Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 24 End Recap

After returning from the hospital, Mei Weiwei was still wearing a raincoat. Looking at the high and low numbers on the watch, Mei Weiwei took the pills and went out to camp with Mai Sichong. Although a little strange, Mai Sichong did not suspect that Mei Weiwei was wearing a raincoat. The two arrived at the camping destination. Different from Mai Sichong’s bright smile, although the corners of Mei Weiwei’s mouth were raised, she couldn’t stop thinking while looking at Mai Sichong’s face. Mai Sichong will devote himself to endless provincial team training in the next days, and Mei Weiwei has already determined in her heart that this is the last time the two have met.

Throwing aside all the frustrations in their hearts, the two decided to enjoy the day. Seeing his girlfriend’s smile, Mai Sichong’s emotions continued to rise. Just as the two were excited, Mai Sichong was once again attacked by Mei Weiwei’s unexpected current By the time, the reason for static electricity appeared again made Mai Sichong’s heart a little shaken, but in order not to mess up the atmosphere, Mai Sichong still followed the topic with a haha.

At night, the two of them slept in a tent, and Mei Weiwei was more or less unwilling to see Mai Sichong’s sleeping face. As the weather was getting colder, Mai Sichong couldn’t help but start to care about Mei Weiwei, but Mei Weiwei regarded this as the last date and couldn’t help but confessed. Mai Sichong also sincerely confessed, and Mei Weiwei took the initiative when moved. Kissed Max Chong, and then leaned firmly in Max Chong’s arms to spend the last night.

The next day, Mai Sichong was about to go for training. The two separated at the door of Mei Weiwei’s house. Mei Weiwei couldn’t help but wet his eyes under the tight hug. Although Mai Sichong hugged Mei Weiwei tightly in his heart It feels a little sudden, but Mai Sichong just thinks that Mei Weiwei is just not able to grab the ticket to the game for a while, and he doesn’t have too much thought. Seeing the car that Mai Sichong was in slowly leaving, Mei Weiwei also secretly made up his mind…

In the endless training that followed, Mai Sichong concentrated on practicing, but still was always thinking about Mei Weiwei in his heart, but Mei Weiwei did not reply to any message of Mai Sichong, and did not accept the connection. Even when it came to the game, Mai Sichong only waited for Ding Yi and Li Daixi to ask about Mei Weiwei’s whereabouts. Ding Yi and Li Daixi only used the reason that Mei Weiwei had something to do with him.

After the competition, Maxichong achieved excellent results. When he got out of the training center, Max rushed to Mother Mai and wanted to go to Mei Weiwei’s house first, but when the two arrived, they found that Mei Weiwei’s bookstore was closed and the phone was turned off. With a moment of excitement, Max rushed back to the dormitory and questioned Ding Yi and Li Daixi.

Hearing the news that the Mei Weiwei family left without saying goodbye, Mai Sichong seemed to have lost all his disappointment. Looking at the message of Mei Weiwei received by Li Daixi, Mai Sichong realized that Mei Weiwei’s current had been out of control before her training, and everything was traceable. It was only at this time that Mai Sichong strung up all the seemingly unprovoked phenomena: the static electricity that Mei Weiwei said, the sadness when she left, etc.,

Mai Sichong slumped at the door of Mei Weiwei’s house and looked for it. The two had a conversation to find clues. When Mai Sichong saw the flower shop of the aunt Mei Weiwei mentioned, his eyes suddenly lit up. Holding his last hope, Mai Si Chong started to find his way from the map and finally came to the place Mei Weiwei said.

But there was no way to find it, but Mai Sichong could only look around. Mei Weiwei, who just went out to give flowers, was seen by Mai Si Chong. The two looked at each other. Mai Si Chong couldn’t help but rushed forward, but Mei Weiwei shut Mai Si Chong outside the door, even though Max No matter how Chong persuades, Mei Weiwei insists on not opening the door, not wanting the electric current to hurt Max Chong.

Under Mai Sichong’s entanglement, Mei Weiwei could only lie and say that she was in a difficult time without Mai Sichong’s company. The hard work alone made herself physically and mentally exhausted. Under Mai Sichong’s apology, Mei Weiwei Can only be more ruthless to propose a breakup. Hearing Mei Weiwei’s determined tone, Mai Sichong was also caught in a huge impact, and could only listen to Mei Weiwei’s words and leave alone.

On the way, Max Sicong still hasn’t been able to slow down, but coach Peipi has already called and questioned Max Sicong’s mistakes in being late for training in order to find Mei Weiwei, and he cursed Max in blood. Head, at this moment, Maxichong, who is frustrated in love, can only apologize to the coach on the phone. When the call was over, Mai Sichong made a silent decision again and left on the way back.

Mei Weiwei walked out of the house, opened the door, and saw Mai Sichong holding fireworks. Mai Sichong put down his tone and solemnly told Mei Weiwei that the two had a hot spring vacation. No matter what the shortcomings of Mai Sichong had, Mei Weiwei would tolerate him.

But Mei Weiwei mentioned her special physique again, which would hurt Mai Sichong one day. Mai Sicong listened to Mei Weiwei babblingly enumerating the shortcomings of being together, and resolutely blocked Mei Weiwei’s mouth with a kiss. And assured Mei Weiwei that the future of the two will not appear in case…

As time goes by, everyone has their own development and bright future. Lin Baihui is still the same, teaching Chinese medicine courses in the club, and his relationship with Yuxin remains undiminished. Li Daixi interviewed Max Chong, who won the award again, and Max rushed to the camera to express his plan to propose marriage. And secretly handed Li Daixi the treasure map he prepared, explaining that Li Daixi must pass it to Mei Weiwei. Saying goodbye to Li Daixi, Max Chong turned his head and saw his old friend: Xia Rui.

The two old friends were sitting on the bench. Xia Rui couldn’t help but ask Mai Sichong about Junjun. Mai Si understood Xia Rui’s mind, and took Xia Rui’s mobile phone and entered Junjun’s number. Retreat and leave quickly. After taking a deep breath, he decided to call the number. Xia Rui quietly listened to the prompt on the phone, and finally a familiar voice rang out. Xia Rui pretended to calmly respond, but still couldn’t cover the smile on his face…

Mei Weiwei was holding the treasure map hand-painted by Mai Sichong with a look of confusion, but Mai Sichong on the other end of the phone just asked Mei Weiwei to do it. Coming to the novelty exhibition hall, Mei Weiwei followed the instructions step by step buried by Mai Si Chong and came to the aquarium. Seeing the fish creatures floating behind the huge glass wall showing their dreamy colors, Mei Weiwei discovered that the diving figure moving with the fish was Miz Chong.

When Max Chong was standing next to Mei Weiwei with his hair wet, Max Chong handed Mei Weiwei a ring box shaped like a poke ball and began to propose sincerely. When Mei Weiwei heard that she was really moved, she agreed to go next to Mei Weiwei. Marriage proposal. The two met because of electricity, were obstructed by electricity, overcome the current together, and finally survived all the difficulties, and finally fulfilled their lifelong promise in the symbolic place of the aquarium…

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