General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 3 Recap

Chu Xiuming left the side door early in the morning, but he was so happy that he broke Shen Jin. He took this opportunity to find her jade pendant when he came to the general’s study room. The room was almost turned upside down but nothing was gained. The general’s lieutenant rushed in anxiously on this matter, but he did not find Chu Xiuming but Shen Jin was here. The situation was urgent. The Eagles had already attacked the city, and there was no commander to make a decision. There will be no good results.

For the present, she is the only spy who pretends to be Chu Xiuming, who has already mixed into the city. The eagle soldiers entered Yongning Mansion. The exact news was that Chu Xiuming had left the city. Who knew that the door opened was actually a golden armor and golden mask. Everyone began to wonder. Shen Jinxin said that they had been tricked, and they demonstrated with a knife.

I couldn’t lift it up, so I had to replace it with a dagger that I carried. The eagle soldiers thought it was despising them. Shen Jin threatened them again. The soldier who had been vaguely guessed was finally convinced that this was definitely not Chu Xiuming, and whether it was or not, this All the people in the golden armor had to die, and immediately rushed up with a knife.

At a critical juncture, a person appeared on the side of the wall. He flew out with a knife to kill the Eagle tribe. He stretched out his hand fiercely, licked blood and wailed. He slowly walked towards the golden armor and uncovered his mask. Shen Jin’s beautiful face was moving. Now under the mask. Chu Xiuming looked at her, and their eyes were all left behind.

Thanks to Shen Jin’s delay, Chu Xiuming was able to rush back and kill a piece of armor without leaving. In the evening, a group of maids and servants gathered at the table to celebrate today’s victory. Shen Jin drank and was not drunk. Blushing and stunned, she looked around for Chu Xiuming, and after she found Chu Xiuming who had changed clothes and went to bed, she finally couldn’t help it. It was not easy for Chu Xiuming. Every day he had to hold a heavy sword and wear a crushing armor to protect the peace in the city. It was really great.

But this time she also has merit in guarding the palace, so she is also considered a merit. For meritorious deeds, she wants Chu Xiuming’s bed. Compared to her room with evil sects, Chu Xiuming here is like heaven. He fainted while mumbling, and Chu Xiuming had to find another place to stay.

The officials around the emperor saw that Chu Xiuming was not in his position on the day of the Eagle raid, and he was not seeking political affairs in his position. For fear of rebelliousness, he suggested that the emperor monitor Chu Xiuming’s life, so the emperor sent a painter to paint Xia Chu. The life of Xiu Ming couple.

There was a new lady in the mansion, and the maids and servants had a little more fun in their indifferent lives, and Chu Xiuming drilled on the school grounds every day, and his leopard head reported, and the painter sent by the emperor was about to arrive.

Hearing from the chef, Shen Jin was the first lady who could sleep in Chu Xiuming’s room. Shen Jin, who was sitting under a red veil with a red veil and waiting for Chu Xiuming, didn’t even think about it. Everything was arranged by the chef girls. Qiaogui Qiaolugui, there is the name of a husband and wife but not the reality of a husband and wife.

Although living under one roof, one bed and one couch have nothing to do with each other, but why is the Shen Jin sleeping couch Chu Xiuming’s big and soft bed? Shen Jin refused. Since she wants to sleep in a big bed, everything except the bed belongs to her, and no one should cross the boundary.

The next day the painter arrived at the house and met the general and his wife. Chu Xiuming didn’t know how to be gentle in front of others, so he pulled Shen Jin into his arms and said that this was his wife. For such a boring person, vying with a little girl of him all day for one and the other, Shen Jin suddenly had a plan.

There was a breeze above the pavilion, and the painter asked the two of them to dress up and start painting. At this time, Chu Xiuming began to cough and sneeze, and Shen Jin quickly pretended to care about it. The general’s hard work should have been infected with the cold. So the supposedly solemn and majestic portrait was finally painted with one sideways covering his nose and mouth, and the other looking at him. In short, no one was sitting in a dreadful manner.

In the past two days, Shen Jin tried his best to seduce Chu Xiuming and trick him into sleeping on the couch, but he said that he just likes to fall under the soft blanket. Flesh brought sweet potatoes with an erratic aroma, and Shen Jin ate a full meal in front of him. Chu Xiuming, who could not cross the boundary, had to resist reading and having fun.

When she was full, Chu Xiuming told her to host a banquet in honor of the painter tonight. As the hostess, she had to eat with her again. The food was on the table, and since she couldn’t eat it, no one wanted to eat it. She ordered meat and meat to make a bowl of porridge with mixed flavors. How can people in cold weather eat big fish and meat? It is better to drink porridge. Shen Jin posed Chu Xiuming in front of the painter. Facing the delicacies of the mountains and seas, he had to stay away and drank the strange porridge.

Shen Jin ended up feeding the porridge one bite at a time. Chu Xiuming took revenge and said that he was unwell. Then Shen Jin would take care of his share. There is no reason to waste it. One plate is not enough and she also added her favorite sweet potato.

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