The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 41 Recap

Helan Yunqi came to persuade Xiao Chengxu, Xiao Chengxu felt that Xiao Qiyuan should not be pampered too much, after all, he is the emperor, no matter what others think, he has a clear conscience for Dasheng. As soon as the rain stopped outside, Xiao Qiyuan was going to catch fish. Xiao Chengxu stopped him and asked him to think about how you are the king. When Xiao Chengxu saw Helan Mingyu had come, he chased after him.

He had a bad tone before. Others always say that Xiao Chengxu has ulterior motives, but he doesn’t care, he only cares about Helan Mingyu’s feelings and trust. Helan Mingyu naturally trusted Xiao Chengxu’s land, but Xiao Qiyuan was still young after all, and hoped that he would patiently and step by step to teach Xiao Qiyuan to be a good emperor who can rejuvenate the country and anbang. Xiao Chengxu gave Xiao Qiyuan a small bow and arrow, saying that he would take him to hunting, and he became a sharpshooter and everyone admired him. Under Xiao Chengxu’s patient guidance, Xiao Qiyuan gradually grew up.

Today, Xiao Qiyuan is also in Huangzong’s school test for riding and shooting, and Helan Mingyu is also here to take a look. Xiao Qihan has been teaching them how to ride and shoot these years, but he is still targeting Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Qiyuan trained a set of art of war, but Xiao Chengxu was a little angry when he saw it. His art of war was clearly useless and dazzled. He asked him to go back and complete all the homework and art of war he had arranged.

He came back to check after completing his government affairs. If it fails, he is not allowed to rest. Xiao Qiyuan thought he would get Xiao Chengxu’s appreciation after listening to Xiao Qihan’s suggestion, but he didn’t expect to be approved. Xiao Qihan went on to provoke the discord and said that Xiao Chengxu deliberately suppressed Xiao Qiyuan and did not leave him half face. Although Xiao Qiyuan knew that Xiao Chengxu did not intend to suppress himself, he would inevitably have doubts.

Helan Mingyu is also persuading Xiao Chengxu, Xiao Qiyuan has grown up after all, and will always get the title. Some things would be more appropriate to tell him in private. Xiao Qiyuan fell asleep with the book on his back. When he woke up, he was shocked when he saw Xiao Chengxu, and said he was asked to do random checks. Xiao Qiyuan barely escaped the spot check. Xiao Chengxu asked him to go to rest as soon as possible. He will leave Beijing for inspection tomorrow, so he left a lot of books for Xiao Qiyuan for him to finish reading, and he will have to check when he comes back.

Xiao Qiyuan endorsed with a sad face. Xiao Qirong felt that he was afraid of Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Qiyuan was annoyed again. He simply refused to listen to the Taifu’s lecture and wanted to go to play. The Taifu said that he would tell the regent, and Xiao Qiyuan reluctantly agreed to go to school. Xiao Qirong urged Xiao Qiyuan to take advantage of Xiao Chengxu’s absence to teach his master, Xiao Qiyuan grabbed him and pulled out his beard.

Xiao Chengxu hurried back, seeing this scene in front of him very angry, and his tone became serious. The Taifu simply resigned, Xiao Chengxu hurriedly sent him back to the mansion, and then taught the minions around Xiao Qiyuan, and Xiao Linzi blamed him for a hundred. This is already the fourth Taifu’s resignation, but Xiao Qiyuan still has no intention of repentance.

He feels that it is useless to learn this every day because all the memorials have been sent to Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Qirong wanted to leave secretly. Xiao Chengxu asked someone to catch him and fight him for thirty. In a fit of anger, even Xiao Qiyuan grabbed him to let him suffer the remaining twenty. Xiao Qiyuan refused to admit his mistakes, threatening to take off Xiao Chengxu’s head.

Helan Mingyu learned that Xiao Qiyuan had been beaten by Xiao Chengxu and hurried over, but was told that Xiao Qiyuan had been taken to the southern tour by Xiao Chengxu. When Xiao Qiyuan woke up, he found himself in the carriage. Xiao Chengxu decided to teach Xiao Qiyuan himself, but was anxious to go south to treat the flood, so he took him with him. Xiao Qiyuan still refused to admit his mistake, and said that he would avenge the beating. Xiao Qiyuan remembered that Jiangnan was where King Xin’an was stationed, and that he could see Dong Ruoxuan when he went, so he was willing to go.

Mrs. Qiao came to Helan Yunqi and Helan Mingyu because Xiao Qirong was beaten, and said that Xiao Chengxu had the intention of rebelling, but the two ignored them. But Helan Yunqi is still very worried about Xiao Chengxu, he has become more and more arbitrary in recent years, and he didn’t even discuss with them about taking Xiao Qiyuan out of the palace.

When he came to Jiangnan, Xiao Chengxu said that Xiao Qiyuan was his own personal follower, so that he could study hard with the magistrate and take care of other things by himself. Xiao Qiyuan followed the county officials all day to trial those odd cases. Xiao Chengxu also confessed to let Xiao Qiyuan finish reading those files. Xiao Qiyuan had a headache and couldn’t stand it, so he decided to find a way out.

After Xiao Chengxu discovered that Xiao Qiyuan was missing, he hurriedly asked people to search from house to house, but his identity could not be revealed, otherwise there would be life concerns. After Xiao Qiyuan woke up, Xiao Chengxu’s people pretended to be traffickers and sold him to do coolies. He was beaten severely. Xiao Chengxu was not in a hurry to save him. He was pampered since he was a child and should pay the price for his willfulness.

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