Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 29 Recap

In a blink of an eye, in March, the academy will hold a flower viewing ceremony according to the custom, inviting the little emperor and a hundred officials of civil and military affairs to participate. Wen Renjun and Zhao Qinghe both prepared bead hairpin gifts and planned to give them to the man they liked in the evening.

All the students gathered together, waiting for the princess to marry, but the princess hadn’t appeared for a long time. Wen Renjun wanted to surprise Luo Qiuchi and specially customized fireworks, which were placed in the shape of Luo Qiuchi’s name in the back mountain.

Just as she was preparing, she suddenly heard someone calling for help, and she looked up and found that the girl in red was trapped on the tree. For Wen Renjun’s rescue, the girl in red didn’t buy it, and even criticized her. Just as the two were pushing each other, they suddenly fell from the tree. Fortunately, Luo Qiuchi hugged Wen Renjun in time.

As a result, the red girl fell in love with Luo Qiuchi at first sight and threatened to fall in love with Luo Qiuchi and want to marry him. It turned out that the woman in red was the princess Ye Yang, but because this person was too savage and willful, even the little emperor did not dare to offend her. The maidservants were ready to dress up and betrothed, so they were so sad that they didn’t know how to prevent marriage.

Since viewing flowers is too boring, Si Cheng suggested using spring scenery as a topic, composing a poem, and letting the princess comment on it. Fu Yuanzhi competed with other students to offer poems, and Luo Qiuchi hid next to peeping, and wanted Wen Renjun to take the opportunity to persuade Ye Yang. The two agreed to face difficulties together and never give up.

However, Ye Yang saw Luo Qiuchi at a glance and was pleasantly surprised, and immediately stepped forward to hug him. Originally, Luo Qiuchi wanted to introduce the four young masters of Zhu Xiu to the princess, but Ye Yang looked for Luo Qiuchi, but instead thought Xie Ziyun was too ugly. The little emperor wanted to sneak away when he happened to meet Princess Xuanyin who came to visit Fu Yuanzhi in the academy. Xuanyin wanted to invite Fu Yuanzhi to visit the lake, but she thought about family teaching etiquette, but she still had difficulty telling her, turned and left.

Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun failed to seek help from the little emperor, and they could only act separately. One went to the maids around the princess for help, and the other went to meet the princess, hoping to know the reason and move the affection.

Wen Renjun told Ye Yang a storybook, expounding the truth that love requires mutual affection. Who knew that Ye Yang didn’t eat this set at all, so he went his own way, and threatened Wen Renjun to let go with Luo Qiuchi’s official career.

After several considerations, Wen Renjun didn’t want to hurt Luo Qiuchi, so he decided to leave Luo Qiuchi voluntarily and let him marry Ye Yang. Luo Qiuchi was shocked, so he asked Wen Renjun to question him. During the dispute, the two of them knocked down the lanterns, accidentally lit fireworks, and watched the sky full of fireworks bloom. Looking back to the past, Wen Renjun made up his mind.

Since seeing Wen Renjun, Ye Yang was afraid of not getting Luo Qiuchi’s love, so he was upset. Wen Renshu stepped forward to provoke and persuaded Ye Yang that if he met someone he truly loved, he had to hold it in his hand, not to be missed. Ye Yang heard the words and went to Luo Qiuchi happily, ready to get married tonight.

At the same time, Luo Qiuchi was sitting in the room depressed and gloomy. It happened that Hang Ruxue came back from the outside and saw that he looked gloomy and simply stepped forward to care. As a result, Luo Qiuchi raised his head and looked at Hang Ruxue’s appearance seriously. He immediately started to take Hang Ruxue out to find Ye Yang, and then arranged for the Fourth Young Master Zhu Xiu to come and make trouble, causing Hang Ruxue to hit and save Ye Yang by accident.

A hero who saved the United States really succeeded in capturing Ye Yang’s heart, and then moved to fall in love with Hang Ruxue completely, but embarrassed Zhao Qinghe. Seeing that the plan was successful, Luo Qiu pretended to be sorrowful on the surface, and his heart was full of joy. Hang Ruxue was at a loss, but Ye Yang was forcibly dragged away.

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