The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 13 Recap

Lin Zaizhi inn provoked a dispute between the two factions, and the hidden ambush was preparing to wipe out the evil Cangwu faction and others.

Li Muzhong refused to accept Lin Fang’s decision. He viciously stepped forward like Lin Fang and threw a hidden weapon. He wanted to get rid of Lin Fang. Fortunately, Wen You stepped forward to Lin Fang in time and escaped, but Li Muzhong hurriedly fled from the inn and was already ambushed by Qiu An. One arrow hit, fell from a height and died.

Cao Yang immediately saw the rudder of the wind and wanted to hug Lin Fang’s thighs, but he didn’t expect to be poured cold water on his head because of the crime brought by Wen You. Of course, Cao Yang, who was accustomed to being a bully, was not convinced, and wanted to rise up to attack, but was eventually shot to death by random arrows.

The rest of the bandit leaders were also punished accordingly, and paid a corresponding price for their burning, killing and looting. Lin Fang announced that Cangwu Wulin would be chaired by Qiu An as the sub-leader of Cangwu Wulin.

Zhan Qinghong still had some lingering fears about Lin Fang’s killing and cutting. He couldn’t face so many lives disappearing in front of him at a time, but Wen You knew very well, telling Zhan Qinghong that this is what the real people need to do. decision.

Seeing Zhan Qinghong’s soul not guarding her home, Lin Fang asked Zhan Qinghong to go back to rest first. The absent-minded Zhan Qinghong accidentally kicked the corner of the table when he turned and left, hurting her leg. Wen You picked up Princess Zhan Qinghong and left. rest.

Lin Fang saw it in his eyes and felt it hurt in his heart. He couldn’t protect the belligerent Qinghong, so he could only choose to protect him silently. Xia Houying also noticed Lin Fang’s intentions against Qinghong, and persuaded Lin Fang not to be trapped by love, and she frowned and hurt her body. However, Lin Fang spurned the tender affection for Xia Houying. Xia Houying was not afraid of any difficulties and obstacles, but there was nothing to do with tenderness.

The Qinglong Gang still refused to accept Lin Fang and left a letter to provoke everyone, so Lin Fang arranged for Zhan Qinghong and Wen You to accompany Qiu An to destroy the gangsters, and demanded that only the leader be taken.

Unexpectedly, this was actually Gu Yue’s plan to tune the tiger away from the mountain. Just as the guardians around Lin Fang attacked, Gu Yue took the opportunity to sneak into the inn with the purpose of avenging his son. Gu Yue and Lin stayed alone in the house. After a dispute, Gu Yue hung up Lin Fang with curtains, hoping to end his illness. When Lin Fang was dying, he asked Gu Yue about the cause of his father’s death. Gu Yue felt that Lin Fang was dying, so he told him the truth.

Back then, Gu Yue personally assassinated Lin Xiaotian, but he was only spying on the position of the leader, and didn’t want to possess the seven-star swordsmanship, instructing Gu Yue to kill Lin Xiaotian someone else. At the moment of crisis, Xia Houying appeared in time to cut the curtains that had lifted Lin Fang, and Lin Fang fell heavily to the ground to catch his breath, but fortunately, there was nothing serious.

Gu Yue lost to Xia Houying and turned to escape from the inn. Xia Houying also chased after him and continued to question the real murderer. But Xia Houying didn’t want to hurt the killer, but Gu Yue was assassinated by the assassin ambushing in the distance. It seemed that this was the real murderer behind the scenes who was afraid of being exposed and killed him.

At the same time, in the process of dealing with the remnants of the Qinglong Gang, Zhan Qinghong accidentally killed Li Muxi, which made Zhan Qinghong very self-blame. Li Muxi’s apprentice, Huo Yang, the assassin, wanted to avenge Zhan Qinghong. Fortunately, Wen You arrived in time to rescue Zhan Qinghong and capture Huo Yang.

Feng Bufei reported to the boss that Gu Yue had already been silenced by himself, and the mysterious boss sent a new mission to Gu Yue, which was where he found the Seven Star Sword Technique.

Five days later, when Zhan Qinghong finally woke up, Lin Fang let out a long sigh of relief. In the past few days, Lin Fang has been guarding Zhan Qinghong endlessly, which shows that his feelings for Zhan Qinghong are getting deeper and deeper, and he is not as indifferent as he said. Lin Fang told Zhan Qinghong to take care of his own safety at all times and not to act recklessly.

Wen You hurried over when he heard the news that Zhan Qinghong was awakening. He brought the specially formulated medicine, and left after a few words.

Zhan Qinghong heard that the captured Huo Yang hadn’t eaten for several days, so he found Huo Yang and asked Huo Yang to set a challenge with himself with the aggressive method, but he had to regain his strength before that, otherwise Zhan Qinghong would become a take advantage In human danger, this trick successfully aroused Huo Yang’s desire to challenge and agreed to compete with her.

The cunning Xiao Lan took the opportunity to put a “laxative” into Huo Yang’s porridge and tricked Huo Yang into eating the porridge. He wanted to make him impatient, but Huo Yang became more and more courageous. It turned out that Xiao Lan took Wen You. The medicine given to Zhan Qinghong, by accident, healed Huo Yang’s injury.

Xia Houying returned to Jun’an by edict, and Wen You and Zhan Qinghong stayed with Lin Fang to return to Beijing. When Lin Fang decided to tell Zhan Qinghong what he wanted, he felt painful and unbearable. Wen Xuan returned and told Lin Fang that as long as he broke his love, he could relieve a lot of pain. Lin Fang frowned. Could it be that the heavens have arranged all this and he is destined to not get Zhan Qinghong.

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