The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 37 Recap

Thanks to the protective mirror that saved Xiao Qihan’s life, Xiao Qihan took out the protective mirror and found that there was a safety talisman in it, which Ling Zhen’er had put inside. Helan Mingyu and Helan Yunqi were very happy to receive the good news and said they would go to the Hall of Blessings to worship. After returning to Beijing, Xiao Chengrui rewarded Xiao Chengxu, and all three armies gave rewards. Helan Yunqi wanted to chat with the priest. Helan Mingyu met Xiao Chengxu while waiting outside, and Ling Zhen’er hurriedly stepped back.

It was only after Xiao Chengxu returned to the court that Helan Mingyu’s life was in danger. He was totally ignorant at that time, and he didn’t expect Xiao Chengrui to come to rescue him himself. His health was not as good as before. Helan Mingyu said that Yu Junyumin is indeed a good emperor. Xiao Chengxu sighed. Over the years, he has also learned more about Xiao Chengrui. Since he has entrusted Jiangshan with him, he will sit Jiangshan more firmly, but he and Helan Mingyu are still close to each other. Helan Mingyudao, each well is a blessing.

A few years later, Xiao Qiyuan and Hui Fei’s son Xiao Qirong both grew up, reaching the age when they should go to the study. Xiao Qiyuan said that Helan Mingyu had been teaching him to endorse, and after listening to his recitation, he was very happy to appreciate his short-horned bow. Concubine Hui compares Xiao Qirong with Xiao Qiyuan, and Helan Mingyu comforts Xiao Qirong to be a brave general in the future, but Concubine Hui’s ambition is far more than that.

The two children liked Xiao Qihan very much. Xiao Qiyuan ran to find Xiao Qihan and accidentally fell, Xiao Qihan said lightly and took Xiao Qirong away. Xiao Chengrui’s cough relapsed again, and his body was worsening every day. He Lan Yunqi was worried. Today, everyone is fighting in secret, so He Lan Yunqi persuaded Xiao Chengrui to set up a prince earlier. For Li Chang, it should be Xiao Qihan, but according to the status of a concubine, it is Xiao Qirong.

Xiao Chengrui said that those two young men were too young and Xiao Qihan’s military merits were enough, but his background was low. In the past few years, he had been fighting against Xiao Chengxu, and his heart was grievous. Even if he passed the throne to him, he would not be Xiao Chengxu’s opponent. To save him. Xiao Chengrui should think hard about setting up a prince, so that Dasheng Guozuo will last forever.

At night, Xiao Chengrui coughed again and even coughed up blood. He Lan Yunqi hurriedly called the doctor. The doctor said truthfully, Xiao Chengrui’s deadline is approaching, and all matters should be decided early. Xiao Chengrui called Xiao Chengxu and talked about the old things again. Xiao Chengxu knew that he had to count people’s hearts when he talked about the old things.

Family affection and righteousness were only a tool for him to contain others. Xiao Chengrui was not angry either, saying that he was not sincere about Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Chengxu was a little dissatisfied. Over the years, he fought on the battlefield, took over the Western Qi, retreated the Liang army, implemented the New Deal to balance the Korean and Chinese forces, and asked himself that the kindness has been paid, but today he wants to ask him how much he owes himself.

Xiao Chengxu asked Xiao Chengrui about the death of Princess Mu. Xiao Chengrui told the truth about the situation at the time, but he did not regret what he had done at the beginning, because he believed that his father’s decision was wrong. He just corrected the mistake in time and made the best. Xiao Chengxu was simply inappropriate. Xiao Chengxu said that he had a judgment when he took Dasheng Jiangshan back. Xiao Chengrui asked him to kill himself now, but Xiao Chengxu hesitated. Xiao Chengrui knew that he couldn’t do it. As an emperor, he needed to be cruel, but he couldn’t.

Xiao Chengrui went to Helan Mingyu to play chess. They had been a husband and wife for half their lives and they had been fighting for half their lives, but they had never won once. Xiao Chengrui knew that there was not much time, so he wrote the edict, and invited Helan Yunqi and De’an to explain what he should explain. Xiao Chengrui passed on a secret decree from De’an, and the three camps of Dragon, Phoenix and Tiger cannot be resisted. Xiao Qiyuan was thinking of Xiao Chengrui in his sleep. Helan Mingyu looked at him and said, whether Xiao Chengrui treated him well or badly, everything is going to pass. This day will change, but she will take good care of him.

Xiao Chengrui took a pen to write an edict to let the sixth prince Xiao Qiyuan succeed to the throne. When the pen fell, Xiao Chengrui died. Helan Yunqi has never seen anyone, and secretly summoned Xiao Chengli and Li Xiang. Helan Mingyu knew that something must have happened, and he didn’t know who was erected in the last edict. Helan Mingyu felt that it had nothing to do with her. Eighty percent of the toffee was lonely in this palace. She really wanted to bring Xiao Qiyuan back to Yong.

Helan Yunqi called Helan Mingyu. He was very angry when he saw the edict. Xiao Chengrui had never loved Xiao Qiyuan during his lifetime, but before he died, he pushed him to the throne, clearly wanting their mother and son to contain Xiao Chengxu! Helan Yunqi persuaded that only by letting Xiao Qiyuan ascend to the throne and let Helan Mingyu persuade him, could Xiao Chengxu give up his desire to ascend to the throne. But Helan Mingyu was not willing to agree to Xiao Qiyuan’s succession to the throne. This throne was originally Xiao Chengxu’s. Helan Yunqi advised her not to be confused, Xiao Chengxu’s fight for the throne was unfair, and Xiao Qihan would not want to let it go. When the two forces fought in chaos, Da Sheng would be in danger again.

Helan Yunqi told Helan Mingyu that Xiao Qiyuan must ascend the throne, otherwise there is only a dead end! It turned out that Xiao Chengrui had already issued a secret decree before he made his will. If Xiao Qiyuan could not be enthroned, the Dragon, Phoenix and Tiger Third Camp would kill him, no matter where he hid! Helan Mingyu hated her when she learned the truth, he was forcing her to contain Xiao Chengxu! But now that the secret decree has been laid down, it is hard to get over it.

Back in the palace, Helan Mingyu found that Xiao Qiyuan had disappeared and was very disintegrated. Mother Li took Xiao Qiyuan away, leaving only a sorry note. Helan Mingyu knew that Madam Li must have been taken to the Yanwang Mansion. Xiao Chengxu must have known the contents of the will to take Xiao Qiyuan away and wanted to regain the throne, but Helan Mingyu would not let Xiao Chengxu do this. Xiao Chengxu asked Xiao Chengxuan to play with Xiao Qiyuan, and soon Helan Mingyu came, and Xiao Chengxu said that he would not hurt Xiao Qiyuan.

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