Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 36 Recap

When going on a blind date, Guo Jing tried his best to behave as an asshole, trying to scare away the blind date. Unexpectedly, the blind date is actually very open. Instead, he became interested in Guo Jing. It was Guo Jing’s turn to be dumbfounded. No matter how Guo Jing stimulated her, she became more and more attentive to him.

In the end, it was Chen Xiaonan’s ex-girlfriend who pretended to commit suicide for Guo Jing and scared away the blind date. Huang Rong and Huang Caiyun were at home. Huang Caiyun cared about her relationship with Guo Jing and refused Xiao Rui’s request to invite her to work. Xiao Rui came to pick up Huang Rong for dinner, and under Xiao Rui’s diligent attack, Huang Rong’s attitude changed slightly.

Dakang gave gifts to colleagues and invited everyone to eat together. Guo Jing wondered why he didn’t stammer. Dakang said that it was not easy for him to mix outside, even if he was willing to put on shoes that increased inside. Guo Jing didn’t attend the dinner because of temporary business, so Dakang privately asked him to help sell medicines. Chen Xiaonan walked over. Guo Jing wondered why she switched to the obstetrics department again. Chen Xiaonan immediately pretended to be a fool.

Dakang asked Chen Xiaonan about the patient’s ectopic pregnancy, and then invited her to dinner. Chen Xiaonan heard that he was Guo Jing’s former colleague, so he half-pushed and half agreed.

Guo Jing went home from get off work and saw Huang Rong sewing clothes. Huang Rong jokes last night. Guo Jing complained that she was fortunate to see her outside together last night, otherwise she saw something she shouldn’t see. The two quarreled as they talked, and suddenly there was a voice in the house, and Guo Liye walked out of the bathroom.

Guo Jing ate watermelon and got angry. Guo Liye thought that Huang Rong had become a couple with others, and Guo Jing kept staring at Huang Rong. Guo Jing elaborated on Xiao Rui’s shortcomings, he couldn’t watch Huang Rong jump into the fire pit.

Dakang wandered around in the hospital and persuaded the nurses to buy their own medicines. He saw the cases on the table and picked them up for inspection. At this time, Guo Jing walked in. He revealed that Dakang was in the hospital and bought takeaways for everyone. If you don’t go home, there must be a problem. Guo Jing said that the process of chasing Lin Xiaoxiao was not easier than that of Guo Jing chasing Huang Rong. No one signed for the operation yesterday. If he hadn’t met Guo Jing and Zeng Li, he might not have seen Lin Xiaoxiao.

With the help of Guo Jing, Dakang went to the ward to see Lin Xiaoxiao. Seeing Lin Xiaoxiao’s parents came, he immediately found an excuse to leave. Afterwards, he sent something to the nurse, wanting to see Lin Xiaoxiao’s operation record, and said he was Lin Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend.

Mother Lin taught Lin Xiaoxiao but she couldn’t get her a word of response. She suddenly coughed up blood when she drank water. After a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, she found that she had lung cancer. Even Dakang found a very good doctor for her to treat her. Don’t appreciate it.

Seeing that Chen Xiaonan was angry, Dakang immediately stepped forward to care about her, hoping that she would not be caught. At this time, Guo Jing called out. Chen Xiaonan ran away after hearing it. Dakang jokes at Guo Jing, a young doctor, who is doing quite vigorously.

In the evening, Father Lin accompanied Lin Xiaoxiao to chat. Lin Xiaoxiao inquired about Lin’s mother’s condition and apologized for his own affairs. Father Lin worried that the man his daughter married was unreliable.

The hospital was rounding the ward. The man in the special zone ward yelled at the doctor. Chen Xiaonan walked out to remind him that the doctor would come after he checked the next door. The man insulted Chen Xiaonan as a waste. Chen Xiaonan was so angry that he moved out of the stool. Sitting outside the ward to confront him.

Afterwards, Vice President Chen received a complaint from the patient, and Guo Jing took the initiative to take responsibility for Chen Xiaonan, and Vice President Chen asked her to apologize to the patient. Chen Xiaonan became more and more angry when he said that, the patient’s family not only talked about himself but also about his mother. Vice President Chen didn’t care about it as a father, and he didn’t want to care about it as a husband. After hearing these words, Guo Jing understood that Chen Xiaonan was the daughter of Vice President Chen. At this time, the nurse walked in and told everyone Lin Mu had taken sleeping pills.

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