The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 35 Recap

Helan Wanyin was completely heartbroken, and Helan Mingyu was puzzled. Now Xiao Chengrui treats her sincerely, why does she think so. Helan Wanyin was completely crazy, how much she hated Helan Mingyu. At this time, the effects of the medicine started, and Helan Mingyu and Helan Wanyin had abdominal pain at the same time. Helan Mingyu directly vomited blood and passed out, and Helan Wanyin also fainted.

The poison of the two of them is cleared, but the person may not be able to be saved. The imperial physician told Helan Yunqi that there is a Jiuzhen Golden Chamber Pill in the secret library. It may be rescued to make two decoctions, but Xiao Chengrui’s personal oral instructions are required to use this pill. There are only ten and a half months left for the two of them.

I am afraid that He Lan Yunqi has no idea for a while before Xiao Chengrui returns. Helan Mingyu hadn’t woke up yet, but Helan Wanyin was awake. Helan Yunqi looked at her bitterly and then went to see Helan Mingyu, Ling Zhen’er cried and begged her to make the decision for her. Helan Yunqi said that she would truthfully report to Xiao Chengrui, and Helan Wanyin seemed to have not heard it.

Helan Yunqi raised the pen but didn’t know how to report it. Ling Zhener asked if Xiao Chengrui would really come back? What Helan Yunqi was worried about was delaying the war, but Helan Mingyu and Helan Wanyin really couldn’t wait any longer. Ling Zhener felt that he was looking for someone who knew everything about the frontline and had a good grasp of Xiao Chengrui’s mood. At present, it seems Xiao Chengxu.

The most appropriate, but He Lan Yunqi worried that Xiao Chengxu would use this incident to attack Xiao Chengrui in turn. However, Ling Zhen’er knew that Xiao Chengxu had always been an upright person, not to mention that this matter was related to Helan Mingyu, and he would not do this. Helan Yunqi just wrote to tell Xiao Chengxu about the poisoning of Helan Wanyin, but did not tell him about the poisoning of Helan Mingyu.

Xiao Chengxu told Xiao Chengrui about the incident, and also took out a letter written by He Lan Yunqi. Xiao Chengrui hesitated, but finally chose to stay instead of going back to save others. Xiao Chengxu was a little bit chilled when he saw this. Helan Mingyu could have not been sacrificed last time, and it was the same this time. Xiao Chengrui sighed, maybe from then on, it was impossible to do both.

Xiao Chengxu quickly proposed a two-pronged approach, saying that Xiao Chengrui could block the news so that the soldiers of the three armies would not find out about it. However, he needed to leave a token and seal and inform Long Xiaoying to hand it over to Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Chengrui was naturally unwilling. Not at ease with Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Chengxu also understood that only when Xiao Chengrui willingly pledged his life to trust him, this time he didn’t want to give up the person he was supposed to protect. Helan Mingyu was in a coma and couldn’t get rid of the medicine stones. He didn’t know how much time remained. Helan Wanyin recites poems at night like losing her soul, ignoring life and death.

Xiao Chengxu knew that Xiao Cen was not a totally ruthless person, and hoped that he and He Lan Wanyin could do well this time. Xiao Chengxuan intercepted the military report, and Xiao Qihan came to ask Xiao Chengxu why he ordered no one to see Xiao Chengrui. Xiao Chengxu explained that he had contracted the cold. Xiao Qihan insisted on going in to see Xiao Chengrui, so Xiao Chengxu took out Xiao Chengrui’s military talisman, even if he went in, he had to ask Long Xiaoying.

Sure enough, Xiao Qihan was stopped by the people from Long Xiaoying, Xiao Qihan was very angry, Xiao Chengxu pretended to go in and report, and then took out a handwritten letter to Xiao Qihan, let him lead his team to guard the new house. Xiao Chengxuan also noticed something was wrong and found that Xiao Chengrui was not in the camp at all. Xiao Chengxu had to tell the truth.

Xiao Chengxuan wanted to take the opportunity to put Xiao Chengrui to death. Xiao Chengxu hurriedly stopped him. He Lan Wanyin would inevitably die if he did so, and the minds of our generals would be upset. It has always been upright and honest, and cannot act impulsively with the lives of soldiers and the people. Xiao Chengxu took out a military talisman to let Xiao Chengxuan set out to ambush the beam reinforcements in Starry Night.

Helan Wanyin had gradually lost sight of things, and her eyes were almost out of sight. Helan Wanyin knew that the five senses had run out of time, but she didn’t feel regretful. If she died, she would still be able to accompany her children to reunite with her son, but she still wanted to see Xiao Chengrui. Helan Wanyin felt that Xiao Chengrui might come back for herself and quickly let people tidy up for herself.

She couldn’t let Xiao Chengrui see herself like this. Helplessly, Helan Wanyin looked at the mirror, it was already pitch black. Concubine Hui and Su Yuying watched the excitement secretly, waiting to see how Helan Wanyin and Helan Mingyu died. Helan Mingyu was vomiting blood badly, and Helan Yunqi was in a hurry. Fortunately, Xiao Chengrui came back quickly.

Helan Yunqi couldn’t wait to find Xiao Chengrui, and Helan Mingyu was also poisoned. Xiao Chengrui asked him to make a decoction, but the imperial physician suddenly told him that this pill can only be effective by making a pair of decoction, which means that only one person can be saved, and the other will be powerless. Xiao Chengrui struggled for a long time and went to Helan Mingyu’s. Helan Wanyin was dressed up and put on the hairpin given by Xiao Chengrui when she was a noble concubine.

She wanted Xiao Chengrui to remember her most beautiful time. The maid told Helan Wanyin that Xiao Chengrui was back, but that pill was only enough to save one person, and Xiao Chengrui asked Helan Mingyu to save him. Helan Wanyin lost his mind again, and was struggling to wait for him to come here. Ling Zhen’er cried with Helan Mingyu who was in a coma. Helan Mingyu had always missed the days in the palace. Although he was tired, at least he didn’t need to be wary of even his closest relatives.

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