The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 39 Recap

Helan Mingyu came, and Xiao Chengxu asked Xiao Chengxuan to go down. Helan Mingyu forced Xiao Chengxu to cease the war. She couldn’t just watch Xiao Qiyuan’s life precarious, and persuaded him to let Xiao Qiyuan get the real power to supervise the country. She would not please her like Huifei. Xiao Chengxu was always the person she trusted the most. However, Xiao Chengxu said that the only weakness in his life was Helan Mingyu, and Xiao Qiyuan was not qualified enough. In that case, he killed the people of the Dragon, Phoenix, and Tiger three camps.

Helan Mingyu thought he was crazy. The 12th battalion was created by his father, not to mention the three battalions of Longfenghu and Xiao Chengxu had been on the battlefield together. What a crime to defend his family and the country. In the twelfth camp, the internal strife in Dasheng, the innocent people who suffered, Xiao Chengxu’s hard work over the years will be destroyed. Xiao Chengxu wanted to find justice, but was it just because he had to sacrifice tens of thousands of people?

How much Xiao Chengxu hated Xiao Chengrui, he ruined everything he had, and even more hated Xiao Chengrui for not killing him when he was alive, so he ended up in this situation. Helan Mingyu didn’t know that this was a situation set up by Xiao Chengrui, and she also hated it, but what he wanted was the long-term stability of Dasheng, and the two could not escape in it.

Xiao Chengxu still refused to give up. If Xiao Qiyuan ascended the throne Helan Mingyu was the queen mother, it would be impossible for the two of them. If he gave up the throne, he gave up her. Xiao Chengxu was unwilling. He had waited for her for so many years! Helan Mingyu had tears in his eyes, and they had no future at all.

Xiao Chengxu kept saying that he didn’t care about Dasheng Anping, Helan Mingyu sighed, he should persuade him, he has finished persuading him, so let Xiao Chengxu see the situation clearly, Xiao Qihan must support Xiao Qiyuan, and his second camp will also invest in them. Xiao Chengxu asked, did she really think she wouldn’t use Xiao Qiyuan as a shield? Helan Mingyu is anxious, Xiao Qiyuan is her life, Xiao Chengxu would not do this. Helan Mingyu is gone, Xiao Chengxu is very sad, why is she so cruel to herself!

Helan Mingyu didn’t know whether Xiao Chengxu would let go, so he could only wait for the news. Xiao Qiyuan didn’t come back late, Helan Mingyu just planned to implement the final plan, Xiao Qiyuan was sent back, completely unaware of what happened. Madam Li brought back a letter from Xiao Chengxu with only four words on it. I couldn’t bear to, and couldn’t bear to ruin the long peace of the world and the first life of Helan Mingyu, Chang’an.

After all, she forced Xiao Chengxu to give up the last step. Helan Yunqi proclaimed Xiao Chengrui’s edict, Xiao Qiyuan succeeded to the throne, Helan Mingyu and her did not assist the new emperor with the empress dowager. Helan Yunqi asked the relatives to choose a prince to supervise the country. Xiao Chengli asked Helan Yunqi to appoint him. Naturally, she chose Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Qihan stood up and asked if the regent was unruly, he asked Xiao Chengxu to swear here that there is nothing wrong Heart, or else choose another regent. Xiao Chengxu immediately made an oath that he would not die if he was rebellious.

Xiao Chengxu came, and He Lan Yunqi hurriedly invited him in. Today, thanks to his overall situation, he was able to settle down, and she also advised him not to worry about Xiao Qihan. Xiao Qiyuan has just succeeded to the throne, and he still needs to observe the full period of filial piety to hold the ascension ceremony.

During this period, Jiangshan Sheji still has to entrust with Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Qiyuan said that he wanted to take Xiao Qirong to sit on that chair. Helan Mingyu’s expression changed. Xiao Chengxu told him that no one but him could sit on the dragon chair. He also gave Xiao Qiyuan the jade pendant that his father had given him. It is the person who is blessed to put on the dragon robe, let him be a good emperor, and let Helan Mingyu feel at ease.

Xiao Chengxu did not complain about Helan Mingyu. It was his own decision. The two of them went round and round and failed to reach it. Xiao Chengxu still had another thought. Before he went out, Helan Mingyu promised to embroider a purse for her. , If she wants to repay the love, she can embroider her purse. Helan Mingyu knew that what Xiao Chengxu gave Xiao Qiyuan was not just a piece of jade, but a dream, his promise.

Su Yuying lost her temper, smashed a lot of things, even picked up a knife and pointed at Xiao Chengxu to question, thinking she had betrayed herself. Xiao Chengxu said that Concubine Hui had been deceiving Su Yuying all the time, but Su Yuying thought it was his excuse.

He only had Helan Mingyu. Xiao Chengxu put the knife in her heart, if she really felt that she owed her a big deal to take it back, Su Yuying never started, but kept crying and questioning why he treated her like this. Xiao Qiyuan fell asleep, and Helan Mingyu found out the purse. Ten years ago, this purse still could not be embroidered, so he embroidered it as a whole. Ling Zhen’er worried that Xiao Chengxu wanted more than a purse, but Helan Mingyu said that they are already in this status, so what else can they miss.

Xiao Chengxu planned to lead the army after Xiao Qiyuan ascended the throne. Helan Mingyu handed over the purse to him, wishing him a safe and smooth life, and the things he missed would never go back, just like them in the past ten years.

At the enthronement ceremony, the two empress dowagers Helan Yunqi and Helan Mingyu took Xiao Qiyuan to the throne, Xiao Qiyuan still looked ignorant. Xiao Chengxu killed Emperor Liang, and then sat in the main hall of the Liang Palace to receive worship. Changan only knew that King Yan did not know Xiao Qiyuan, He Lan Yunqi was a little worried, but He Lan Mingyu always believed in Xiao Chengxu’s promise.

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