Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 23 Recap

Mei Weiwei and his party saw the announcement of Mai Sichong’s entry into the provincial team on the bulletin board. While he was happy, Jun Jun saw Xia Rui’s figure. While Ding Yi and others were looking for Xia Rui’s figure, they found empty beds in the dormitory and crumpled photos of Xia Rui…

Junjun went downstairs and found Xia Rui, but he was just a silent and lonely existence, still entangled in Junjun’s feelings for Mai Sichong, and the matter of framing Mai Sichong was only hastily. But Junjun cares about Xia Rui’s kind heart. Even if Xia Rui insisted on leaving, Junjun still caught up with Xia Rui, expressing his gratitude to Xia Rui, thanking Xia Rui for helping him out of that corner.

Although Xia Rui decided to calm down alone for a while, Jun Jun still believed in Xia Rui’s true heart and encouraged him. Unlike the past, Jun Jun looked at Xia Rui’s eyes this time with shining and shy eyes.

Mei Weiwei and Mai Sichong walked on the small road holding hands, who knew that Mai Sichong suddenly felt an electric current coming from the palm of his hand, but Mei Weiwei’s heart rate did not exceed the standard. For the time being, it was an accident. Keep small things in mind. Talking about Xia Rui, Mai Sichong said that Xia Rui is not an absolute bad person. The Xia Rui she knows is a hard-working and kind brother. When Mei Weiwei hears the meaning of Mai Sichong’s choice to let go, she can’t help but become even more in front of her. The magnanimous Maisi stared at each other.

Mai Sichong formally went through the formalities for joining the provincial team with the teacher. Preparing to pack up and enter the provincial team for training, Ding Yi couldn’t help feeling a little bit sentimental when his brother was about to leave. The two talked about Xia Rui again, and Mai Si Chong looked at the previous group photos, inevitably thinking in his heart. After receiving Xia Rui’s message in his pocket phone, the two decided to meet again.

Coming to the basketball court, Xia Rui confessed his deeds to Max Chong, and decided to quit school next. However, Maxichong talked about his first impression of Xia Rui. Xia Rui, who has worked hard and talked little, has always been Maxichong’s true opponent. It can be said that Maxichong has never underestimated Xia Rui. After that, Max rushed to Xia Rui and asked for another formal match. It seemed to be the final final, but the meaning was actually for the reconciliation between the brothers.

The two people in the swimming pool were constantly churning in the waves to compete, not only Chasing opponents is chasing dreams and goals in mind. After waiting for a second to the end, the moment they reached out and touched the edge of the wall, the two finally let go and looked at each other and embraced each other.

There is no permanent banquet in the world. After the haze of disputes and troubles cleared, everyone watched Xia Rui’s departure in the dark. But the long night couldn’t be passed away. Mei Weiwei and her party came to Mai Sichong’s home and started a party. Apart from the sweetness of Mai Sichong and Mei Weiwei, the monitor and Yu Xin couldn’t help but start to make sweets. At this moment, the pair of happy friends have lost a few words of quarrel and added a little more sugar.

As soon as Mai Sichong woke up, he saw Mei Weiwei lying asleep beside him. Although the two of them were well-dressed, Mai Sichong still looked at Mei Weiwei’s lovely sleeping face and was fascinated, and couldn’t help relying more. As she got closer, the roots of her ears slowly turned red…When a soft kiss fell, Mei Weiwei woke up too. Mai Si rushed downstairs and saw the note left by Ding Yi, and understood the intention of the brother’s wingman.

Mai Si Chong was ready to spend a day with Mei Weiwei in the two-person world. Under a table of a feast made by Mai Sichong himself, Mei Weiwei handed over the gift she picked. When Mai Sichong was happy, she reached out and touched, but she touched an electric current. Mei Weiwei’s expression changed and she hurriedly explained. It was due to static electricity, and in a sweet atmosphere, the two decided not to take this matter to heart.

When Mei Weiwei returned home, she threw herself into the arms of her parents excitedly, and Mei Weiwei, who had no electricity, was finally able to enjoy the fun of acting like a baby with her parents’ arms leisurely. As night fell, the video conversation between Mei Weiwei and Mai Sichong was so sweet. The seemingly perfect day was about to end, but Mei Weiwei felt the current again when she touched the computer, and confirmed her heart rate several times, but there was no abnormality. ,

Mei Weiwei could not explain this inexplicable current. When she waited the next day, Mother Mei walked into Mei Weiwei’s room, but she saw Mei Weiwei folded her arms, her whole body was entangled with electricity, and she couldn’t touch anyone at all. The panicked father and mother could only let Mei Weiwei put on a raincoat to insulate her from the outside world, and immediately sent her daughter to the hospital for another examination.

Under examination, the doctor asked Mei Weiwei about whether Mei Weiwei had taken other methods after the last treatment. After repeated questioning, she realized that Mei Weiwei ate a whole box of pills last time, which made her physical condition unstable and led to current confusion. This time the doctor could only prescribe new pills to stabilize Mei Weiwei’s condition.

In addition to some side effects, the doctor mentioned taking Mei Weiwei to a less crowded place to cultivate well. Listening to the doctor’s words, Mei Weiwei thought about her current situation and future, and entangled her lips tightly.

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