Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 3 Recap

Hu Meihua was very angry with Li Qiang, and Li Qiang had to find Wu Xikai who had good academic performance, and asked Wu Xikai to help him with geometry lessons with a meal. Li Qiang believed Wu Xikai’s homework, and Li Qiang turned around and taught Chen Wail. The answers of the two were exactly the same. The teacher called the two to the office and criticized them, thinking that the person who was copied must have a mess of brains, and he would not let his classmates copy the answers.

Li Qiang knew that Wu Xikai was playing tricks on him this time. He came to the classroom and grabbed Wu Xikai. Wu Xikai said that he just made a joke with Li Qiang. Hu Meihua also spoke for Wu Xikai. Chen Wa’er walked over. Everyone is playing with her. Chen Waer lost her temper on the spot. She clearly told the three of them that she had already transferred three times. She came to this school to review her homework and enter the university. She begged these three to let her go. Hearing what Chen Wail said, Li Qiang made a decision on the spot. He asked Hu Meihua to teach him homework and Wu Xikai to teach Chen Wail, and they used the college entrance examination results to speak.

This is how the dream of a group of young people began. They worked tirelessly to review their homework for the university entrance examination. While reviewing his homework, Li Qiang was always paying attention to Chen Wa’er. This Sunday, Li Qiang saw that Chen Wa’er was going to Wu Xikai’s home to review. He went to Wu Xikai’s house with Chen Wa’er without saying anything, and released Hu Meihua’s pigeons. Hu Meihuade After learning about the incident, she went to the street vendor to eat and cry.

Li Dasheng always wanted to have a child with Hu Meizhong, but Hu Meizhong refused to let Hu and Li Dasheng touch him unless Hu Meihua was admitted to university. At this moment, Hu Meihua had a bad stomach and vomited in the room. Li Dasheng was afraid that Hu Meihua would be happy. Hu Meizhong didn’t believe it. She wanted to talk to Hu Meihua, but Hu Meihua “wow” and vomited in the pool outside. This scene was seen by Aunt Jin. Aunt Jin also mistakenly thought that Hu Meihua was happy. She anxiously recalled talking about it with Uncle Jin, thinking that the child in Meihua’s belly must be Li Qiang’s, and she even chose the best wishes. I want to make a kiss for the two.

When Li Qiang came home, Aunt Jin talked to her son about Li Qiang’s thoughts, but neither of them explained clearly. Li Qiang mistakenly thought that his mother had agreed to the matter with Chen Wale, and he was happy in his heart. A reprimand from the US and China came from next door. Aunt Jin went to see the situation, but found out the truth. It turned out that Meihua was not pregnant. All this was just a misunderstanding. She said that she would never agree to Li Qiang and Chen Wale . Aunt Jin felt unhappy in the oolong, and Aunt Zhou also thought that Chen Wa’er had caused them a lot of trouble, and she did not welcome Chen’s arrival.

The next day, Chen Wa’er and Chen Dasheng borrowed a bicycle to the Youth Palace, and Li Qiang followed. He was stopped because he did not have a student ID. He could not get to the front entrance and had to walk over the wall to come in and secretly saw Chen Wa’er practicing. song. Chen Wail came over for a class. She gave the tuition for half of the class to Teacher Sun, and planned to pay the tuition for the remaining half of the class next time, and this was the last time she came to class. Teacher Sun knew that Chen Wa’er had artistic talent, she did not charge Chen Wa’er’s tuition, and promised to let Chen Wa’er come to class whenever she wanted.

After Teacher Sun left, Li Qiang appeared in front of Chen Wale. Chen Wale told Li Qiang to strictly keep secret about her learning to sing. Li Qiang used this to let Chen Wale go to drink soda with him. Li Qiang rides a bicycle to carry Chen W’er. He confessed to Chen W’er, but Chen W’er directly rejected Li Qiang. She would not accept Li Qiang for a while or for a lifetime, but Li Qiang was full of confidence. Don’t speak too early Chen Wal.

Chen Wa’er went home. Chen’s father saw that Chen Wa’er had just got off Li Qiang’s bicycle. He reprimanded Chen Wa’er. Chen Wa’er had a clear conscience. When Chen’s father found out that the money was missing, Chen Wa Er’s brother had some mental problems. He stupidly squatted on the ground and ate the money into his mouth. Father Chen was furious about this. Chen Waer protected his brother and claimed that she had stolen the money. Scolded.

After coming out of Chen’s house, Li Qiang took Chen Wa’er back, and the figure of the two returning together was seen by people in the courtyard. Aunt Jin took Li Qiang home, she reprimanded Li Qiang and promised that if Li Qiang could be admitted to the university, she would let Li Qiang be with Chen Wa’er, otherwise there would be no way. On the other side, Hu Meihua couldn’t cry because of this incident, and even started thinking about dropping out. Hu Meizhong demanded that Hu Meihua must work hard to get into college, otherwise she would not be able to confess to her dead parents.

The pace of the college entrance examination is getting closer, and the three people in the yard are working hard to study hard, and Li Qiang no longer keeps pestering Chen Wa’er, and has been studying hard. On this day, Chen Wa’er went to Wu Xikai’s home to review her homework, Wu Xiyue appeared in her sight, and Chen Wa’er learned that Wu Xikai has another brother.

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