiong Dun didn’t want to hear her mother continue to talk about her, so she hurried her home. The mother bear came to Lin Zhiheng to chat, and took the opportunity to inquire about his family situation. Xiong Dun went out to see this scene, worried that his mother would continue to be silent, and forcibly chased her away. Before leaving, the mother bear left her with a sentence. She supported Xiong Dunhe. Lin Zhiheng interacted.

Yin Dong wanted to find Xia Meng to be the endorsement of the down jacket, he called Luo to discuss, and Luo agreed to find time for an interview. Seeing Xiao Mushroom’s father hiding in the hallway gnawing dried buns, Xiong Dun took the initiative to eat with him the roast duck sent by his mother. Xiong Dun accidentally heard that the boss was going to fire him, and he pleaded hard. To pay for his daughter’s high treatment fees, and his wife is about to give birth, Xiong Dun is anxious for him.

Xiong Dun asked her father to buy a doll for Little Mushroom. Suddenly received a call from Yin Dong. Yin Dong urged her to complete the six down jacket proposals as soon as possible. He promised to give her a high commission and a generous year-end bonus after being accepted. Xiong Dun She couldn’t afford to eat, so she couldn’t wait to start work. Xiong’s father firmly disagreed and wanted to take her back to her hometown to recuperate. Xiong Dun resolutely refused to do it. His father was angry and wanted to sell the house from his hometown and settle down in Shanghai. Xiong Dun still did not let go, father. Repeatedly reminded her not to be distracted by work.

Xiong Dun was racking his brains to think about an advertising plan. Suddenly, he saw Xia Meng’s face to be treated for chemotherapy. He was puzzled. Xiong Dun worried that his father would find her working, so he would go to Lin Zhiheng’s office with a computer. Lin Zhiheng agreed. Sharing a desk with her, Dr. Sun hurriedly hid out with interest.

Xiong Dun and Lin Zhiheng sat together at such close distances, and they couldn’t rest their minds at all. Lin Zhiheng revealed that he was going to the medical school to be a teacher. Xiong Dun strongly protested that when the time comes, the female students will be confused by his handsomeness in class, Lin Zhiheng She was embarrassed by what she said.

Little Mushroom’s parents were penniless and unable to afford Mushroom’s treatment fees, so they went through the discharge procedures for her and had to take Mushroom back to her hometown. Mushroom mistakenly thought that she was well and invited Xiong Dun to see her and her upcoming brother. The little mushroom mother gave Xiong Dun a box of dumplings. Before leaving, the little mushroom accidentally hit the corner of the table. Mom hurried over to help and knocked the thermos bottle on the table to the ground. Fortunately, they did not get burned in time. As their family left lonely, my heart was unspeakably sad.

That night, Xiong Dun suddenly came up with a design plan and passed the client’s review. Xiong Dun asked Lin Zhiheng to take a leave of absence and went to the studio to supervise the shooting. Lin Zhiheng flatly refused. When Xiong Dun came to the studio early in the morning, Yin Dong asked her to contact the spokesperson Xia Meng. Yin Dong learned that she knew Xia Meng and asked her to persuade Xia Meng to cooperate with the company for a long time.

Xia Meng ignored Lu’s objection and insisted on visiting the studio under construction. Xiong Dun was so frightened that he hid away. Luo then chased him and forced La Xia Meng to leave, accidentally knocking down the baffle, seeing a bucket of paint on it. She was about to pour it on Xia Meng, Xiong Dun worked hard to resist, and the paint spilled all over her, but Xia Meng and Luau didn’t buy it. They mistakenly thought that Xiong Dun was plotting wrongdoing. Xiong Dun repeatedly explained that this was the company she worked for. Call Xia Meng away.

Xiong Dun hid in the bathroom and did not dare to come out. She called Amy for help. Amy was in a meeting but did not answer. Xiong Dun called Zheng Zhong. He accidentally dialed Lin Zhiheng’s phone. He mistakenly regarded him as solemn. When Lin Zhiheng said nothing, Lin Zhiheng drove to the studio to pick up Xiong Dun. Xiong Dun thought he would tell him the secret, and wanted to go home and change clothes before returning to the hospital.

Amy saw Xiong Dun call after the meeting and wanted to rush over as soon as possible. Jason wanted to invite her to dinner, but Amy politely declined. Lin Zhiheng drove her back to the hospital directly. Xiong Dun wanted to go home and change her clothes. He was worried that her parents would see her miserable and long-winded, so Lin Zhiheng took off the cover and put on her, ignoring the paint on her body.

Lin Zhiheng quickly sent Xiong Dun to the hospital. Xiong Dun suddenly received a solemn call, only to realize that he had been busy all morning and did not receive a call for help from Xiong Dun at all. After looking through the call records, Xiong Dun found that he was dialing in a panic. After calling Lin Zhiheng, I couldn’t help but secretly joy.

Xia Meng learns that the down jacket advertisement is designed by Xiong Dun, and believes that Xiong Dun wants to take advantage of her enthusiasm and refuses to sign the contract. Luau explained his interests to her and Xia Meng just refused to give in. The mother bear watched Xiong Dun get all over the paint and was so angry that it was only thanks to Amy that she got the cover from it.

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