General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 4 Recap

After eating for a whole day, Shen Jin is now full and full, rolling on the bed with a full stomach, which is really too supportive. Chu Xiuming had a headache because of the noise, and he couldn’t enter the book. He simply drove Shen Jin out of the house, and went for a walk and digestion after eating. But Shen Jin really didn’t have much energy to move. Her stomach was so swollen that she was uncomfortable no matter what she was standing or walking. She stopped in front of the door because she couldn’t walk.

Chu Xiuming sighed. There was nothing he could do with this person, he untied his girdle, and let Shen Jin hold it while pulling it by himself, thus leading her around in the courtyard. The moonlight is high and bright, the courtyard is not clear or dark, the water is rippling and the grass is rustling, the evening breeze blows over the couple, no one speaks, but it is comfortable and quiet.

In the morning, Shen Jin was drinking tea on his own boundary. A huge pattern hung beside Chu Xiuming’s bed. He was pacing anxiously in the small area, as if there was a mystery he had not solved under this pattern. At this time, Rourou sent a letter from Shen Jin’s mother, with an embroidered pattern in the letter, asking her to study female red diligently.

Inadvertently, Chu Xiuming saw the embroidery pattern, and he didn’t care if he crossed the border or not. He suddenly became nervous, as if there was something urgent, but Shen Jin was lazy and unwilling to cooperate. In the end, Chu Xiuming surrendered the ownership of the big bed in exchange for Shen Jin to go out of the city with him.

Pegasus galloped to a tomb, the mechanism turned, a secret door opened, and the underground was a huge dark secret room. Shen Jin once suspected that Chu Xiuming wanted to bury her alive here, but he just came to a stone gate and picked up the drawing to look at it.

Seeing Chu Xiuming’s confused look, he certainly didn’t know what pattern it was. This was the pattern of Luohua Yuanyang Lock. When she was young, Shen Jin was often bullied by her sister and locked in the house. She has seen almost all kinds of locks as time goes by. It is said that this Luohua Yuanyang lock was originally a lock used by a thief to pretend to take Ye Mingzhu for his beloved young lady. Later, the young lady died without seeing Ye Mingzhu, and the thief lost his love. Since then, no one can open the lock.

The door lock was also this lock. Chu Xiuming waited for Shen Jin to unlock it. Shen Jin took down the hairpin and slid into the keyhole. Chu Xiuming asked eagerly what the lock was really easy to open. Shen Jin grabbed a piece of Chu Xiuming’s hair and entangled it in the hairpin, then leaned in and opened the lock.

But Chu Xiuming had a question, why it wasn’t his hair, but anyone’s hair was fine. If you didn’t pull him here, you would have to pull Chen Jin. She didn’t like it. This reason left Chu Xiuming silent for a while, isn’t he afraid of pain?

After a click, the true face of the secret room appeared in front of you, where it was dark and cold, and a toothy idol stood before Huo Zhezi’s light. Shen Jin screamed, and the hairpin on his hand pricked pain. After Chu Xiuming, he followed with a scream. Before turning around, he took a breath, and a burst of black bats passed by, Shen Jin directly retracted into Chu Xiuming’s arms, Chu Xiuming took advantage of the situation to protect her, and gave her the cloak, after all, it was cold and cold here.

Chu Xiuming fumbled around, Shen Jin nian leaned against the back wall, the secret door turned over and shut her into the secret room directly, and then Chu Xiuming was also turned in. But Shen Jin was too impatient and accidentally touched the hidden weapon mechanism. Chu Xiuming hurriedly protected Shen Jin under his body. Several flips and kicks crooked those arrows, but his shoulder was still scratched.

When everything returned to deathly silence, I noticed the coffin in this secret room. The groove on the coffin fits with the jade pendant. Chu Xiuming put the jade pendant in and opened the lid of the sarcophagus. Inside was a wooden box with a jade seal. The color and texture looked like a jade seal of the emperor and general level.

Picking up the jade seal and waiting to examine it, the entire underground chamber began to shake, and the earth, soil and sand were all covered, and it was about to collapse. Chu Xiuming dragged Shen Jin and ran everywhere, out of the gate of the underground palace. The panic was locked inside, and they returned to Yongning Bo Mansion safely.

Thinking of Chu Xiuming’s shoulder injury, Shen Jin specially came to give her medicine. Seeing the old and new injuries on his back was shocking. It was not easy to be a general. She both felt distressed for Chu Xiuming’s previous injuries and worried about adding new injuries. She married wayward and mischievous, and Chu Xiuming tolerated retreat; when she was afraid, Chu Xiuming would appear to protect her in time, which was quite different from the demon general in the legendary storybook. When she said this, she kissed her, and she was close to Chu Xiuming.

Shen Jin, who blushed because of shyness, ran after opening the door, and he didn’t care about coming to see Chu Xiuming’s deputy. Here, Shen Jin was rolling on the bed excitedly, instructing Rourou to prepare anthuriums. How could there be no anthuriums in the bridal night. On the other side, Chu Xiuming in the study was fascinated by Yuxi, and scenes of rushing to the underground palace emerged today.

With Shen Jin leading her all the way to Yuxi, who is secretly leading behind Shen Jin, the lieutenant thinks it is better to ask Shen Jin directly, but Chu Xiuming thinks it is inappropriate, the matter is serious, so don’t let Shen Jin involve too much. Perhaps even he himself did not realize that he had begun to protect Shen Jin consciously or unconsciously.

Chu Xiuming opened the secret compartment in the study and put the jade seal away. There was a memorial tablet with no characters in the secret compartment. This was Chu Xiuming’s aunt. The cause of death of his aunt and the Eighth Prince is unknown. Now that Shen Jin appears, he must borrow it. This finds out the truth. And what Shen Jin still thinks of sitting in the warm tent of the red candle is the lingering lingering between him and Chu Xiuming.

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