Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 19 Recap

Kochiyi reminded Yun Shu to think about hobbies as work. After all, sometimes the ideas are beautiful and the reality is skinny. Yun Shu and Gao Zhiyi were shopping and found that there was a man and a woman hesitating to confess. Lin Chuchu happened to pass by them and asked the boy to be brave and take the initiative. Otherwise, if something was missed, he would miss it. Up. Lin Chuchu’s wisdom and eyebrows deeply convinced Kochi.

Yun Shu told Lawyer Meng about her resignation. Lawyer Meng made it unnecessary for her to resign. She could find a horse on a donkey, but Lawyer Meng still supported Yun Shu’s decision. Grandpa Zhang came to the hospital for review. The doctor recommended that Grandpa Zhang be hospitalized as soon as possible, because Grandpa Zhang’s physical condition is not optimistic.

Grandpa Zhang didn’t want to be hospitalized, he wanted to spend his only time with his family. Lin Nuo ran into Grandpa Zhang in the hospital. He was confused, but did not say hello. Lin Nuo came to the front desk of the hospital. The little girl at the front desk seemed to belong to Lin Nuo, but Lin Nuo still didn’t notice it, and only treated as a courtesy between ordinary colleagues. .

Gu Xiao came to the school to ask Gao Zhiyi to explain that he was pretending to be another boyfriend, saying that he only agreed to take care of the girl’s mother’s condition. Kochiyi did not want to believe Gu Xiao, and Lin Nuo suddenly appeared at this time. Nuo held Ko Zhiyi’s hand in front of Gu Xiao. When the two went to dinner, Lin Nuo suddenly jokingly told Kochiyi that he could regret the relationship between the two.

When Yun Shu resigned, Zhang Zhinian drove over to pick her up. Lu Yu was waiting for Yun Lan downstairs in Yun Lan. Lu Yu told Yun Lan a long story short that if they want to love each other, they must accept each other’s lives. Lu Yu said that he understands Yun Lan’s hesitation.

Coincidentally, President Han came to Yun Lan and took Yun Lan to a certain KTV club to relax. Yun Lan put forward a position midway, President Han deliberately asked Yun Lan to drink the last glass of wine before he was willing to let him go, but Lu Yu was timely. Appear to relieve Yunlan.

Yun Lan helped Luyu back home. Lu Yu found that President Han seemed to be taking medicine in the wine. Yun Lan took good care of Lu Yu. Lu Yu expressed his true feelings for Yun Lan in his heart, compared to the floating idol drama Love, my feelings for Yun Lan is the real love.

Perhaps it was Lu Yu’s words that touched Lu Yu. This time Yun Lan did not push away Lu Yu’s kiss to him. When Yun Shu wanted to interview, he planned to hand in a cartoon about drawing a domineering president.

Zhang Zhinian called Lu Yu for advice. Lu Yu immediately gave some suggestions as soon as he heard it, but Zhang Zhinian felt that his suggestions were not at all. Reliable, Lu Yu suggested that Zhang Zhinian act as an overbearing president for Yun Shu, and Zhang Zhinian kissed Yun Shu without saying a word.

Zhang Zhinian accompanies Yun Shu to the interview, and waits for Yun Shu outside the comics. Yun Shu walked out with an expressionless face. Zhang Zhinian mistakenly thought that Yun Shu had not passed the interview. But in fact, this was not a little joke Yun Shu made with him. Yun Shu has successfully obtained the interview pass.

When Professor Wu and Zhang Zhinian were discussing the issue, Lin Chuchu came to the school to report, and Zhang Zhinian was very surprised to learn that Lin Chuchu had returned to school. Gao Mei was very satisfied with Yun Shu’s “Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost”, but suggested that Yun Shu find more golden sentences to make the comics spread better.

Lin Chuchu told Zhang Zhinian that he had been warmer this time, and the two had not seen each other for a long time. Lin Chuchu told Zhang Zhinian that he had not found a boyfriend. Kochi intended to help Yunshu find the material for the golden sentences, and at the same time told Yunshu that Gu Xiao was looking for him. When Yun Shu heard this, he asked Kochiyi if he wanted to break up with Lin Nuo, but Kochiyi said that he didn’t want to break up, but he forgave Gu Xiao. Kochiyi was very upset because of Lin Nuo and Gu Xiao.

Yun Shu’s cartoons were matched with the golden sentence materials found online, and were unanimously optimistic by colleagues in the comics agency. Gao Mei decided to start the official serialization of the comics of “Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost” from next week, and Yun Shu also officially became an official Painted hands. Yun Shu told Zhang Zhinian the good news for the first time, as well as his sister and Gao Zhiyi. Everyone was happy for Yun Shu, but on the surface it was very cold, Yun Shu had to go home alone, drinking a little wine and talking to Jiu Qian.

I don’t know that everyone is hiding outside to celebrate for Yun Shu. Yun Shu knows that Zhang Zhinian is a super warm person, even though he looks cold on the outside.

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