Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 6 Recap

Chen Wa’er was surprised when he received the notice that the repetition tuition had been paid. Chen’s father mistakenly thought it was Li Qiang’s tuition fee, but Chen Wail made it clear that she and Li Qiang were no longer in contact. Chen’s mother returned the Zhou family’s money to the Zhou family. She thanked the Zhou family for helping Chen Wale pay the tuition.

Aunt Zhou and Uncle Zhou didn’t know about this. They thought about it and thought it was most likely to pay for Wale. It is Wu Xikai, and Wu Xikai also likes Chen Wal. It was also Hu Meihua who believed that Wu Xikai paid the money. Hu Meihua praised Wu Xikai, but Wu Xikai wondered for a while that the tuition was not paid by him, but by Li Qiang. Hearing Li Qiang’s affection for Chen Wa’er, Hu Meihua burst into tears.

Hu Meihua approached Rat, she wanted to know the whereabouts of Li Qiang. Rats could not help Hu Meihua, and only told Hu Meihua of Li Qiang’s whereabouts. Knowing that Li Qiang had gone to dig coal, Hu Meihua came to the mine to look for Li Qiang without a word. She saw the dirty Li Qiang and didn’t dislike it at all. She hugged Li Qiang tightly and helped Li Qiang wash her hands. . Li Qiang brought Hu Meihua to dinner, but Hu Meihua didn’t eat anything.

The hungry Li Qiang ate two bowls of noodles. Hu Meihua felt sorry for Li Qiang. She wanted Li Qiang to go with her. She could give Li Qiang money and help Li Qiang. Looking for a job, Li Qiang is working hard here. Not only does Chen Waler do not understand Li Qiang, but he does not even think of Li Qiang breaking up. Li Qiang was unmoved, Hu Meihua smashed the money on Li Qiang, but Li Qiang picked up the money bit by bit and returned it to Hu Meihua. Chen Wa’er failed to enter the university because of him, and he must use his strength to pay it back. debt.

When Hu Meihua came back from the coal kiln, she looked for Chen Wa’er. She wanted to know everything about Chen Wa’er, and she would be willing to tell Chen Wa’er all about her. Chen Wail knows the story of Hu Meihua. The Hu family sisters had their parents died since they were young. Hu Meizhong could only go to college for Meihua. Now Meihua has gone to college, and she will definitely succeed in the future. Hu Meihua also mentioned the past of Chen Wa’er. Chen Wa’er learned to sing and dance in the Youth Palace since she was a child. She has always won awards in singing competitions.

In junior high school, her grades were mid-level, but her high school dropped sharply due to frequent school transfers. Chen Waer did not expect that Hu Meihua knew so much. Hearing that Hu Meihua envied her, especially Li Qiang’s feelings for her, she shook her head and smiled bitterly. She did not want to mention Li Qiang again. Hu Meihua did not expect that Chen Waer was so cruel. She thought it was Chen. Wa’er failed Li Qiang’s thoughts. Chen Wa’er cried in front of Hu Meihua. She was not as chic on the surface. She was unwilling to drag Li Qiang. This beautiful face brought a great deal to her and her family. Burden.

It is the first time that Chen Wale said that she cares about Li Qiang. Hu Meihua cried and decided to withdraw from this relationship. She told Chen Wale about Li Qiang’s coal mining. She hoped that Chen Wale could bring Li Qiang back. She also knew clearly. Li Qiang has never seen her in his eyes. Li Qiang likes Chen Wa’er.

Chen Wa’er came to the coal mine to look for Li Qiang, and found Li Qiang who was tired to sleep in the coal cart. Chen Wa’er felt sorry for Li Qiang very much. She cried and hugged Li Qiang, not willing to let go of Li Qiang’s hand. This is the first hug of the two. The two are close to each other, so close that they can feel each other’s breath.

On the other side, Hu Meihua went to the movies with Wu Xikai. She told Wu Xikai that she had gone to find Chen Wal and Li Qiang, and leaned sadly on Wu Xikai’s shoulder. Wu Xikai plucked up the courage to hug Hu Meihua, and Hu Meihua also took the initiative to be with Wu Xikai and completely put down Li Qiang. After coming out of the theater, Wu Xikai took Hu Meihua’s hand for the first time, and the two walked back to school together.

Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er went back to the yard together, and the two of them acquiesced in the relationship. Teacher Sun from the Youth Palace raised the enrollment quota for the military art troupe, and asked Chen Waer to consider it. Chen Waer asked Li Qiang’s opinion and decided to try the exam. This was an opportunity for her to change.

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