General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 6 Recap

Chu Xiuming fished Shen Jin from the lake. She was soggy and choked with water. At the moment, she was in a coma in Chu Xiuming’s arms. He hurriedly put down to help her breathe. In this case, lips and tongue kisses are also an urgent plan, but Shen Jin just woke up and saw Chu Xiuming who was magnified countless times in front of him. He screamed and jumped again. How could this person take advantage of this situation? .

Even if she wrote the divorce letter, no one else knew about it, and few people believed her when she shouted indecent. She was going back to the barracks to show it out with the soldiers, so that everyone would know that Chu Xiuming was a beast with a different appearance. She still kissed her after she had quit, but he couldn’t let him take it all by himself.

Shen Jin can’t wait for the barracks now, nor can he return to the house. You can imagine the result of her family’s return. The mother will be sad, the father will be disappointed, the sisters will definitely laugh at her, Chu Xiuming relaxed a letter of resignation, making her very difficult to do. Fortunately, Chu Xiuming began to understand her, and he could do for her whatever he could. So Shen Jin was back to the barracks by Chu Xiuming, sleeping in the general’s army tent.

The rule of seeing no evil, Chu Xiuming understood naturally. Out of necessity, he blindfolded Shen Jin and then hugged her to the couch and covered her bedding. The next morning he brought her sober soup again. It was not until Chu Xiuming left that Shen Jin found out that his clothes had been changed. Who else was there besides Chu Xiuming? She was shy and happy, Chu Xiuming was just a good face, but in fact she still liked her very much.

My lady went to the barracks, and Rourou chatted with the chef Qing Qiu alone. Then she said that it was Chu Xiuming’s birthday a few days later. Her lady must be very worried about this, so she brought all kinds of things that people in the house bought. Everything came to the barracks.

Knowing that Chu Xiuming’s birthday was coming, Shen Jin felt that this was a great opportunity. Chu Xiuming loved face so much, so she had to take the initiative to attack both of them. She found Leopard Head and wanted to borrow a little munitions to make fireworks, which was also a surprise birthday gift. Leopard’s head is heard as if it is facing a big enemy, arms is the top priority of the barracks, it is a trifling matter.

Well, if you don’t borrow, you don’t need to borrow. In the end, she personally cooked a bowl of longevity noodles for Chu Xiuming. The best gift was actually her heart.

Chu Xiuming only took a bite, and then he drove her back home with a cold face. Shen Jin, a woman who has gathered among the men in the military camp all day long, has to avoid her everywhere. She is inconvenient in life but daring not to speak up. Moreover, today she is still trying to use arms privately. If she succeeds, everyone will be punished together. If she is allowed to mess around in the army like this, if the army is distracted, his general will also have no prestige.

Shen Jin is puzzled. She has never considered herself as a wife, and she has taken the lead like everyone else. It’s just that today is Chu Xiuming’s birthday. She hopes to create a surprise for him. This is not malicious, but this matter came to Chu Xiuming’s mouth. It was unreasonable to make trouble. In Chu Xiuming’s heart, was there a trace of affection for her? Her friendship was so worthless.

Shen Jin’s blood was surging, and she didn’t need Chu Xiuming to scare her with a letter of divorce, she wrote it herself. This time, Shen Jinxiu and Chu Xiuming took the break. This place didn’t matter, Shen Jin went back to the house overnight to pack up and leave. Only Chu Xiuming was left in the general camp, and he noticed that there was a book of Shen Jin’s notes under the pillow on the couch, which described the names of the Great Demon King and the Demon General since Shen Jin saw Chu Xiuming.

It often appears. There was a plain white shirt on the side of the couch, which was his clothes, with a very graceful “Ban” embroidered on the cuffs. He had never noticed this before. Shen Jin silently recorded him behind his back, thinking about him quietly. He never knew that tears somehow fell from the man’s eyes, mixed with complicated emotions, Chu Xiuming said no Come out a sentence.

Shen Jin threw away all his luggage early in the morning, and packed it up, but he couldn’t leave for a while, so he didn’t need anything at all. In the end, Aunt Qingqiu reminded that she only got into the carriage with a pillow embedded with acacia beans.

At the training ground, Chu Xiuming was late today. The soldiers were waiting for him to come, but when he came, he looked sad, and ordered to start training without any energy.

The emperor heard that Yongning Bochu Xiuming divorced his wife, and the emperor dared to divorce even after giving a marriage? Send the imperial army commander Xiao Su secretly to investigate.

Chu Xiuming learned that a supervising army had come to the barracks, named Supervision Army. In fact, no one knew that he was here to investigate the news. Chu Xiuming didn’t care. .

When the carriage arrived at the barracks, Chu Xiuming greeted him with a group of soldiers, who knew that he had been invited to the frame three times without seeing him. Just when he was impatient, fleshy came down from the carriage, followed by Shen Jin in a pair of armor, who turned out to be Chu Xiuming’s wife! Sure enough, it was the first level of officials who crushed people to death. He knelt to accept the order, and Shen Jin walked into the camp from front of him proudly.

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