Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 11 Recap

Fu Lu was dealing with brothel trading, so Xue Jiaqiang suddenly ran over to represent him and talked about cooperation with A Huo, who played perimeter gambling, but A Huo couldn’t react for a while. There is no free lunch in the world, and A Huo is having a holiday with Xue Jiaqiang.

Naturally, he must be cautious. However, Xue Jiaqiang is very sincere, and after all, the external stalls are small, and with platform support, gambling players can bet on both hands and gamblers can also bet on football, which is beneficial to both sides. No one would have trouble with money, and Ahuo agreed to join the group.

Xue Jiaqiang tried his best to facilitate this, and Fu Lu and A Huo both regarded him as their own, and no longer beware. But it also got into trouble. The Crime Investigation Department found a foot therapy shop, and Lan Nan and the clerk were taken aback. The visitor claimed that Xue Jiaqiang was suspected to be related to a criminal underworld crime and he wanted to take it away to assist in the investigation. The evidence held by the police is nothing more than photos of entering and leaving the Fulu site. Xue Jiaqiang has seen a lot and doesn’t care at all. In the interrogation room, he asked three questions. The police had nothing to say when he entered and left the building just to pick up the courier.

Xue Jiaqiang came out of the police station without incident, but something went wrong with Wei Ye in the prison. Wei Ye was stabbed by another prisoner and sent to the hospital for rescue. Pang Haoyang believed that Fu Lu did it, and wished he could immediately organize manpower to avenge Master Wei. As a bystander, Zhuo Kai was much calmer. Now there is no evidence to prove that Fu Lu was behind the scenes. Maybe the instructing people just wanted to provoke Pang Haoyang and start a war with Fu Lu in order to reap the benefits.

Zhuo Kai asked Pang Haoyang to protect Master Wei, in case anyone else starts. He came to the security intelligence agency and asked Wei Zuorong for help. What Wei Zuorong did was intelligence and he knew all about Zhuo Kai’s election of Pang Haoyang and Wei Jie’s assassination. What Zhuo Kai begs for is that Wei Zuorong go to see his father to comfort the old man’s thinking about children.

Wei Zuorong couldn’t understand why Zhuo Kai, the former policeman, was willing to help a rival. He certainly didn’t understand the truth that there is black in white, and white in black. Wei Jie has feelings and righteousness, and has the heart to develop towards the right way. This is the reason Zhuo Kai wants to help him.

In the special ward of the hospital, Pang Haoyang spoke with Wei Jie who had just stitched up the wound. The door of the ward opened and Wei Zuorong walked in. Hearing that Wei Zuorong reported his name, Pang Haoyang immediately left with interest, leaving time for the father and son who had not seen each other for more than ten years. Wei Jie was so excited to see his son, how could he mind Wei Zuorong’s cold attitude.

After chatting casually, Wei Zuorong left the ward. Turning to another special ward, Chen Fushu, the prisoner who attacked Wei Jie, was kept inside. After a few routine inquiries, Wei Zuorong bent down and told Chen Fushu that the balance had been paid. It was his son who was looking for someone to attack Wei Jie. Wei Zuorong has done nothing to achieve his goal.

The Golden Polo Casino is now an eventful season. Just found out the inner ghost and prevented the loss of guests. Kim Soruo over there launched a sexy actress croupier, also engaged in peripheral gambling, and attracted a group of customers. If this trend continues, I am afraid that we will lose. Assistant A Jing felt that extraordinary means were needed to resolve the matter. Under Zhuo Kai’s persuasion, Pang Haoyang decided not to move.

Ajing was not convinced, and behind his boss’s back, he blocked Adou’s way home. A Jing was stern, and gave Adou two paths, either leaving his hands and feet or paying off his debt immediately. For the sake of a mere two hundred thousand, A Jing must go out in person, Adou knew that there must be another purpose. Sure enough, Ajing asked Adou to stay in Fulu’s casino, waiting for an opportunity to steal information from the server.

Adou turned around and reported the matter to his contact person Xue Jiaqiang. Coincidentally, news came from Zhang Jizi that the Criminal Intelligence Division had reached an agreement with Zhuo Kai to deal with Fu Lu together. From a work perspective, Adou believes that helping Ajing is indirectly helping Zhang Inspector. Moreover, after removing Fu Lu, maybe he could take the opportunity to return to Jinboluo and continue to secretly investigate Pang Haoyang. Xue Jiaqiang is really ashamed of her enthusiasm for this job.

A few days later, Jiuzhiqiang’s Mahjong Hall opened, and the brothers in the club inevitably went to congratulate. Fu Lu and Pang Haoyang were full of gunpowder as soon as they met. If it weren’t for Jiuzhiqiang to complete the game, I’m afraid that blood will splash on the spot. When he arrived at the mahjong table, Adou, who accompanied Fu Lu to the meeting, gestured to Pang Haoyang, causing Fu Lu to lose miserably and return angrily. Pang Haoyang’s heart was happy, and he inserted Jincoruo’s eyeliner, and he did not choose the wrong person.

At night, Pang Haoyang heard that A Jing was going to use Adou to destroy Fu Lu’s server, and he couldn’t help being furious. In public and private, he didn’t want Adou to have an accident. But time was too late, Adou had already got the computer equipment Ajing had sent from the takeaway. She connected the computer to the server, thinking she was just downloading data. I didn’t think that the program in the computer would cause the server to be overloaded, a big fire started in the computer room, and Adou was trapped in a corner and could not move forward or backward.

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