Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 5 Recap

Hu Meihua wanted to return the shoes, but Hu Meizhong refused to let Meihua return. Although the hundred yuan was their food for several months, she didn’t feel bad about buying anything when Meihua was admitted to college. She hoped Meihua To be able to put on these shoes and walk out of the alley and into the world, so as to prove to everyone that they are two sisters.

Li Qiang comforted Chen Wa’er who could not go to college again, but Chen Wa’er did not want to pay attention to Li Qiang. Her family had no conditions to allow her to repeat her studies. She had lost her only chance. Starting today, she does not want to see Li Qiang again, and hopes that Li Qiang will stop pestering her.

Hu Meihua came to Wu Xikai. She asked Wu Xikai to cheer up and go out to meet her classmates. Wu Xikai could not hide her classmates all his life. At least he owed Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er an apology. Wu Xiyue also thought that Hu Meihua was right. He asked Wu Xikai to invite his classmates to a meal, otherwise he would be uneasy for the rest of his life. Hu Meihua decided to help Wu Xikai.

She was the first to find Chen W’er, but Chen W’er was unwilling to go to the party, while Li Qiang was full of anger and decided to go to Wu Xikai’s appointment. At the party, Hu Meihua and Wu Xikai both expressed their thoughts. Li Qiang also changed their previous thoughts. He toasted everyone a cup on the spot. They will have new friends and classmates today, but if you need help in the future, All you need is a squeak, he Li Qiang will help without saying a word.

After drinking for three rounds, Wu Xikai was so drunk that he wanted Li Qiang to beat him. Li Qiang was unwilling to do it. But Wu Xikai mentioned that he wanted to Chen Wa’er. Li Qiang could no longer help Wu Xikai. He knew in his heart whether he could not test. How much harm has been done to Chen Wal by going to college. At this moment, Chen Wa’er appeared at the party. She couldn’t help smiling when she looked at the embarrassed people in front of her, and wished them all happiness in happiness.

Chen Waer had no intention of repeating, but several classmates in the class decided to repeat. Chen Waler was also thinking about repeating. But when she came home and looked at the poor family, she still couldn’t open her mouth and wanted to repeat. He swallowed his thoughts abruptly. Then Mother Chen found the materials that Chen Waer had secretly reviewed at home, and she felt very sad for her and her family’s inability to do anything.

On the other hand, Hu Meizhong was very pleased because Hu Meihua was admitted to college. She worked hard to pull Meihua to grow up. Now Meihua has finally fulfilled the wishes of her parents, but she still has higher expectations for Meihua. She wants to follow Meihua When he went abroad together, Li Dasheng was shocked when he heard Hu Meizhong’s words “Ah”, which meant that he was farther away from being a father.

Chen Wal’s mother was not feeling well and was taking medicine all the time. She wanted to stop taking the medicine next month to save money for Wal to repeat, but Chen’s father shook his head and sighed that their current situation simply does not support Wal’s repeat. It’s still the same thing if Wal can’t enter the university after re-entry. If Wal is admitted to university, there will be more places to spend money. If there is some spare money in the family, he won’t let the children suffer this grievance.

Wa’er was born in their family and had no good fate, so he could only admit his fate. After that, Mother Chen brought her son to the courtyard. She wanted to borrow two hundred yuan from Uncle Zhou. Uncle Zhou had just been deducted from the factory and refused to borrow. Mother Chen knew what her brother meant, so she took her son’s hand. Leave without saying a word. Zhou’s mother knew that Chen’s mother was here for Wal, so she hurriedly chased her out and gave Chen’s two hundred yuan from the family so that Chen’s mother could settle the money well.

Aunt Jin told Li Qiang about her future plans. Li Qiang decided to go to Tanggu. The three said that there was a foreign goods market in Tanggu where they could do business. Uncle Jin wanted to know the ins and outs of the matter. He thought that Li Qiang was lying. Just when Uncle Jin wanted to ask clearly, Aunt Jin expressed angrily that he would not care about Li Qiang anymore and take care of Li Qiang’s future plans. Aunt Jin took Uncle Jin away.

Uncle Jin said that he ran into Rat Sa in the afternoon. He Sa asked him about the archaeological team. There was no such thing as Lu Gu. Aunt Jin didn’t know that Li Qiang was lying, but she didn’t want to Regarding Li Qiang again, she expected that Li Qiang was going to exchange money for Chen Waer. Aunt Jin said that she didn’t care about her son, but she still couldn’t let him go. She and Uncle Jin came to Li Qiang’s room in the middle of the night, only to find that Li Qiang had disappeared, and she couldn’t help worrying about Li Qiang deeply.

Hu Meihua asked Wu Xikai from the same school to come out. In her words, she deliberately mentioned that Chen Wa’er owed the school to repeat. Now Li Qiang must have gone to earn tuition for Chen Wa’er when she disappeared. She hoped that Wu Xikai could help Chen Wa’er with tuition. If you hand it in, Li Qiang will be back.

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