The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 14 Recap

Zhan Qinghong takes Huo Yang to Qiujiapu, revealing that Huo Yang’s family was killed by the Qinglong Gang. Huo Yang is willing to bet and accept Zhan Qinghong as his teacher. Wen You warned Huo Yang not to hurt Zhan Qinghong, Huo Yang counter-warned Wen You not to lose Zhan Qinghong. Qiu An sent someone to return the jade pendant and said that he would compete fairly with Wen You.

Wen You dated Zhan Qinghong, and Wen You gave a jade bracelet to Zhan Qinghong. Wen You said that when he returned to Junan, he should inform his parents that he asked Zhan Qinghong to kiss him. Zhan Qinghong was noncommittal and did not give the jade pendant back.

Zhan Qinghong found Lin Fang and shared his confusion, but Lin Fang was emotionally upset. Xiaolan asked Lin Fang why he didn’t express his thoughts to Zhan Qinghong. Before Wen You returned to Junan, Zhan Qinghong gave the jade pendant back. Qiu An gave his mother’s golden hairpin to Zhan Qinghong. Lin Fangzhan and Qinghong and his party came to Linzhou.

The Zhou family steward appeared at the inn and waited for Lin Fang. He gave a generous gift and told Lin Fang that Zhou’s family had no intention of martial arts and advised Lin Fang not to bother to win. Rouge finds that the butler is a master of poison.

Feng Bufei found Steward Zhou and said that the boss told the steward to watch Lin Fang, and the Seven-Star Sword Technique might be on him. Lin Fang suggested that someone pretending to be a dancer is needed to deal with Zhou Bo, and Xiaolan got an unexpected task. Zhan Qinghong wanted to write to Wen You, and asked Lin Fang to deliver the letter. He wanted to take away the dagger that Lin Fang collected. Lin Fang happily agreed and gave her a jade finger.

Seeing that the momentum was not right, the head of Ji immediately saw the wind and the rudder turned the spearhead towards Gu Yue, testifying that Gu Yue had threatened him to assassinate the leader, and completely threw the pot out. Gu Yue took Li Xu as a hostage in desperation. Aunt Fang and Lu Ming joined forces to bring Gu Yue to justice. Gu Yue was taken into custody, but Aunt Fang died under Gu Yue’s palm, ending her tragic life.

The princess ordered people to send two food boxes to Wen Mansion, one for Gentle and the other for Wen You. She hid the hidden head riddle poem in the food box to explore Wen You’s mind. The green one is unintentional, and the red one is with She is happy in love. The maid put the two food boxes on the table and told Gentle that the red one was for Wen You and the black one was for her, but the gentleness who concentrated on reading didn’t care, and she responded casually.

At the same time, Zhan Qinghong and Wen You tried martial arts. After receiving Lin Fang’s guidance, Zhan Qinghong was even better. Because the two bet that the loser would be demolished by the winner at will, Zhan Qinghong proposed to Wen You-in Within an hour, I ate the white cloud cake at the palace banquet last time.

Wen You hurried to look for it. The desperate Wen You came to ask if Wen Rou would make Baiyun Cake. He happened to see the dessert box sent by the princess, and opened it to see that it was Baiyun Cake. In some circumstances, Wen You took a black food box without a note and gave the cake to Zhan Qinghong to taste. The two ate the red peach-flavored cake, so the princess misunderstood that Wen You was also interested in herself.

Gu Yan came to Lin Fang and begged Lin Fang to spare his father and let him make a living. Gu Yan was willing to personally persuade his father to tell the truth about Lin Fang’s father’s death. Gu Yan came to Gu Yue and asked his father to tell the truth about what happened back then, but Gu Yue stubbornly reprimanded Gu Yue out loud.

In order to let Gu Yue take poison, Gu Yan apologized. Gu Yan always regarded Lin Fang as his own brother and always loved him. He was saddened by Gu Yan’s death and fainted. Lin Fang’s blood spots were not the sequelae of removing Wu Shi San, but were caused by poisoning. Lin Fang urged that this matter should not be publicized and pretended to be healthy and calm in front of everyone. So Zhan Qinghong came up with all kinds of tricks to relieve Lin Fang.

Zhan Qinghong, Lin Fang and Wen You and his entourage set off to Cangwu to capture Gu Yue. As an elder, Xia Houying was instructed, and the three of them were taught. Zhan Qinghong was deeply inspired. Gu Yue arrived at Cangwu one step ahead of time, and met with the first two factions in Cangwu in advance, intending to use the position of the leader to seduce Qinglong and the Yixuan faction to cooperate with them and kill Lin Fang.

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