Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 10 Recap

Chen Wa’er didn’t accept Li Qiang’s money. Li Qiang had always wanted to see Chen Wa’er since he met Chen Wa’er. He sneaked into the car again and brought Chen Wa’er many fruits. The two couples have been trying their best to meet each other, and Li Qiang even asked Hu Meihua to help him make up and dress him up as a big girl. Seeing Li Qiang’s desperate appearance for love, Hu Meihua couldn’t help but feel complicated, knowing that there is no love between her and Wu Xikai.

In the car, Li Qiang’s burly posture made the aunt next to him very emotional, and the aunt thought that Li Qiang must be a girl studying sports. Li Qiang smiled. He feeds Chen Wa’er dumplings in the car, and the two feel sweet. There was soaking in the honeypot, but Wu Xikai and Hu Meihua had a conflict. The two had their first quarrel. Wu Xikai proposed on the spot to be separated from Hu Meihua for a period of time. If they want to have feelings, they will continue to be together.

If they don’t feel anymore, just go straight. separate. What happened to Wu Xikai caused Hu Meihua a headache. Hu Meizhong was very optimistic about Hu Xikai. She asked Hu Meihua to take the initiative to mention the matter of meeting Wu Xikai’s parents. As long as the two of them met the parents, they could settle the matter. This kind of relationship cultivates and cultivates. There is now.

Li Qiang hasn’t been out for a few days for Chen Wail. ​​Both Yasha and Biaozi think that Li Qiang is more important than friends. The two gave Li Qiang a month. If Li Qiang’s love for children continues like this, When the two of them got the border defense certificate, he directly took the three children to Shenzhen.

Li Dasheng has always wanted to have a baby with Hu Meizhong, but Hu Meizhong was very resistant to this matter, and he was unwilling to let Li Dasheng touch him a little bit. Hu Meihua kept looking for Wu Xikai at school. She found Wu Xikai and asked Wu Xikai to kiss her. As a result, Wu Xikai was revoked from the chairman of the student union. Hu Meihua looked at Wu Xikai’s regret and sadness, thinking that Wu Xikai didn’t love her at all, and only responsible for her. Wu Xikai lost his most important position in order to prove his love, and he couldn’t listen to Hu Meihua’s words at all.

Hu Meihua went home in despair, and it happened that Hu Meizhong was in her room, and she and Hu Meizhong slept together a long time later. Hu Meihua knew that Hu Meizhong had quarreled with Li Dasheng, and Hu Meizhong also knew about the breakup of Hu Meihua and Wu Xikai. She wanted Hu Meihua to apologize to Wu Xikai, and the two were very good match. The next day, Wu Xikai took the initiative to find Hu Meihua. He apologized to Hu Meihua and was unwilling to break up with Hu Meihua. The two reconciled.

On Chen W’er’s birthday, Li Qiang prepared a birthday cake for Chen W’er in the car, but Master Chen slammed the brakes, Li Qiang directly planted his face on the cake and made Chen W’er laugh.

Aunt Zhou brought Auntie Jin to Chen’s house. Aunt Jin and Aunt Chen chatted, boasting about Chen Wale, trying to match up the affairs between Chen Wale and Li Qiang. Aunt Chen was so happy by Aunt Jin that she had nothing to do with Aunt Jin, and she decided to have a good conversation with Father Chen about the relationship between the two.

After finishing the work, Aunt Jin left with a smile. Although she was a little shocked by the poverty of the Chen family at first, she still accepted the conditions of her family. As long as Chen Wa’er is good, she doesn’t mind the others.

Li Qiang had an appointment with Shu San Biaozi to practice the stall. Li Qiang couldn’t bear to bear the hard work of Chen Wa’er, and finally Chen Wa’er was free today. He wanted to take Chen Wa’er to the movie, but Chen Wa’er was embarrassed to make the appointment. Run Li Qiang to practice the stall. At night, the four people formed three small stalls, and Li Qiang and Biaozi cooperated with each other to lead the guests to Chen Wal’s stall.

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