Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 2 Recap

Hu Meizhong and Hu Meihua thanked the Zhou family and the Jin family for their care at the dinner table. Aunt Jin took them to the yard and the Zhou family took good care of them. Later, Dasheng came to the yard and married Meizhong. The happy lives of the two sisters today. Hu Meizhong is always grateful to these two families. This year’s new arrivals, Chen Wal, Li Qiang, and Hu Meihua, are all going to take the college entrance examination. She asked Chen Wal to contact her directly if they need help in their studies. She is an English teacher, how much Can help three people.

After drinking, Li Dasheng kept complaining about the bitterness in his heart with Lao Jin. After she was discharged from the army, she did not defend her family and the country. Instead, she defended the elephant in the zoo. He was aggrieved in his heart, not to mention that the United States and China disliked him as having a taste. I haven’t let him go to bed for two years. Li Dasheng kept complaining, but U.S. and China called Li Dasheng from behind. Li Dasheng had no choice but to reduce the aggrievedness in his heart and honestly follow U.S. and China into the room.

Li Qiang, Chen Wa’er and Hu Meihua were left on the dining table. Hu Meihua prevented Li Qiang from drinking. She knew that Li Qiang wanted to enter the university. Li Qiang always showed herself in front of Chen Wa’er, but she hoped that Li Qiang could weigh herself. After a few catties, Li Qiang was not convinced and continued to show off his own culture in front of the two. Chen Wale thinks that the two in front of her are extremely boring. She knows what Hu Meihua is afraid of and what Li Qiang thinks, but she only came here for half a year to review her homework and enter the university. When she is admitted to the university, she will Leave and never see each other again.

The next day, Li Qiang mentioned that he wanted to go to school at home. Aunt Jin was very surprised by Li Qiang’s sudden thoughts, but neither of them was optimistic about Li Qiang. At that time, Li Qiang was looked for by the teacher every day. Li Qiang suddenly clamored to go to school when he wanted to leave school. Aunt Jin didn’t want to pay attention to the idea of ​​her son. Uncle Jin brought a relic to the school’s principal’s office, hoping to get Li Qiang back to school.

Back then, Li Qiang was expelled from the school for beating someone. Uncle Jin defended his son’s grievances. The kid who Li Qiang hit stole the tuition fees. Li Qiang also acted boldly, and Li Qiang knew that he was wrong. He hoped that the school would give it to him. Li Qiang has a chance. The principal resolutely refused to give Li Qiang another chance. Uncle Jin pleaded hard. When the principal learned that Uncle Jin was not Li Qiang’s biological father, he rushed to this matter for Li Qiang, so he gave Li Qiang another chance.

After returning home, Uncle Jin gave the admission notice to Aunt Jin and Li Qiang. Li Qiang bowed deeply to Uncle Jin and thanked Uncle Jin for his help. Lao Jin has never begged someone in his entire life, but for Li Qiang, Lao Jin bowed his head to beg. Aunt Jin wanted to know how Uncle Jin persuaded the principal. Uncle Jin mentioned that the principal is also a stepfather. He was with that The principal vomited bitterness, and the two of them got closer and closer together, and the principal agreed to let him go to school again.

The next day, Li Qiang returned to school as a student. The first thing he did when he arrived in the class was to ask Wu Xikai to give him a seat, and he sat beside Chen W’er without saying a word. Biaozi confiscated Wu Xikai’s pen before. It seems that this pen was brought by the social atmosphere. Therefore, Li Qiang was invited to the principal’s office. He was trained by the principal. The principal asked Li Qiang to study hard, and the former Jin Uncle took him. He also asked Li Qiang to return the precious ancient book to him.

Li Qiang sat next to Chen Wa’er. Chen Wa’er encountered a problem that she couldn’t solve. She originally thought that Li Qiang would solve the problem, but Li Qiang not only couldn’t solve it, but also told Wu Xikai who had studied well not to give Chen Wa’er. Solve the problem. After school, Aunt Jin asked Li Qiang to study with Hu Meihua. Li Qiang didn’t want to pay attention to Hu Meihua, but when he thought of Chen Wal’s question, he came to Hu Meihua’s room and asked Hu Meihua to teach him homework. I thought that Li Qiang wanted to study seriously, but Li Qiang took Hu Meihua’s questions to teach Chen Wa’er the next day, Hu Meihua burst into tears.

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