Parallel Lost 平行迷途 Episode 4 Recap

Guo Liang once again reported to the Li team what he had found in this operation, and confirmed Gu Jun’s identity as the inner ghost, but this time, the Li team didn’t say much this time, just frowned. In desperation, he had to make a decision.

Su Ming made great contributions this time and finally saw Zhou Zheng as he wished. But thinking of the explosion that night, Zhou Zheng still felt that he could not trust Su Ming wholeheartedly. After all, Liu Zhi died and Su Ming was the only person who fought against the police. And Su Ming also understood that he still needed to do more to be used by Zhou Zheng.

Gu Jun’s father, political commissar Gu Chunlin, heard about Gu Jun’s deep incident and realized that his identity might make it difficult for his colleagues to do it. So he called and ordered that he didn’t need to care about his relationship, so the police boss found Gu. Jun, the toy factory misreporting incident caused Gu Jun to be suspended. Knowing that he was carrying many doubts, Gu Jun had to surrender his credentials calmly, salute him, and leave.

Back at the police school, standing on the familiar campus, Gu Jun fell into memories again. Gu Jun was known to many people because of his father Gu Chunlin’s status as a political commissar, but Gu Jun treated people sincerely and met his roommate Chen Wen and Su Ming. In class, both Su Ming and Gu Jun were mentioned by the teacher as the school champion, but Su Ming was chosen as the monitor. In the training, Su Ming had excellent grades, but he was not aloof, but treated all his classmates sincerely.

But the roommates wondered why Su Ming never came back before turning off the lights. Gu Jun discovered that Su Ming, who usually has excellent academic performance, is also independent in his spare time. Next, Gu Jun couldn’t help but feel good about Su Ming in front of him. The two became friends who talked everything, and healthy competitors in the class.

Gu Jun went home to visit his parents after the holiday, but his parents mentioned the dinner with Uncle Liang, in order to match Gu Jun and Uncle Liang’s daughter Liang Xue. Under the urging of his parents, Gu Jun deliberately discredited herself and started to walk through the process, and Liang Xue also knew that behind Gu Jun’s “rude” behavior was just to resist his parents’ intentions and arouse his disgust. By coincidence, Liang Xue, who had no interest in Gu Jun, matched Gu Jun’s mind. The two unsparking men hit it off and decided to part ways on the spot.

Ma Qiang, Gu Jun’s classmate, had a crush on a female netizen, and requested that Gu Jun be bold enough to follow along. Gu Jun, who couldn’t be stunned, could only follow along to support the scene. The two came to the bar. The feasting scene caused Gu Jun to raise his eyebrows, but Gu Jun could only hold on, watching Ma Qiang drink another glass.

Ma Qiang, who is addicted to beauty, asked Gu Jun to help him pay for the wine first, and then left to dance with the female netizen. Gu Jun, who was planning to pay, was dumbfounded when he saw the bill. A few glasses of wine were worth nearly 10,000. Knowing that he had been cheated by a black shop, Gu Jun was planning to call the police. When he walked out of the bar with the waiter, several people in black appeared instantly. He rushed forward and held Gu Jun…

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