The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 40 Recap

He Lan Yunqi was worried that Xiao Chengxu would have ambitions, and the prosperity of the beams is by no means comparable to Dasheng, after all, human nature is so. Dasheng moved to Chang’an, and Xiao Chengxu told the two empress dowagers and Xiao Qiyuan that he did not live up to the legacy of his ancestors and unified the Central Plains.

Chang’an fought very hard in this battle and lost many good generals. Xiao Qishuo and Xiao Qida were also lost in this battle. Xiao Chengxu was a little sad. Xiao Chengli lost two sons but didn’t even have a word to blame him. Xiao Chengxu felt that he owed him a lot. Helan Mingyu asked about Xiao Chengxu’s injury. Xiao Chengxu wanted to hold her hand, but Helan Mingyu stepped back, wishing that Chang’an would be safe in the future.

Xiao Chengxu said that he would assist Xiao Qiyuan in governing the world. Helan Mingyu hoped that he would pay more attention to his life, but his life was cut off by himself when he agreed to assist Xiao Qiyuan, and he didn’t know what to do. Xiao Chengxu asked Helan Mingyu if he could really let go. Helan Mingyu said what’s the use if he couldn’t let go.

Now he treats Xiao Chengxu just like his family, nothing else, and nothing else. Xiao Chengxu didn’t believe this was her true word, and Helan Mingyu didn’t have much to say. After Xiao Chengxu returned to the house, he was still dealing with state affairs. Su Yuying was very anxious. Xiao Chengxu ignored him if he asked him to think about his family and heirs.

Ling Zhen’er told Helan Mingyu and Helan Yunqi that Xiao Qihan and Xiao Chengxu quarreled in front of Xiao Qiyuan just now. Xiao Chengxu wanted to take Xishu in one fell swoop. Xiao Qihan disagreed, so he came to them for justice. Helan Mingyu actually stood by Xiao Qihan’s side, Xiao Chengxu was a little bit stunned, but still did not refute. Master Ling proposed that it was inappropriate to impose heavy taxes on the old Liang, and Xiao Chengxu said that the treasury was becoming increasingly empty, and there was nothing wrong with doing so. Helan Mingyu said that we should consider the long-term plan, and the beam has already returned.

It would not be appropriate to lose popular support because of this. Helan Mingyu personally cooked Xiao Chengxu a table of dishes. She did not turn towards Xiao Chengxu for these two things, and he was definitely unhappy in his heart. Xiao Chengxu felt that she was targeting herself everywhere, Helan Mingyu tried to persuade her, hoping she could listen to her own opinions. Xiao Chengxu gave up anyway, since he was a child, what has he done to contempt her.

Xiao Qiyuan came to Helan Mingyu. Seeing that Xiao Chengxu was a little unhappy here made him kneel down. Helan Mingyu was very upset when he saw that he spoke to Xiao Chengxu like this. Xiao Chengxu took the cricket in Xiao Qiyuan’s hand to make him less playful. Helan Mingyu agreed, and Xiao Qiyuan ran away again angrily. Xiao Chengxu said that he would work hard to learn how to be a good father, no matter Helan Mingyu is a woman or a mother, he will accompany her.

Xiao Qiyuan and Xiao Qirong were playing in the garden. After throwing away the eunuchs, Xiao Qiyuan climbed the tree to catch the birds. As a result, he accidentally fell from the tree, and Xiao Qirong was suddenly stupid.

After Xiao Qiyuan was injured, Helan Mingyu was a little angry and treated him harshly, but Helan Yunqi stopped and said that he would pick a few children from the royal minister’s house to accompany Xiao Qiyuan. Ling Zhen’er brought the children of the princes and ministers into the palace. Xiao Qiyuan still clamored not to take medicine. Dong Ruoxuan thought he was afraid of hardship and took out some sugar, so Xiao Qiyuan was willing to take the medicine.

Xiao Qiyuan flew a kite with everyone. Situzhen snatched the phoenix kite in Dong Ruoxuan’s hand. Xiao Qiyuan heard that Dong Ruoxuan liked kites and asked people to tie a few more. Situ Zhen was a little jealous. Dong Ruoxuan is the daughter of King Xin’an, and her biological mother was just a side concubine. King Xin’an is an old minister of Liang, and even if he has the talent, he can only seal a vacant position. Helan Mingyu called Dong Ruoxuan, and Xiao Qiyuan remembered her name.

King Xin’an was sent to garrison Jiangnan. Xiao Chengxu told him that many people in the old people of Liangang were secretly opposing Dasheng, so he asked King Xin’an to calm the people. He was very good at reanking Wang. He was born in Jiangnan, so it would be more appropriate to go there. Xiao Qiyuan took out his favorite clothes on a whim, and went to find Dong Ruoxuan with the newly made kite.

Situ Zhen happened to be in Helan Mingyu Palace. Knowing that King Xin’an had taken Dong Ruoxuan out of the palace, Xiao Qiyuan clamored for King Xin’an to be transferred back. Helan Mingyu let him make trouble, letting him know that being an emperor didn’t just do what he wanted. Who knows that Xiao Qiyuan issued a manuscript asking people to catch up with King Xin’an quickly, saying that Helan Mingyu has withdrawn the wither order.

On the way to Jiangnan, Dong Ruoxuan was unhappy, feeling that she would be unhappy to leave Xiao Qiyuan in such a hurry. After receiving the decree, King Xin’an went to Xiao Chengxu, Xiao Chengxu was very angry, he was just making a fool of himself. Xiao Chengxu asked King Xin’an to go to Jiangnan according to the original plan and go to Xiao Qiyuan by himself.

Xiao Qiyuan asked Dong Ruoxuan to enter the palace and give her a kite, Xiao Qiyuan said, they have already left for Jiangnan. Xiao Qiyuan was angry. He kept saying that he was the emperor and he wanted to do whatever he wanted. Helan Mingyu was very angry when he arrived. Xiao Chengxu picked up Xiao Qiyuan and said that he would teach Xiao Qiyuan himself. Although Helan Mingyu was worried, he did not stop him.

In the past few days, Xiao Qiyuan was crying every day to find Helan Mingyu, but Helan Mingyu knew that Xiao Chengxu’s words were reasonable. As an emperor, Xiao Qiyuan always went on like this, and she would feel like she was going to persuade Xiao Chengxu. Loving mothers are often defeated, so he can only let Helan Yunqi go to the side and strike.

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