Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 21 Recap

The cooperation between Su Jianan and Kang Ruicheng is bound to make Lu Boyan unhappy. Shen Yuechuan carefully checked their signing contract, and there were no loopholes at all. Now things became impossible to stop.

Since it cannot be prevented, it is better to change to investment, and Lu’s entertainment company and Kang Ruicheng’s Ruijin Entertainment jointly become the producer. Lu Boyan made an appointment with Kang Ruicheng, but Kang Ruicheng had no opinion, as long as Su Jianan agreed with him, it would be fine.

In the evening, Lu Boyan prepared a candlelight dinner. Su Jianan went to the appointment. At first, she was very impatient. She was busy preparing for the adaptation of the novel recently. Busy, even today is her birthday. If it weren’t for Lu Boyan’s memory, I’m afraid this birthday would have been missed again.

After snapping his fingers, the waiter pushed in a pink cake. Next to the shining candles, it was written Happy Birthday to his wife. Su Jianan hurriedly blew the candles and made a wish and hurried to leave. Lu Boyan was another gift that summoned a cart with a snap of his fingers. Various gift boxes, large and small, were tied with ribbons. Su Jianan opened it.

There was the Barbie doll she had always wanted when she was a child, and Lu Boyan fell down when she was a child. The pen that I vowed to pay her was broken, and the next gifts were varied, from watches to earrings, and gradually changed from Su Jianan’s growth. Every year, Lu Boyan thought about Su Jianan’s general needs and prepared gifts for her. Although he didn’t see him, he always thought of her, looking forward to meeting her again, looking forward to personally giving these gifts to Su Jianan.

How lucky they are now to marry and love each other as he dreamed. Before, he was too small to allow Kang Ruicheng to hover around Su Jianan, but now he and Kang Ruicheng have talked about investing in novel adaptations, but he knows that Su Jianan might mind, so he invests, but just ask her for any opinions and always let him Participate in their story too.

After things reached a consensus, everything became comfortable. Lu Boyan and Su Jianan were as close as they were posted. Su Jianan was about to kiss her, but Lu Boyan reminded her to eat the cake, but it would be sweet to feed her personally. The cake was handed to his mouth, Su Jianan opened his mouth to eat, but Lu Boyan lifted her jaw with one hand, and finally kissed her this time.

Under the witness of the media, the screenwriter signed a contract with the two co-producers. The three shook hands and wished a happy cooperation.

In Tao Ran Literature Club, a group of people began to divide labor and cooperate, and they began to discuss this project intensely. The director still chose Director Guo. Kang Ruicheng suggested that some of the plot should be adjusted for the film and television. Lu Boyan opposed the original work, and Su Jianan is also there, so no adjustment is needed.

Kang Ruicheng also suggested that the name of the film needs to be revised. The current name is full of online text and will persuade some audiences. Lu Boyan still opposes it. Their sweet story begins with this name. One or two issues disagree, it means that everyone is for the project, and every suggestion of Kang Ruicheng Lu Boyan opposes it, which makes Su Jianan a little disgusted.

Su Jianan decided to ask the readers for their opinions. The “Alter Stars” said they disagreed with anything, but most of the book fans thought it was okay. In the end, the name of the movie was still changed to “Fall in Love with You”

The casting of the supporting actor is completed, and then the main character remains to be finalized. Han Ruoxi found Kang Ruicheng. She didn’t ask to play the female role. She just hoped that she would have a chance to improve and break through herself. She would play the villain.

Kang Ruicheng and Su Jian’an were discussing the female No. 1 candidate, but Lu Boyan was like an electric light bulb on the side. Since Ruijin Entertainment arranged for Han Ruoxi, Lu suggested that Luo Xiaoxi should play the female number one.

Su Jianan was a little annoyed and called Lu Boyan out. Lu Boyan felt that this was completely okay. Luo Xiaoxi was her friend, and she was making rapid progress. There was nothing she could not act. Su Jianan believes that good works should not be based on relationship, but on strength. Luo Xiaoxi is improving, but this role is not suitable for her. If Lu Boyan insisted on involving Luo Xiaoxi, it would be fooling around.

Luo Xiaoxi came to the Literature Agency to find Su Jianan, and ran into Su Jianan who had just finished arguing with Lu Boyan. Su Jianan was dazed, and Luo Xiaoxi turned around and left without knowing what to say. Luo Xiaoxi was heartbroken when she returned home, and she couldn’t help crying in Jiang Shaokai’s arms. Su Jianan, who was exhausted at night, has no energy to talk to Lu Boyan, so let’s talk about it tomorrow night.

The adaptation of novels is indeed very difficult, Su Jianan’s headaches, and Jiang Shaokai’s sponsorship for this play is a mixed bag, which is simply not suitable for appearing in such a sweet favorite play. It happened that Jiang Shaokai came to her and asked about her and Luo Xiaoxi’s affairs. Su Jianan didn’t find him but he came first. There was no apology or understanding but only disheveled inquiries. Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai Luo Xiaoxi’s relationship was broken.

After arguing with Jiang Shaokai, not only didn’t let it go, but got a headache. Kang Ruicheng ran to comfort her and sent her home. Today, she and Lu Boyan had agreed to talk. Lu Boyan made a large table of dishes by himself, and when there was movement outside, it was Kang Ruicheng who drove Su Jianan back.

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