Parallel Lost 平行迷途 Episode 2 Recap

It turned out that Gu Jun and Liu Meng had been classmates for many years and spent the police academy together. Now Liu Meng is Gu Jun’s old classmate Su Ming. But now the situation has changed drastically for the two of them, one is a policeman and the other is a drug dealer. This steel plant is about to be detonated. Su Ming persuaded Gu Jun to leave earlier, or stop him. Seeing his former friend Su Ming step by step away from him and leave, Gu Jun’s heart was very entangled.

Shaken by the hidden feelings in his heart, Gu Jun shot Su Ming under the constant inner fighting. Su Ming was shot and fell. Yang Fang, who finally regained consciousness, saw the figure of Su Ming, who was also a classmate, hit by Gu Jun and fell. She was very sad, but due to the dangerous situation, she could only let Gu Jun pull away and escape. Finally, there was a loud noise and everything became calm…

Zhou Zheng listened to the report of his subordinates, thinking in his heart. When the assistant asked about the next plan, Zhou Zheng pretended to be calm and decided to do business as usual.

The police returned to the scene of the explosion. Now that the matter has been fermented by media reports, the police decided to temporarily conceal the names of the injured. When asked about the situation at the scene, the investigators said that Su Ming’s whereabouts were unclear, and that the corpse at the scene was too severely damaged to distinguish, but the blood of Su Ming and Liu Zhi did exist.

Yang Fang, lying in the hospital, asked his colleagues about the situation at the scene. When the police asked about everything about last night, Yang Fang couldn’t control his emotions and told about Gu Jun shooting. On the other side, Gu Jun accepted police Guo Liang’s questioning and explained the whole process truthfully, including his own investigation of the entire intelligence process.

However, Guo Liang asked about the relationship between Su Ming and Gu Jun. Since they came from the police school, the two have been friends and even applied to the same unit.

Afterwards, Gu Jun moved away from the original unit for no reason. After attacking the leader and being fired, the two had no contact anymore. Guo Liang wanted to know what happened between the two, but Gu Jun had to silently refuse to answer. Guo Liang filed another case again. Gu Jun and Su Ming participated in a case together. Gu Jun’s mistake led to shooting Su Ming. Gu Jun was punished. When Gu Jun went to make amends with Su Ming, Su Ming mentioned that the two people’s original intentions were completely different. Gu Jun focused on punishing the criminals. Su Ming believed that protecting the people was more important.

The gap between the two was changed from the original discord. Getting bigger and bigger, Su Ming finally mentioned the decision to part ways. But Guo Liang didn’t believe Gu Jun’s rhetoric at all, thinking that behind everything, Gu Jun deliberately concealed things. Having said that, Guo Liang received a document confirming that the explosion was not a coincidence, and that it was someone who fired intentionally. But in the face of Guo Liang’s speculation, Gu Junyi rightly denied that he was not the one who shot.

On the other side, Li Xiang was questioned, but as soon as he heard the police mention Liu Zhi’s death, Li Xiang’s tone was relieved, confessing the existence of Brother Zhao and the boss’s trading arrangements.

Collecting evidence from various parties, the police began to analyze whether Zhou Zheng was the real boss. According to criminal investigation experience, the last boss often left no doubts on his body, but Zhou Zheng had too many traces on his body and was too eye-catching. Therefore, the police guessed that Zhou Zheng was probably not the real boss.

Gu Jun was still being questioned. At this time, the police mentioned Gu Jun’s violation of Su Ming’s information. In the face of Guo Liang’s layers of questioning, Gu Jun bowed his head, because Gu Jun didn’t care at all. He cared about Su Ming. It must be waiting for him somewhere right now.

Huang Xin, who is a purely raw drug, is in his prime, young and beautiful, and has many suitors in the company, but he still has to be urged by his parents to get married when he returns home. Huang Xin, who is busy with work, has no heart to fall in love.

As soon as he mentions work, Huang Xin starts to wonder how his father’s relationship with Uncle Zhou has changed from good to bad. It turned out to be Su Ming covered in blood, but at this moment Su Ming was seriously injured, his whole body weak, completely unable to support, he could only threw himself into Father Huang’s arms, Huang Xin also shouted out in surprise…

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