I Fell in Love By Accident 一不小心恋爱了 Episode 2 Recap

An Ran said that Zheng Minwei was too arbitrary. Observing others can know what kind of love he wants, and by observing others, he can know what it is like when he is in love.

At this time, there was something at the corner of Zheng Minwei’s mouth, An Ran smiled and pointed to his face. Zheng Min was the only one to look dumbfounded. An Ran had to remind him that Zheng Minwei was a little embarrassed.

After eating, An Ran realized that Zheng Minwei was worried and asked Zheng Minwei to tell her. Zheng Minwei told An Ran what happened just now. He was a little embarrassed when she said she ran away after teasing. Ran said that she was professional and would not have feelings with their clients.

Today An Ran taught Zheng Minwei so much. Zheng Minwei said to hand in an assignment. He analyzed An Ran and said that she looked strong on the surface, but in fact she was very sensitive in her heart. When An Ran was right, she hurried away. Lost.

Wu Hongji called Chen Manman and exchanged his mobile phones. They met at the playground. Wu Hongji said to bring An Ran with him. Chen Manman told him not to make An Ran’s idea. Wu Hongji told Chen Manman about An Ran and Zheng Minwei. , Chen Manman readily agreed.

After An Ran came back in the evening, Chen Manman asked An Ran why he didn’t take Zheng Minwei down. An Ran smiled and said nothing, remembering the scene of breaking up with her ex-boyfriend before. Chen Manman told An Ran to go to the playground tomorrow. An Ran felt that Chen Manman was deceiving, but Chen Manman dragged her away.

When he came to the playground, An Ran saw Zheng Minwei, and both of them felt helpless. An Ran said that he should tutor Zheng Minwei for free.

They had a good time. Zheng Minwei also taught An Ran how to play games, and they took pictures. When Zheng Minwei taught An Ran to play billiards, he was a little embarrassed to teach An Ran, but An Ran didn’t pay much attention to it.

When they were riding on the Ferris wheel, An Ran told Zheng Minwei a secret. She had only talked about love once, but her abilities were not tolerable. Wu Hongji and Chen Manman were in a Ferris wheel. Chen Manman found that Wu Hongji was afraid of heights, so he took the initiative to sit on Wu Hongji and kiss him, saying to help him treat his fear of heights.

When An Ran went to buy coffee, he found a clerk criticizing the coffee for being bad. An Ran bought the cup of coffee. The clerk named Gu Shaoqing was very grateful to An Ran. He not only gave An Ran a gift, but also made an appointment. An Ran was eating. An Ran talked about this when he was giving Zheng Minwei a class. Zheng Minwei was a little concerned and secretly read An Ran’s letter.

When Zheng Minwei went to work the next day, thinking that An Ran would accept Gu Shaoqing’s confession, he couldn’t bear it. He went straight to the place where An Ran and Gu Shaoqing ate, but he didn’t expect to be discovered by An Ran, An Ran. He asked him to take her home, and by the way, gave Zheng Minwei the words that he had just rejected Gu Shaoqing, and taught him how to reject other people’s confession for free. At this time, fireworks exploded in the sky, An Ran was stunned, Zheng Minwei looked at An Ran’s heart.

When An Ran came home, she found that An Ma was here, and An Ma wanted to introduce her to An Ran, but An Ran refused, saying that it was good to be alone. Zheng Minwei was also arranged for a blind date when he returned home, but Zheng Minwei refused. , He told his parents that he has someone he likes.

Chen Manman and Wu Hongji had an appointment again for a drink. Chen Manman felt that it was not interesting to go clubbing, so he asked Wu Hongji to do something more interesting.

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