Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 9 Recap

In the basketball game, Su Muyun led everyone to work hard and finally won the victory, and Ouyang Qingxue’s handsome brother also paid attention to the lovely Su Nianfeng cheering in the audience.

After the game, Ouyang Qingxue walked to Mu Yun who was sitting and resting. Seeing the beauty offering flowers, his teammates could not help laughing and leaving, while Mu Yun was indifferent to Ouyang Qingxue’s praise. Seeing Nianfeng and Zihui walking towards this side, she got up and walked over to ask Nianfeng if she took a photo.

Ouyang Qingxue followed and invited Nianfeng to a dinner at the Sports Department at night. Muyun refused for Nianfeng, and he didn’t plan to go. Ouyang Qingxue persuaded him to participate, saying that his discord with his teammates just took this opportunity to ease, and Nianfeng immediately said that they would go.

At the dinner, Ouyang Qingxue told Mu Yun that she couldn’t reach the spinach over there, hoping that he could help her pick it up, and Mu Yun would return the table to pick it up after a while. After hearing this, Liu Zihui couldn’t help but sarcastically asked whether the grade three disabled college entrance examination scores were added. Muyun also told Fengjiacai that she hadn’t eaten breakfast, but Nianfeng complained that it was not because he turned off her alarm clock in the morning.

Ouyang Qingxue couldn’t help feeling jealous when she saw this scene. She pretended to smile easily and said that Su Muyun was really nice to his sister. She didn’t know that they thought they were a couple, and the other classmates laughed and agreed. Liu Zihui made their minds purer, can they not kiss each other when they grew up together.

Nianfeng went to the Ouyang Group for an interview. After entering the office of President Ouyang Yu, he saw that he was petting a cat, and it was the snowball she saved. It turned out that Ouyang Yu adopted it.

Ouyang Yu knew her situation well and knew that she was late because she didn’t dare to take the car, so he hired her as his personal assistant. After Mu Yun knew about it, she was not allowed to go. Nian Feng said that she was still in the probation period, so she asked Mu Yun to exercise.

In the evening Qin Yao came to Muyun’s house for dinner, and Nianfeng dressed up specially. Liu Zihui saw that she was so infatuated and deliberately matched them. Qin Yao complained to Muyun in the living room that Qi Yuan was very good, but she always treated him lukewarm. Zihui took the opportunity to ask him to think about reading the wind, but Qin Yao said he and Qi Yuan had a quarrel. He still liked her very much, Nianfeng was very sad and ran out.

Mu Yun followed out, and when she saw Nianfeng sitting on the bench in tears, he went to comfort him. The sad Nianfeng leaned his head on his shoulders, and when he watched him motionless, he pulled his arms around her, saying that he wouldn’t hug her and comfort her? Mu Yun just held her and he wanted to live forever Hold her like this.

After a while, Nianfeng calmed down. She thought about it and it didn’t seem to be a feeling of being broken in love. She didn’t like Qin Yao that much either. When Mu Yun asked her what it was like, she felt ashamed. He wiped her tears away, and took her home when she saw her weakness.

Nianfeng was in a bad mood that day. A girl invited Muyun to eat, so she lent him to her and said that at nine yuan a day, the girl asked Muyun if she could apply for a monthly card when she heard it was so cheap. Back her boring words. He caught up with Nianfeng and asked her why she was listless.

Nianfeng said that although her thesis was first in the class, he offended Professor Fang when she went to the basketball court to save Muyun that day, so he took other classmates to participate in the American seminar. Yes, and that seminar was very helpful to Le Di Yin’s illness, she complained that Mu Yun was a hurdle in her life.

Liu Zihui came to Nianfeng to mobilize her to participate in the literary star contest. Nianfengben didn’t want to go. Muyun said that the prize money for the championship seemed to be 10,000 yuan, and she might be able to catch up with the seminar in the United States.

She immediately agreed with it. Up. She and Zihui hurriedly practiced dancing, but on the day of the competition, she was dragged to the stage of the debate competition. Everyone saw her wearing dancing clothes to debate.

Seeing Nianfeng standing awkwardly on the stage, Ouyang Qingxue couldn’t help smiling triumphantly. Mu Yun whispered to her that he remembered that the one who read the wind report was the star of the arts. Ouyang Qingxue glanced at the list and said that there were too many people who signed up, and the list might be confused. Mu Yun said it was interesting for her to do this?

He warned her not to be embarrassed to read the wind, otherwise she would regret it very much. Seeing Nianfeng ran down the stage embarrassedly, he followed out. Nianfeng felt very embarrassed and he comforted her to be eliminated earlier. The advantage is that there are fewer humiliations.

Then Nianfeng came to Ouyang Company, and I was very happy to hear that Ouyang Yu said that she would send her to the American Medical Symposium. She came angrily as soon as she left Ouyang Qingxue. She asked her brother why she was so good to Nianfeng, Ouyang Yu Saying that the father’s debt is paid, she also told her not to be wayward from the wind of thought.

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