The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 18 Recap

After Wen You left a letter, he ran away from home. At this time, the emperor’s will to marry Wen You and Princess Huayao was sent to the mansion, and the Wang Xiang even ordered people to surround Wen Mansion.

Wenrou once again met with Xia Houying, apologized to him and expressed sincerity, and would not harass him again. Rouge informed Lin Fang about the news of the marriage of Wen You and Princess Huayao by the emperor. Lin Fang, who was anxious, decided to return to Jun’an for Zhan Qinghong. Linzhou temporarily assigned Rouge to take care of it. Rouge told Zhan Qing that he was not allowed to talk about it. Hong.

Knowing that the Wen family was trapped, Xia Houying hurried to chase Wen You outside the city and informed him of the predicament in Wen Mansion, so she returned to Jun’an with Xia Houying for the sake of his family’s Wen You. Wen You returned home and told his parents that he would bear the responsibility of resisting the decree without affecting the family.

Depressed Wen You drank with Xia Houying, remembering the immature appearance at the martial arts conference, thinking of Yu Zhan Qinghong’s beauty at the beginning, saying that she was sorry for Zhan Qinghong, and hoped that Xia Houying would treat her sister well.

After drinking, Wen You rushed to the palace without permission, and was promptly stopped by Hua Yao to rescue him. The emperor Wen You rushed to the palace gate and was furious, thinking that Qi would soon marry the princess, he would not be blamed, if he insisted not to leave, he would immediately Asked to cut.

After Wen You returned home, he found that his father had rushed to the prime minister’s house to plead guilty, and he was willing to take it for him. Wen You also went to the Prime Minister’s Mansion. Unexpectedly, Wang Dun kidnapped Wen You’s father. Wen You forced him to death but it didn’t work. Wang Dun threatened Wen’s family and Zhan Qinghong’s lives to force Wen You to marry Hua Yao, and Wen You fell to the ground in frustration.

Wen You didn’t reply to the letter sent by Zhan Qinghong for half a month, and Zhan Qinghong was very worried. Just then Lin Fang came in to inform Zhan Qinghong that he would return to Jun’an in the past two days. When Zhan Qinghong laughed happily, he had chest tightness, shortness of breath, and dizziness.

Yan Zhi accidentally discovered that he and Zhan Qinghong were both poisoned by the deadly drunk goddess. At this moment, the only way to delay the poisoning is to dissipate the skill. If you force the movement, you will be worried about your life. At this time, Lin Fang awakened the Zhou family. It was just a trap. The Nether Three Demon had gone to fight the enemy with seven-star swordsmanship, and the poison was to target the enemy.

But now I realized that it was too late, and the Zhanbro Enemy group was ambushed by the Nether Three Demons, and unfortunately destroyed the door. Because Zhanpodi had already handed the Seven-Star Sword Technique to Lin Fang, he deceived the Three Nether Demons to destroy the sword spectrum. They did not believe it but did not find the Seven-Star Sword Technique on Zhanpodi, so they could only leave in anger.

Mrs. Zhan watched the bloody death of the Qiqiao Zhanpai, and swung a knife to kill herself, holding the hand of Zhanpai and passed away. When Zhan Qinghong arrived, it was too late, and he saw his family’s corpses all over the place, almost collapsed.

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