Great Age 创业年代 Episode 21 Recap

Mei Zhaohe once again proposed to Kwong Mingchou to be transferred to the Shanghai branch as the chief financial officer. He also emphasized that he is not for the future development of Chaoxin. Kwong also understands Mei Zhaohe’s intentions for Yu Wenjing, so he should be transferred. Shanghai depends on what Yu Wenjing means. After Yu Wenjing went on a blind date with someone, she took the blind date to the airport to catch a plane.

As a result, the blind date was an engineering man who wanted precision, which made Yu Wenjing very impatient. Su Yan left Pingdu to study for a PhD in Switzerland a few years ago, and now she has returned to Hongyuqiao to apply for a job at Chuangkai. Chuangkai has been focusing on games, ranking first in the domestic market share. Su Yan is invited to be the director of R&D. Not just for games, the most important thing is that Chuangkai must walk on both legs. I hope Su Yan will lead Chuangkai on a new path. The trust of Hong Yuqiao and the challenges given by Xinluzi make Su Yan take the position of director of the R&D department.

Jiang Cheng’s subordinates were unwilling to take the initiative to open up the market. Only Xu Yibei was a little embarrassed but reluctantly took it, just begging Jiang Cheng to take good care of his family. Yu Wenjing returned to the headquarters to report on her work, and by the way discussed with Kuang Mingchoo about the establishment of a laptop software R&D department in Shanghai to help the company’s subsequent transformation. In addition, Kwong Mingchou also mentioned that Mei Zhaohe has repeatedly requested to be transferred to the Shanghai company. Yu Wenjing has no opinion, as long as the company’s decision is acceptable. Mei Zhaohe was waiting outside Kwong Mingcho’s office. Yu Wenjing immediately came forward as soon as she left the house.

Although Yu Wenjing had no objection to Mei Zhaohe’s transfer to Shanghai, but if Mei Zhaohe had other purposes for her own business, Yu Wenjing immediately responded to Kwong Mingchoo. Refuse. As a super-large chemical company, Sichuan Chemical Industry Group is very important to Chaoxin and Jingqi, but some nepotism customers in Chaoxin are very slack and almost make Chaoxin miss this important customer. Yao Kun wanted to expel these related households, but Jiang Cheng advocated staying. Not only that, he arranged Xu Yibei’s wife to work as a warehouse keeper in Chaoxin.

Chaoxin conducts a comprehensive translation for its own superior software, which requires Professor Tang to be responsible, but if the translation cannot be completed, it can only use all the manual translations and then input. Jiang Cheng recognizes that Li Xia’s son Xiaocheng has been taking care of him until the child is about to enter university. Jiang Cheng is very attentive to Xiaocheng, and the father-son relationship is pretty good. In order to promise his son, Jiang Cheng went to Hong Yuqiao to meet Su Yan at Chuangkai. Hong Yuqiao saw the relationship between Su Yan and Jiang Cheng and left room for the two.

The conversation between Jiang Cheng and Su Yan was still a bit awkward. Apart from what kind of work they are doing now, there is not much to talk about over the years. Su Yan took the initiative to ask about the child, Jiang Cheng explained that the child lives with her, not married to Li Xia, each has its own world. As for Su Yan, she also had a boyfriend in Switzerland, but she is now single.

Jiang Cheng hoped to continue to be friends with Su Yan and left his contact information. Xu Yibei’s wife, Lu Dan, works in the warehouse, but her daughter Nini is unwell and wants to go to work with her mother. Lu Dan can’t take care of her daughter for a while because of the warehouse shipment problem, so Nini plays bubbles in the computer room alone.

The bubble water destroyed the equipment in the computer room, leading to the destruction of the efforts of Professor Tang and the R&D staff. Professor Tang angrily approached Yao Kun for an explanation. Yao Kun learned that the person who brought the child to work had joined the company because of nepotism, and was even more angry and directly ordered Lu Dan to be expelled.

Jiangcheng approached Yao Kun to protect Lu Dan, and proposed that if a family member who had worked for the company be fired would seriously affect morale, Yao Kun would not argue with Jiangcheng only about rules, nepotism seriously damaged the company’s development, so Lu Dan must be expelled. , Not only that, but also to punish Jiangcheng. Jiang Cheng left without words.

Lu Dan told her husband about his daughter’s hospitalization and his expulsion. Xu Yibei had just arrived in Yuchuan and learned about it. Thinking that he was working for the company, the company treated his family like this, and he turned his car back to the headquarters in a fit of anger.

Mingchou Kwong called Jiang Cheng to his home, and moved him with reason and emotion. The company’s recent development has been so fast that no one thought that Chaoxin could become the top IT company in the country. But it is precisely because of this that advanced management methods are needed. Otherwise, this road will not go far. Jiang Cheng understands these principles and also knows that Yao Kun is very professional in enterprise management, so he had to visit Nini alone. Jiang Cheng saw Xu Yibei who had left his job without permission in the ward. Jiang Cheng did not blame Xu Yibei, but promised to pay for Nini’s medical expenses and arrange a good job for Lu Dan. He just asked Xu Yibei not to forget what he had done. Ideal, live up to their own performance.

After Mei Zhaohe was transferred to Shanghai, she always looked for opportunities to be alone with Yu Wenjing. Jiangcheng assumed the responsibility of privately arranging employees’ family members to join the company. Wang Yong personally led the team to participate in the bidding of Sichuan Chemical Industry, and discussed with Zhou Dingbei that the possibility of winning the tide letter was very high, but Zhou Dingbei was not worried about this. Kwong Mingchoo participated in the IT Advanced Forum.

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