The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 43 Recap

Helan Mingyu called Xiao Chengxu over. Xiao Chengxu seemed to be angry. Helan Mingyu was busy apologizing for Xiao Qiyuan and him. Everything he did was for Xiao Qiyuan. Xiao Chengxu said with heartache that he had taught Xiao Qiyuan for so many years for Dasheng. If they were not forced to separate, Xiao Qiyuan would be their biological child. Xiao Chengxu regarded Xiao Qiyuan as his own child, but he forgot that Xiao Chengrui’s blood was flowing on him.

He ambushed more than a dozen guards in the imperial tomb. If it weren’t for him, Helan Mingyu would not see Xiao Chengxu. . When Xiao Qiyuan came, Helan Mingyu hurriedly asked him to apologize to Xiao Chengxu. He really misunderstood him. Xiao Qiyuan refused to admit his mistake, Helan Mingyu slapped him in an angry slap, Xiao Qiyuan was extremely sad, it was the first time she hit herself from birth to now!

Xiao Qiyuan suffered a lot of grievances and humiliation because of Xiao Chengxu. From today on, he has divided the boundaries between the monarch and his ministers, and he will no longer be at the mercy of him. Xiao Chengxu left sadly, Helan Mingyu looked at Xiao Qiyuan anxiously, without Xiao Chengxu, there would be no Dasheng, let alone their mother and son, Xiao Qiyuan could not hear a word.

Xiao Chengxuan found out that Xiao Qihan was making trouble in this incident, and Liu Mingtai’s suicide in prison was also related to him. Xiao Chengxu decided to send Xiao Chengxuan and Xiao Qihan to fight against Xishu in two separate ways. Xiao Qihan felt that he had thrown the hot potato to himself, but he had to agree. Xiao Qihan captured Xishu and decided to return to Beijing to fight for the regent. Xiao Qihan got the Dragon Jade Bi from Xishu, thinking that he should have the right to one person and above ten thousand people.

A good news came from Xishu, but Xiao Chengxu was not surprised at all. He Shaoyong came to Xiao Chengtai and said that Xiao Qihan had regained Xishu and killed Zhang Kaiyuan, and the time had come for them to be right. Xiao Chengtai was a little worried, Xiao Qihan did not have enough ability to fight with Xiao Qihan. He Shaoyong was stunned and brought back by Xiao Chengxu halfway. It turned out that He Shaoyong made the jade bib to increase Xiao Qihan’s confidence.

He didn’t expect a dead horse to be a living horse doctor and alive. He Shaoyong had to admit his fate when he saw that he was seen through. Xiao Chengxu didn’t want to kill him. His goal was to achieve fame and success. The only mistake was to follow the wrong master. He Shaoyong returned to Xiao Chengxu and planned a plan. All he wanted was success, and only Xiao Chengxu could give him this.

Soon, Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Chengxuan raised the matter of Xiao Chengtai’s construction of civil engineering in the court, and Xiao Qiyuan let him decide to execute the matter. Xiao Chengxu agreed, but Xiao Qiyuan complained a bit and wanted to be in charge of the government. Helan Mingyu bitterly persuaded Xiao Chengxu to do a good job in supervising the government over the years.

Ministers all saw that Xiao Qiyuan should not be impatient. If he really wants to replace Xiao Chengxu, he should do better than him. Talent will be convinced. Since the last time Xiao Qiyuan and Xiao Chengxu clashed, Helan Mingyu has had trouble thinking about Xiao Chengxu’s thoughts. She knows how difficult it is for a person who has held great power for a long time to give up power.

Ling Zhen’er went to Xiao Chengxu. If he really cared about Helan Mingyu, he only had to teach Xiao Qiyuan to become a useful man, but Xiao Chengxu’s heart would have been broken long ago. Ling Zhen’er said, it is better to learn to let go than guarding a person who will never be possible. Xiao Chengxu was heartbroken. Outsiders saw his power over the world, but he actually had nothing. Who could understand the pain in his heart.

When Xiao Qihan returned triumphantly, Xiao Chengxu went out of the city to greet him and deliberately said a lot about Xiao Chengxu. The ministers did not let Xiao Qiyuan listen to the discussion, so Xiao Qiyuan secretly listened.

Ping Xishu had done a lot, Xiao Qihan asked Xiao Chengtai anxiously if he could see the secret letter he entrusted Shao Yong to bring, and it happened that Xiao Chengxu came. Xiao Chengxu followed He Shaoyong, Xiao Qihan’s face changed drastically when he saw this, and Xiao Chengxu urgently took out the Jiaolong Jade, with a word “Su” on it, indicating that he was above the emperor.

Xiao Chengxu immediately brought a Western Shu craftsman, this piece of jasper came from his hands, Xiao Qihan realized that this was not a Western Shu god jade after seeing the evidence, He Shaoyong had been lying to him! When Xiao Chengli saw this, he was very angry and scolded him for being conspiratorial. He Shaoyong even took out all his crimes in Xishu, all of which were capital crimes.

Xiao Qihan was very angry and scolded Xiao Chengxu for doing what he wanted because Helan Mingyu was backing him, almost shaking off the relationship between the two of them back then. Xiao Chengxu immediately revoked Xiao Qihan’s military power and title, and was confined to the mansion to wait for his death.

Xiao Qihan was dragged away and still yelled that he was a hero of Dasheng and would never give up easily. However, afterwards, He Shaoyong returned to the Palace of Su Wang, saying that he did it for Xiao Qihan’s good, and they were not Xiao Chengxu’s opponents together. Helan Yunqi repeatedly interceded in front of Xiao Chengxu, and Xiao Chengxu also promised to keep him wealthy for life, but he had to hand over the list.

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