Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 1 Recap

In the Hutongs of Beijing, Li Qiang, the gangster demon king, fought over a girl nicknamed the jade-faced fox. This sensation caused a sensation throughout the Hutong courtyard. Sun Dasheng, a veteran in the courtyard, reported to Lao Jin and his wife. People’s son Li Qiang was fighting outside. Aunt Jin thought it was impossible. Li Qiang hadn’t fought for many years. Aunt Zhou, who was watching the excitement in the yard, smiled happily, thinking that Li Qiang would not be able to quit fighting in his life.

After being expelled from school, Aunt Jin was very partial to her son. She thought that even if Li Qiang was fighting, he must be a winning general. At this moment, Hu Meihua, the childhood sweethearts who grew up with Li Qiang, went home one after another with Li Qiang. Hu Meihua admired Li Qiang for many years. She was anxious to send Li Qiang to the hospital, but Li Qiang was in no rush. He was in the room. Li secretly revealed to Hu Meihua that the wound on his forehead was fake.

Dasheng was a scout in the army and could protect the whole hospital, but Dasheng shook his head and declined. The only one who could protect the yard was Aunt Jin, who had done joint defense. On the other hand, Hu Meihua always wanted to know when Li Qiang met this jade-faced fox. She who admired Li Qiang has been dragging Xu Weidong, wanting Xu Weidong to be her shield and making Li Qiang jealous, but Li Qiang did not do anything. move.

In Chen Wal’s home, Chen Wal’s mother felt very sorry for Chen Wal’s cutting two twist braids. In recent years, Chen Wal’s appearance was so good that she changed schools repeatedly. Chen Wal’s father decided to send Chen Wal to her. Uncle went there, he couldn’t worry about Chen Wal’s affairs all day.

Hu Meihua got big chicken drumsticks from her brother-in-law, Dasheng, for Li Qiang to eat. Dasheng turned around and couldn’t find her own pot of chicken drumsticks. The whole courtyard went all out to help Dasheng find chicken drumsticks. Before Dasheng could find the chicken legs, Li Qiang walked out of the room. He watched Hu Meihua on the roof shaking off his pants to dry his pants. He covered his eyes with his hands and looked down.

After that, Li Qiang brought Hu Meihua to the room to tell him clearly that he did not have the kind of childhood love between men and women for Hu Meihua. He always regarded Hu Meihua as a friend. They were at best a revolutionary friendship that broke the world, nothing else. After that, Li Qiang pushed the chicken thigh pot out of the room with Hu Meihua. Hu Meihua put the pot in Dasheng’s hands, and went back to the room to cry. Hu Meihua’s Hu Meizhong was very helpless with his sister’s morality, but Hu Meihua recognized it. Li Qiang died, but Li Qiang will not marry.

Chen Wal’s parents took her to the yard. It turned out that Chen Wal’s uncle lived in the yard. The Lao Jin couple and everyone in the yard welcomed Wal’s arrival very much, and everyone praised Wal. Er’s appearance is good, but Vale just heard at the door that each of them said that the jade-faced fox had a bad face, and she confessed that she was a jade-faced fox with shocking words. Aunt Zhou fainted on the spot. For the sake of his family, Zhou’s father refused to let Chen Wa’er stay, but Chen Wa’er stayed in the yard and refused to leave. Chen’s father had no choice but to leave Chen Wa’er.

Chen Wa’er stayed in the yard, but Zhou’s father and Chen Wa’er agreed to three chapters, and they demanded that Chen Wa’er and the children in the past should not be able to communicate anymore. The second is to make Chen Wa’er honor the elders and not to conflict with the elders in the yard, and the third is to not go out at will except school. In this way, Chen Waer stayed in the yard and started life in the new school. Li Qiang was very concerned about Chen Waer’s arrival and was deeply attracted by Chen Waer.

On the first day when Chen Wa’er entered the school, her beauty attracted every boy in the school. Wu Xikai showed great courtesy to Chen Wa’er and sat next to Chen Wa’er by herself. Facing the naked eyes of all the boys and the unfinished notes, Chen Wa’er put down the words directly. If she received the notes again, she would wait for the parents to read them out one sentence at a time during the parent meeting. Hu Meihua likes Chen Wal’s straightforward temperament very much. Hu Meihua took Chen Wal’s hand and bluntly said that the two will become good sisters in the future, whether it is in the alley or the school, they will play together.

Aunt Zhou and Uncle Zhou were afraid that they would be separated from the life in the yard because of Wal’s affairs. The couple decided to take the dumplings to share one point, so that several families in the yard would gather together, so that they would unlock the neighborhood. The lump in the heart of the neighbor. The few households in the yard were refreshing people, and they gathered together for a party without saying anything, but Chen Wa’er was depressed. She sat at the table and couldn’t get along with these few people.

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