Great Age 创业年代 Episode 14 Recap

When Hong Yuqiao and Lexus were discussing business in the hotel, they were accompanied by beautiful women. Guan Tao guarded Hong Yuqiao home in the room. Professor Tang checked Su Yan’s software and found that there was a big problem in programming.

Not to mention whether it can kill the virus or not, it is a virus in itself. After hearing Professor Tang’s words, Su Yan was not convinced and mentioned that she had sold a lot of software. No problem was found. Professor Tang felt that Su Yan’s scientific attitude was not rigorous and sold directly without undergoing a lot of stability tests.

Su Yan was also very unconvinced. There was a problem with her software, and there were many problems with the Zhonghua Card. , Many loopholes in carrying adaptability have not been solved. Professor Tang became even more angry when he heard Su Yan’s words, and the two were not convinced by each other.

Su Yan is no longer willing to join Chaoxin’s work, Jiang Cheng may be chasing after Su Yan out of favor, Su Yan is not willing to talk to Jiang Cheng in anger. Guan Tao saw the scene of Hong Yuqiao hugging the two women. Guan Tao went back to the room and cried silently. Hong Yuqiao explained that the two women had nothing to do with him, but the fact is that Hong Yuqiao did not refuse physical contact with other women.

Guan Tao couldn’t accept it. The two got into a dispute. Hong Yuqiao argued that he had worked so hard to accompany Guan Tao and the two’s home. If he hurriedly talked about the child’s affairs, the child was the pain in Guan Tao’s heart. Sensitive points were mentioned, and Guan Tao left sadly.

Even so, she took care of Hong Yuqiao carefully. Jiang Cheng mentioned Su Yan’s discovery of the flaws in the Zhonghua Card to Kwong Mingchoo. Kwong Mingchoi agreed with the current problems of the Zhonghua Card and felt that a computer talent like Su Yan was needed, and he planned to let Jiangcheng keep Su Yan in another place for her research and development. The professor finds it.

There was still something wrong with Su Yan’s software. Many buyers came to the door to ask Su Yan for an explanation, because seven computers were destroyed using anti-virus software, and the incident caused the police station. The research institute decided to fine Su Yan 3000 yuan.

As a warning, Su Yan had no money and could only ask Jiang Cheng to help herself. Jiang Cheng rescued Su Yan and mentioned that she should continue to study computers. Su Yan is passionate and persistent in computers, and eventually joined Chaoxin as an external researcher. Mei Zhaohe went to Wang Yong to inform the company about sending someone to the computer to learn about the financial software.

As soon as he finished speaking, he hurried upstairs to the Chaoxin about Yuwenjing to watch a movie. Yuwenjing did not agree that it was Mei Zhaohe wishful thinking. Inspired by financial software, Wang Yong quickly discussed with Zhou Dingbei that he wanted to obtain the exclusive agency rights for financial software from the office. After all, many organizations have financial departments that need such software.

Zhou Dingbei made up his mind and hurried to discuss with Director Zou. Director Zou was naturally willing to provide Jingqi and Chaoxin to the two companies. However, Zhou Dingbei only needed to be the sole agent and would exclude Chaoxin with a flamboyant rhetoric. Director Zou told Zhou. There is no objection to Dingbei’s approach. As long as the software developer agrees, it will be fine.

Zhou Dingbei promised to take the software and add another 30% to the profit handed over by the computer and let Chaoxin use it for free. Zhou Dingbei kept looking for An Gong to win the exclusive software agency rights, and determined that the future development direction of Jingqi is the software business, with low investment and high return, and the hardware research and development of Biao Chaoxin.

Lexus found Kwong Mingchoo to convey the invitation of Japan Xintongda. Japan has long been able to use Japanese input and printing. This time the Chinese card spread to Japan. Xintongda wants to have a product exchange with Kwong Mingcho. This is a good opportunity Kwong Mingchoo naturally agreed.

Jiang Cheng took Su Yan to the residence. Su Yan couldn’t move when she saw the computer. Jiang Cheng dragged Su Yan to buy some daily necessities. Go to the supply and marketing agency and naturally ask Guan Tao for help. Guan Tao looked at Jiang Cheng and Su Yan with gossip. Wang Yong and Zhou Dingbei went to the hotel to entertain important customers, and they were met by Hong Yuqiao. Hong Yuqiao was in a hurry to pick up Guantao and happened to meet Su Yan and Jiangcheng. Hong Yuqiao and Guantao are both gossips, but when it comes to the dispute between Zhou Dingbei and Chaoxin, Hong Yuqiao is not convinced for Kuang Ming.

In Chaoxin hired Su Yan as a software engineer. Zhou Dingbei took the customer to dinner. Hong Yuqiao’s contracting of the venue in advance was not accommodating. Zhou Dingbei had no place to treat guests and was very faceless. Zhou Dingbei was able to bend and apologize, but the previous incidents hurt Hong Yuqiao too much. Great, Hong Yuqiao gave Zhou Dingbei a ruthless message and walked around.

Guan Tao didn’t like the aggressive Hong Yu Bridge, but the tone of the year was in Hong Yu Bridge, and this was not enough. No matter what the future will be, Guan Tao couldn’t understand the hostile Hong Yu Bridge. For Kwong Mingchou to lose his financial software agency, Su Yan needs to develop office software as soon as possible, which is more useful than financial software. Chaoxin’s hardware is Professor Tang’s Zhonghua Card, and the software cannot be relaxed. In a few days, Kwong Ming-choo will prepare to go to Japan for exchanges.

As work arrangements go on, Jiang Cheng is more concerned about the progress of Kwong Ming-choo and Yao Kun. Jiang Cheng went to see Su Yan when she got the chance. Su Yan was very persistent in developing software and didn’t know the hard work. She also had a lot of conversations with Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng’s affection for Su Yan was obvious. Although Su Yan’s software was developed, it was still weaker than the market. This was a big blow to Su Yan. Su Yan chooses computers because she likes it, she wants to do things that no one else has done, and accelerate her entry into the unknown world.

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