Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 4 Recap

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the college entrance examination. In the yard, Aunt Jin wished all three candidates will succeed in the exam, and the title of the gold list will live up to these ten years of hard work. In this way, the three of them entered the examination room with hope in the yard and walked towards their battlefield. Wu Xikai threw a note to Chen Wa’er during the exam. Chen Wa’er was found by the invigilator when he picked it up. The invigilator asked Chen Wa’er opened the note. In order to protect Chen Wa’er, Li Qiang stepped forward and swallowed the note in Chen’s hand without saying a word.

Wu Xiyue went home and found Wu Xikai squatting under the bed. In his heart, Wu Xikai felt very guilty for Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er. Wu Xiyue wanted to know what happened on the day of the college entrance examination. Wu Xikai said that on the day of the exam, he threw the lyrics of the love song to Chen Wa’er. The hero of Li Qiang saved the United States and swallowed the note directly. The examiner blasted the two out of the examination room. Therefore, Wu Xikai jumped into the Yellow River and was unclear.

Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er couldn’t go to college, and the families in the yard were worried. Hu Meihua has always been sad for Li Qiang. Uncle Zhou and his wife are distressed by Chen Wal’s efforts over the past six months. They think that Li Qiang has blocked Chen Wal’s way to college. Aunt Zhou wanted to find Li Qiang to settle the account, but Li Qiang’s house was in a mess. Li Qiang wanted to go out to find Wu Xikai to settle the account. Aunt Jin and Uncle Jin quickly locked their son at home because they were afraid of their son.

Wu Xikai came out to see Hu Meihua. He wanted Hu Meihua to explain to him. He regretted it now, but Hu Meihua asked Wu Xikai to explain by herself, otherwise she would not have Wu Xikai as a friend. After that, Hu Meihua went home and found that Li Qiang was locked up. She knelt and cried and begged Uncle Jin to let Li Qiang come out. Unmoved by Uncle Jin, Hu Meihua saw the silent Li Qiang through the window and she wanted to accompany her. Repeat one year with Li Qiang.

Father Chen came to Zhou’s house to look for Wal, but Wal was dazed and stunned. Hua’er ate all of Wal’s book fragments in the room. Only then was Wal excited and started to care about Hua’er. Father Chen wanted to take Val and Huaer home.

Li Qiang was released. He rushed out to apologize to Father Chen. Father Chen directly slapped Li Qiang and resented Li Qiang deeply. Uncle Jin knelt down and apologized to Father Chen for Li Qiang. He didn’t discipline his son, Father Chen, to beat him, but he never allowed others to move Li Qiang. Because of Uncle Jin’s remarks, Father Chen didn’t care about Li Qiang anymore, and only told Li Qiang not to look for Chen Wa’er.

Chen Wa’er wanted to repeat the study, but Chen’s mother refused Chen Wa’er because of family difficulties, and asked Chen Wa’er to work and subsidize the family. On the other hand, Hu Meihua wanted to accompany Li Qiang to repeat the study. Hu Meizhong firmly disagreed. She moved with affection and understood reason to let Hu Meihua go to school.

Aunt Jin went to Chen’s house to make compensation for Li Qiang. Now Li Qiang has been decadent at home. Aunt Jin wants Chen Wa’er to go back to the yard with her and take a look at Li Qiang. Father Chen maintains his daughter’s strong heart. He blames Li Qiang for Wal’s failure to enter the university, and he will never allow the two to meet again.

Li Qiang knew that he had harmed Val this time. He wanted to help Val re-enter the university. When Hu Meihua saw Li Qiang sitting alone on the tennis net, she also climbed up and sat with Li Qiang. The two recalled their childhood Things, can’t help but feel that time is fast. The next day, everyone in the yard spotted the figure of the two sitting on the tennis net, and could not say anything to blame them.

On the day of the list, Hu Meizhong saw Meihua’s name appear on the red list as he wished. She and Wu Xikai were admitted to the University of International Business and Economics. Hu Meihua’s wish was changed at the last moment by the United States and China. Meihua did not want to go to the same university as Wu Xikai, but the United States and China did everything for the sake of Meihua, thinking that it was the best for Meihua.

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