Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 4 Recap

Zhang Jizi does not allow any loopholes in the investigation work, including Zhuo Kai. So she decided that Zhuo Kai temporarily withdrew from the investigation of the organ sales group, and Xue Jiaqiang’s liaison work would also be taken over by her. Zhuo Kai can understand Zhang Jizi’s concerns. He put aside his burden and stayed beside the hospital bed with peace of mind. It didn’t take long for the couple to be notified that someone was willing to donate livers. The sudden good fortune made them extremely happy, but they did not expect the hidden conspiracy behind them.

Fan Xiaohua was the volunteer. Just before the operation, she suddenly repented, causing Zhuo Kai to fall from hope to despair. Fan Xiaohua once experienced this feeling. She told Zhuo Kai bluntly that her husband Ren Shangyu didn’t know anything about Han Jianyi, and that everything she did was her own way. As long as Zhuo Kai retrieves her mobile phone from the Intelligence Section and destroys the evidence, she will agree to donate.

Joining Zhang Jizi, Xue Jiaqiang was 10,000 unhappy, but he was helpless. In the gloomy tunnel, Zhang Jizi reported the recent movements of Han Jianyi and Klein. Many tycoons will enter Hong Kong in the name of luxury tour groups, actually doing transplant operations collectively. Now, only after the re-examination of the donor is completed, the surgery will be performed in Han Jianyi’s medical workshop. Han Jianyi was very cautious and did not easily reveal the location of the workshop, and Xue Jiaqiang had no intelligence.

Adou voluntarily becomes a donor to find out the location of the workshop. Xue Jiaqiang firmly disagrees, he does not want a second Zhu Qian. But Zhang Jizi agreed to Adou’s plan. As long as there is no black police leaking secrets, there is a great chance of success. Adou used the convenience of the front desk to secretly add his name to the donor list. As expected, he was kidnapped soon.

The next day, a gang of gangsters gathered outside the secret site of the Intelligence Section disguised as a trading company, shouting to find Zhang Jizi to settle accounts. They were assaulted by an uncle in the bar last night, who also wrote down the address to provoke. It is a trivial matter to the intelligence department to uniform the punks, but Zhang Jizi glanced at the address written on the coaster and knew it was not good. Turning back to the office, Fan Xiaohua’s mobile phone in the drawer had disappeared.

On the coaster is Zhang Jizi’s handwriting. Combining several aspects, Zhang Jizi can figure out the key. An anonymous donor in the hospital agreed to donate livers. Zhang Jizi’s first thought was the black market organs. But when she rushed into the ward, she saw Fan Xiaohua, which further proved that there was some kind of transaction between Fan Xiaohua and Zhuo Kai.

Zhang Jizi wanted to stop the operation on charges of illegal transactions, but was taken back to the police station by the Internal Investigation Division to investigate the source of funds for the next account opened in 2004. For Ren Shangyu, his wife volunteered to participate in the family organ matching program in order to get a suitable heart early. Today, his wife donated liver to save others, but why Zhang Jizi said it was a crime? Zhang Jizi could not produce any evidence to prove his resignation, and Ren Shangyu could only be suspended according to regulations.

Mo Xianjing’s operation was very successful, but Zhang Jizi, who was suspended, was very lonely. Zhuo Kai asked Xue Jiaqiang to meet again, feeling guilty. When Zhuo Kai tried to save Xue Jiaqiang, he also violated the law and spent three years in jail. Now Xue Jiaqiang didn’t mean to blame at all, but forgiving doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. In the future, Xue Jiaqiang will not report any information to Zhuo Kai. This is a kind of protection, that is, to protect himself and Zhuo Kai who is between black and white.

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