Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 7 Recap

Li Qiang approached Li Dasheng for Chen Wal’s entry into the art troupe, and asked Li Dasheng to talk to the previous chief. To be on the safe side, Li Qiang went to Wu Xikai and asked Wu Xikai for help. The cultural and industrial troupe is in Xinjiang. Wu Xikai believes that Li Qiang should not send Chen Wa’er to the cultural and industrial troupe. Li Qiang hopes that Chen Wa’er can take the path he likes. On the other hand, Chen Wa’er and Hu Meihua also mentioned the art troupe. Chen Wa’er knew that the art troupe was in remote Xinjiang, but she did not want to stay here. Hu Meihua also admitted to Chen Wa’er about her being with Wu Xikai.

When Hu Meizhong learns that Meihua and Xi Kai are together, she changes her previous attitude and approves of their relationship. Aunt Jin learned that Meihua had no hope with Li Qiang, she also changed her previous attitude, and took the initiative to find Chen Wa’er, and expressed condolences to Chen Wa’er’s family situation, wondering if Chen Wa’er had to go to the art troupe. Chen Waller didn’t want to regret it. Aunt Jin also bluntly said that she only has Li Qiang and one son. If Chen Waller decides to go to Xinjiang, she will break off with Li Qiang. Xinjiang Art Troupe and Li Qiang can only choose one.

Li Qiang knew that Aunt Jin had approached Chen Wa’er, and Chen Wa’er had been thinking about Aunt Jin’s words and wanted to break up with Li Qiang. Li Qiang only said that Chen Wa’er was thinking too much, and the two of them didn’t have a good time to talk about breaking up. Chen Wa’er was a little angry at Li Qiang’s words, they both held hands, but Li Qiang did not admit their feelings. Wu Xikai learned that the United States and China knew about the relationship, he was a little afraid of the United States and China, Wu Meihua was a little angry and wanted to break up, but Wu Xikai hugged You Meihua tightly and determined to be with Wu Meihua.

Li Qiang sent Chen Wa’er to the examination room, but Chen Wa’er did not want to take the exam when she entered the examination room. She did not want to be separated from Li Qiang, but Li Qiang pushed Chen Wa’er to the examination room and insisted on her fulfilling her dream. After that, Wu Xikai and Hu Meihua also came to the examination room one after another. Wu Xikai could enter the examination room directly because of the family relationship. He told Wal that he had already laid the groundwork for Wal, so that Wal could take the exam without worry.

Hu Meihua and Li Qiang were waiting outside. Hu Meihua satirically satirized the appearance of Li Qiang’s big bag. Li Qiang looked at Hu Meihua’s bad temper, and only asked Hu Meihua to change the bad temper. Don’t look back and scare Wu Xikai away. The two saw Wu Xikai coming out against the strong sun. Wu Xikai was entrusted by Li Qiang to help find a relationship. He went home and asked his father to help with this matter, but he entered the examination room to realize that his father had never mentioned it at all. thing.

After Chen Wal’s exam, Li Qiang was the host to invite everyone to dinner. He was the first to thank Wu Xikai. Wu Xikai had a guilty conscience and did not dare to accept Li Qiang’s thanks, but everyone thought Wu Xikai had helped. Chen Wa’er was right about joining the art troupe. Wu Xikai’s scalp was numb and he couldn’t even sit still. Soon after, the results of Chen Wa’er’s exam came out. Chen’s parents were waiting for the results with hope, but Chen Wa’er ran out and was the first to see Li Qiang. She cried into tears in front of Li’s wall, and Li Qiang thought Chen Waer had been comforting her when she was not admitted, but Chen Waer told Li Qiang that she was admitted.

When Li Qiang came home, he asked Uncle Jin to find out the only suit that was ironed and flattened. He was going to eat at Chen Wa’er’s house, and this meal would also be a meal for the two of them. Li Qiang was not willing to delay Chen Wa’er. .

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