General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 9 Recap

Xiao Su met with the emperor and told him that Chu Xiuming was indeed a good general who was loyal to the emperor and serving the country. Rumors in the court must be someone operating behind him, and this matter must be thoroughly investigated. The emperor ordered him to return to assist Chu Xiuming, but since his identity had been exposed once, he could only hide his identity by making the illusion that Xiao Su was dead.

Chu Xiuming received the report from the carrier pigeon, it was Xiao Su, and it was done. So Chu Xiuming came to the person who was arrested, and who was instructing him to answer this question or die. Before Chu Xiuming asked again, he vomited blood and killed himself. It is easy to find the master behind this matter.

The imperial court received a memorandum, and the eagle negotiated a peace. The emperor was overjoyed, but the official told about it weird. The eagle had been at odds with the imperial court, and Yongningbo could not end well after having dealt with the imperial court for a long time. Isn’t it weird that this happened suddenly? The supervisor deliberately or unintentionally led the matter to Chu Xiuming. If you want to check, check, the emperor is too lazy to bother with the superintendent, let him go.

In Yongning Bofu, Chu Xiuming was studying, and Shen Jin was embroidering by him, and the lieutenant just had an important task to report, and Shen Jin retreated. Before closing the door, I heard Chu Xiuming and the deputy general talk about Xiao Su’s death. Shen Jin hesitated. This was too big. Chu Xiuming didn’t tell her, probably because she was afraid that she was worried, so she had to hold back.

When she turned around, she met Rourou. She was talking and laughing with the Qingqiu aunts, completely unaware that Xiao Su, who was waiting so hard, was separated from her. Shen Jin knew why Chu Xiuming didn’t tell her about Xiao Su’s death, and told her that it was just like her, fearing that the flesh would be sad and could not bear to deceive.

This day, Shen Jin couldn’t swallow food, and the food in front of him was not as delicious as it used to be. Seeing that she didn’t know the taste of meat, she ate with her. She was happy with everything. When she was a child, people always gave Shen Jin the leftovers under the Royal Palace of Rui. In order to prevent the young lady from suffering, the meat would eat the leftovers and take out the leftovers if they couldn’t eat more Going to feed Xiao Su, to say that Xiao Su is strong and strong, she also has her share of the credit.

When she was a child, she had a hard time and was happy, and she was not afraid of Shen Jin’s jokes. Since she was a child, she had thought about marrying Xiao Su in the future.

Shen Jin couldn’t listen anymore when he heard this, tears rolled in his eyes, fleshy might not be able to marry Xiao Su. Now Chu Xiuming should be on the way back from picking up Xiao Su’s body. Flesh was very sad. He picked up the rice bowl and stuffed it hard into his mouth. Sadness emptied his heart. Only eating can fill it up.

In fact, what Chu Xiuming brought back was indeed Xiao Su, but it was not a corpse. The suspended animation was used to conceal his identity. Of course he was not known. However, because Shen Jin misheard a sentence, the two girls had a hangover on the eaves to relieve their sorrow. If they accidentally fell under the eaves, Chu Xiuming and Xiao Suzheng rushed to the door, both of them lightly, hugged their beloved woman, and took advantage of the dark night to snuggle for a long time.

Early in the morning, Shen Jin leaned on the railing and laughed, his fleshy lips became abnormal, and his mouth was always stiff.

Today, the generals of the Eagle tribe came to the Chu Xiuming camp. The two armies turned fighting into jade silk. The soldiers performed their own posture moves. The Eagle tribe was unwilling to fall behind. There was a sound of sword and armor collisions. The scimitar came straight to Chu Xiuming, but Wu Yi was far below Chu Xiuming, and after three or two moves, the opponent was injured.

The lieutenant was about to drink this despicable method, but learned that it was Maya, the princess of the Eagle clan. Since Chu Xiuming was injured by mistake, he arranged for Maya to live in the mansion for treatment. After all, a man in the army, a princess would be inconvenient here.

After Shen Jin went out to play, he saw a strange woman dangling at home, wearing her clothes and calling her sister, she didn’t want to be worthy of this person’s sister. Maya saw that she was making Shen Jin yelling, thinking that she did something wrong, and quickly took the responsibility on her. Good people let this woman do it, and Shen Jin became even more angry.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Chu Xiuming hugged Shen Jin and went out. This was jealous, not bad, and it proved that she liked him. Chu Xiuming gave Shen Jin a generous kiss.

In the evening Maya asked Chu Xiuming to compete. She danced with the sword and was very intimate. Seeing that Chu Xiuming was about to hug Maya, Shen Jin came out to stop, and immediately expelled Chu Xiuming back to the barracks in the dark, leaving him here. Who are you in love with?

But Maya wanted Chu Xiuming to accompany her to go shopping. This was not possible. Chu Xiuming was not allowed to go, and Shen Jin decided to accompany her. The long street is lively and bustling. Maya bought a lot of gadgets. Shen Jin took her to drink. She wanted to pour the Maya princess and tell her what secrets were behind her. As a result, I had a hangover all night, and Maya woke up the next day and went to the morning market.

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