To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 47 Recap

After listening to what Li Siyu said to the employees, Chen Yiming turned around and left silently. After he returned, he sold the house and gave the money to Li Siyu to let her continue the business. After Li Siyu got the money, she went to Chen Yiming. She thought it was Wang Ziru’s Meaning, but after knowing the truth, she didn’t understand Chen Yiming a little, and she didn’t know why he did it. Chen Yiming said that when he was desperate, Li Siyu gave her 300,000 yuan. He let Li Siyu rest assured that the two of them will never have another Any intersection, after saying this, Chen Yiming gave the money to Li Siyu and left.

Lei Haowen took a few documents and said that it was the information required by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau for New Green Investment, and asked Li Siyu to sign it. Li Siyu wanted to see what it was. Unexpectedly, Lei Haowen suddenly mentioned Gu Xiaoling and said that Gu Xiaoling would get the certificate from He Mu next week. Li Siyu was also sad for Lei Haowen for a while, and signed his name without reading the material carefully.

After Li Siyu got Chen Yiming’s money, he immediately summoned everyone in the laboratory to start the experiment again. Gao Zhengdao started the experiment cautiously. Everyone watched the experiment with anxiety and hope. After a while, the machine stopped. After the inspection, Gao Zhengdao announced that the research on the membraneless battery was successful.

Wang Ziru sold 23% of Lubao Group’s shares to the FCC Group for a price of 5 billion. Lubao’s shareholders were very satisfied with Wang Ziru. When several people were drinking to celebrate, one of the CEO’s secretary I came in and showed him a piece of news. It turned out that Gao Zhengdao’s membraneless battery research was successful. Several people changed their faces. The successful development of the membraneless battery will definitely affect the stock price of Lubao. Wang Ziru quickly assured them, Said that I was prepared, I would never let Gao Zhengdao affect the stock price of Lubao.

After Chen Yiming knew that the membraneless battery had succeeded, he asked Liu Yang and Lei Haowen to come out for a drink, but Lei Haowen did not come out. Liu Yang and Chen Yiming drank, and thanked Chen Yiming for Li Siyu. Chen Yiming asked where Li Siyu was now, but Liu Yang didn’t know. Li Siyu alone went to the place where Chen Yiming had proposed to him, drank wine, and lit two fireworks to celebrate silently.

When Wang Ziru knew that Chen Yiming had given Li Siyu a sum of money, he was very angry. He went to Chen Yiming’s house and asked him why he had to fight against him and whether he still loved Li Siyu. Chen Yiming said that he loved Wang Ziru, but in his heart Feeling guilty about Li Siyu, Wang Ziru was very disappointed, and left Chen Yiming behind. The next day Chen Yiming went to Tianyi Group to find Wang Ziru. Wang Ziru left early and did not reply to Chen Yiming’s news.

Under the instruction of Wang Ziru, Mr. Gong went to the laboratory to find Li Siyu for a showdown. Mr. Gong said that from now on, the follow-up research and development of the project will be suspended. He also said that he is now the largest shareholder of the company. Li Siyu did not understand Mr. Gong’s meaning. He always took out the contract and said that Li Siyu and Lei Haowen had sold the new green investment to him. Li Siyu looked at his signature on the contract and recalled the contract that Lei Haowen had asked him to sign before, and realized that Lei Haowen had sold him.

Li Siyu kept in touch with Lei Haowen. Lei Haowen was now preparing how to propose to Gu Xiaoling. Lei Haowen wanted to avoid Li Siyu, but Li Siyu said that if he hides again, he will never see Gu Xiaoling again. Lei Haowen I had to answer Li Siyu’s phone. Lei Haowen did all this for Gu Xiaoling. Li Siyu was so angry that he didn’t know how to scold Lei Haowen and hated him.

Lei Haowen sent the address to Gu Xiaoling. After seeing the address, Gu Xiaoling left her mobile phone aside. At this time, Li Siyu called her and told Gu Xiaoling the matter. Gu Xiaoling went to see Lei Haowen and screamed at Lei Haowen, saying that Lei Haowen is now a profitable bastard, slapped Lei Haowen and left. On the other side, Li Siyu talked to Gao Zhengdao about this, but Gao Zhengdao couldn’t accept it for a while and fainted on the ground. Li Siyu and Gu Xiaoling approached a lawyer to consult on the matter. The lawyer said that only Mr. Gong or Lei Haowen surrendered can they ask the arbitration institution to cancel the contract.

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