Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 29 Recap

Chen Xiaonan pretended to be faint and was immediately seen through by Guo Jing. The mother’s husband felt that she was not skilled enough and treated her badly, and Chen Xiaonan was in a depressed mood. Guo Jing still brought rice to Huang Rong every day, and offered her hospitality to Huang Rong. Huang Rong’s heart still couldn’t pass, so she never let go.

At this time, Guo Liye kept calling at home, trying to find new partners for Guo Jing, and even encouraged Guo Jing to go on a blind date. Huang Rong, who was on the night shift, looked at the picture taken with Guo Jing on the phone, recalling the days when the two were together, still a little sad.

Guo Jing knew that Chen Xiaonan did not want to be a doctor in obstetrics and gynecology, and deliberately used agitation to get her to take off her white coat and go out to do anything. Chen Xiaonan did not want to disappoint her mother. Although she did not like obstetrics and gynecology, she persisted. Guo Jing talked about buying milk for his master every day when he was an intern.

Guo Jing went to the emergency department to look for Huang Rong every day. Colleagues in the emergency department wondered if the two got divorced. Guo Jing believed that wandering around in the emergency department every day would not hinder Huang Rong from looking for someone.

There are three kinds of regrets in life. For women, the second type is failure to protect their teeth, and the third type is marriage that should not be divorced. The first type of person said it was Chen Feng, the second said Huang Rong, and the third said it was himself, so I shouldn’t divorce. Huang Rong remembered that she had fallen and she couldn’t lean up anymore.

Guo Liyexian was bored at home to call his old friend, inquiring about the situation of his good friend’s daughter and wanting to give Guo Jing a blind date. Guo Jing hung up the phone and Guo Liye inquired about the remarriage of the two, hoping that he would find a way to remarry while going on a blind date.

Guo Jing drank with his father. After the third round of drinking, he said to his heart that he wanted to be with Huang Rong, he wanted to be with Huang Rong. Guo Liye believes that his son has already suffered from lovesickness, and that it is at an advanced stage. After he fell asleep, he stole the phone and registered an account on the blind date.

Huang Rong lay in the hospital’s duty room and looked at the photos, recalling Guo Jing’s kindness to her, tears could not help streaming down. She was putting on makeup at home the next day. Guo Jing was curious about who she was going to party with in such a grand ceremony, and took the initiative to express herself as a driver, but Huang Rong refused decisively.

Chen Xiaonan called Guo Jing and asked the patient what to do with itchy legs. Guo Jing yelled at her, asking for consultation in person, otherwise things would be delayed. After a while, the phone rang again, and Guo Jing scolded him. Who knew that the other party was from Global Marriage. It turned out that Guo Liye used her phone to help him on a blind date.

Guo Jing was forced by her father to go on a blind date. Unexpectedly, the other party was forced to marry by her parents. She used photos to prove that she was gay. Guo Jing promised to help him keep the secret of his unwillingness to blind date, revealing that she is not gay. The girl wanted to leave, but she became interested when she said that. Guo Jing asked the girl to do herself a favor.

Huang Rong and his classmates gathered together. They talked about women like kelp. Although they looked dry, they would become very watery by foaming with water before serving. Huang Rong understood that they were talking about themselves. The classmates let Huang Rong seize the opportunity and don’t lose the spare tire Guo Jing.

Huang Rong received a call from Xiao Rui. It turned out that Xiao Rui knew that she was divorced and had an appointment for dinner. Guo Jing hid at the door to eavesdrop, and when Huang Rong came out, he pretended to be calm. Huang Rong was angry that Guo Jing actually went on a blind date outside, and even took care of herself. He deliberately wore a see-through costume and dangled in front of him. Guo Jing couldn’t bear to hold her and throw it on the bed. Unexpectedly, Huang Rong called the police because of this, and Guo Jing was taught by the police for playing a hooligan.

Guo Jing went to the hospital for rounds and saw Chen Xiaonan’s stomach hurts, so he asked her to go back to rest. Chen Xiaonan was angry that Guo Jing asked her to rub her stomach. Obviously the nurse did it. Guo Jing ignored her, but still got a cup of hot water for her.

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