The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 36 Recap

Xiao Chengrui came to see Helan Mingyu. Helan Mingyu kept coughing up blood. Xiao Chengrui panicked completely. After the medicine was boiled, he couldn’t wait to feed Helan Mingyu. Helan Yunqi was also a little strange when he saw it. I thought he was sincere. The one who loves Helan Wanyin did not expect his thoughts to be so complicated that he felt sorry for their sisters.

Helan Yunqi said that Helan Wanyin stopped anyone from letting in. She just wanted to see Xiao Chengrui, but she didn’t know whether Xiao Chengrui was affectionate or ruthless. Helan Mingyu was still calling her sister in her sleep, and she would go to see her sister as soon as she woke up. Xiao Chengrui quickly asked Helan Yunqi to take care of herself to see Helan Wanyin.

Helan Wanyin was playing the piano, and was very happy to hear Xiao Chengrui’s voice, but resented him quite a bit. She was just a cover, and her child was even more a cover. Xiao Chengrui knew she was sorry, He Lan Wan said that her infatuation had been wrongly paid, but instead she asked him whether it was worth saving Helan Mingyu.

The matter of Princess Mu was that Helan Mingyu came out to save Xiao Chengxu. of! Xiao Chengrui’s heart ached for an instant, Helan Wanyin laughed madly, Helan Mingyu ran over, Helan Wanyin died in her arms after going crazy for a while. Helan Mingyu watched her biological sister die and collapsed, complaining that Xiao Chengrui shouldn’t treat her this way, and even refused to let Xiao Chengrui approach her. Helan Mingyu held Helan Wanyin and cried, and Xiao Chengrui, who was pushed away, didn’t know what to do.

Xiao Chengrui lifted the white cloth and looked at the dead Helan Wanyin. Thinking of the words of the three sisters, his heart was complicated. He finally admitted that he was wrong. He thought that there was nothing in the world that he could not conquer, but he had already lost. To be thorough, it is extremely ridiculous. Although Helan Mingyu was sad, he knew that he should live well for Xiao Qiyuan. Xiao Chengli quickly rushed back to the palace and told Xiao Chengrui that Xiao Qihan had hit Hong Guangzhi’s plan, and the army had lost more than half of the heavy losses in the army.

Xiao Chengxu was trapped in the valley, and Xiao Chengrui asked him to quickly decide. The father-in-law brought in the emergency report for Xiao Chengli, and was anxious to see that the food on Xiao Chengrui’s table hadn’t moved. He couldn’t eat or drink or sleep like this, but Xiao Chengrui refused to listen. Helan Mingyu accidentally heard Xiao Chengli and Helan Yunqi talking. Xiao Chengxu had already sent five urgent reports in a row, and wanted to come to the battle in an urgent situation.

Xiao Chengxu was trapped and boosted his morale. Xiao Chengrui was not trapped with them. Reinforcement must arrive in seven days! Xiao Chengxu didn’t have confidence either. Their food and grass were only seven days left. Xiao Chengxuan grumbled, for fear that Xiao Chengrui would not send reinforcements to rescue them. Xiao Chengxu asked herself and did not regret it, and believed that Xiao Chengrui would not do this, he would not take Da Sheng Jiangshan to make a bet. Xiao Chengxu also figured out the way to retreat, but whenever there is a case, he will lead the soldiers to blaze a trail.

Helan Mingyu didn’t want to see Xiao Chengrui again, but when he thought of the frontline soldiers, he wanted to rush in and wake him up. Ling Zhen’er was afraid that Xiao Chengrui would have a grudge against her and Xiao Chengxu. One day Helan Mingyu called Helan Wan when he was in a coma. The name of Yin and Xiao Chengxu, but Helan Mingyu decided to give it a try.

Helan Mingyu read the report from her father-in-law outside the hall and rushed into the hall. Xiao Chengrui thought she would never want to see him again in this life. Xiao Chengrui suddenly felt tired and said that he wanted to be an ordinary person. Helan Mingyu told him to cede the throne to others, so he could live a happy life. Helan Mingyu questioned Xiao Chengrui. He didn’t read the military newspapers one after another. Did he want to take the opportunity to let Xiao Chengxu die on the battlefield? If this is the case, Helan Mingyu looks down on him.

In her heart, Xiao Chengrui is a well-deserved Mingjun. If he ignores Dasheng Jiangshan and the soldiers on the battlefield for his own personal affection, she really has read Xiao Chengrui wrong. Xiao Chengrui sighed, at least in her eyes he was still a Mingjun. Before the reinforcements arrived, Xiao Chengxu decided to lead the army to break through Liang Jun. Xiao Chengxuan refused to agree, but Xiao Chengxu insisted. Xiao Qihan was also anxious, and asked Xiao Chengxu why the reinforcements had not arrived.

The valley became tighter as it was surrounded, Xiao Chengxu could not care about Xiao Qihan, and quickly led the army to prepare to break through. Liang Jun surrounded and suppressed Xiao Chengxu in large numbers, and Xiao Chengxuan hurriedly brought people to rescue him after reinforcements arrived. At night, Xiao Chengrui and Xiao Chengxu drank together and asked about the situation in the palace.

Xiao Chengrui said that everything was fine with Helan Mingyu. Xiao Chengrui’s old illness is getting more and more serious, Xiao Chengxu is very worried, after all, his old illness is because of himself. Xiao Chengrui said, this is probably the last time he has personally recruited, and he also said that he was too serious about gains and losses in the past, and he has the right to make amends today. Xiao Chengxu was a little surprised when he heard this.

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