Sniper 瞄准 Episode 3 Recap

Qin Henian arrived at Songjiang Primary School early to wait. Xiaoxue who destroyed the cake was chased and beaten by the clerk of the cake shop. The clerk and Qin Henian asked for directions. Qin Henian pointed him in the wrong direction and let him hide after he left. Xiaoxue came out. Xiaoxue called him white beard, but the old man was very happy when he heard it, and gave her a birthday cake to wish her a happy birthday. Xiaoxue is puzzled, how do they know her birthday if they don’t know? Qin Henian often came here to look at her.

Just when the entourage was about to tell the relationship between the two, Qin Zishu suddenly appeared to teach Xiaoxue not to take outsiders. Qin Henian was very excited, and Xiaoxue returned the cake to him. , He is not allowed to yell at Qin Zishu! Qin Zishu was very sad along the way, and told Xiaoxue to treat this person as if he didn’t know him in the future, but he couldn’t scold him like just now, and he couldn’t steal anything.

Su Wenqian was taken back to the Public Security Bureau, and Ouyang Xiangling also came. The director was very angry. She came here without permission. Is there any organization discipline in her eyes! The director didn’t care about her and hurried to interrogate Su Wenqian, and Ouyang Xiangling insisted on following. Section Chief Cao greeted Ouyang Xiangling, and the Director asked him to prepare for interrogation work.

He and Ouyang Xiangling had something to discuss. In the afternoon, there was a material truck returning to the military area. The director told Ouyang Xiangling to go back with this. Ouyang Xiangling was very excited. She also found jellyfish and herding fish for three years after the death of the lighthouse. How could she be willing to go back! Ouyang Xiangling asked to stay as an observer and gave him the materials he had compiled for three years.

The director finally decided to let Section Chief Cao interrogate and monitor himself and Ouyang Xiangling. Duan Zhenpeng, Monk Hua, and Leng Qiao, members of the jellyfish assassination team, carefully protected Master Jellyfish’s wardrobe, which contained a lot of gunpowder. At the same time, Section Chief Cao was also interrogating Su Wenqian, and Su Wenqian pretended not to understand his interrogation.

Shan Leng and Li Beicao have been waiting at the gate of the cake shop, and they followed the delivery man after the cake was ready. Section Chief Cao took out the half piece of wooden fish. At the moment when the gun was fired, someone saw the wooden fish flying from the crowd to Ye Guanying, and this wooden fish was a sign of killer herd. Su Wenqian smiled. He has been setting up a stall there for three years, and the wooden fish is just a small object that he has not sold.

Kai Lexi ordered the room, and Chi Tiecheng chose to live in the attic without going to the arranged room. After the manager left, Chi Tiecheng arranged some organs in the attic with thin threads. Su Wenqian asked Section Chief Cao back. He stood in the crowd tens of meters apart. How could such a light piece of wood be thrown so far? Section Chief Cao took out the slingshot but couldn’t prove anything. He searched Su Wenqian’s home.

He had no children and no wife at all. Section Cao pressed hard, but Su Wenqian was always calm. Li Beicao told Dan Leng’s superiors that they wanted them to kill Shepherd Fish, but She refused to agree. They knew the relationship between Shepherd Fish and Jellyfish. Even if they wanted to kill, they had to pass the master first. Li Beicao had to drag Cui Jiu and let Shan Leng contact the jellyfish.

The Mayor Wen of the Communist Party invited Qin Henian to the conference for several days, but Qin Henian impatiently refused again. Section Chief Cao felt that this matter was indeed suspicious. Su Wenqian could not shoot that much force at the time. Ouyang Xiangling insisted that Su Wenqian was to remove obstacles to the killing.

After Section Chief Cao rebutted in an orderly manner, Ouyang Xiangling was somewhat emotional. excitement. The director said that they only had half a small wooden fish in their hands and could not produce other evidence. Su Wenqian knew that as long as he killed him and refused to admit it, there was no way. Ouyang Xiangling offered to interrogate Su Wenqian in person, and not in the interrogation room.

The director finally agreed to Ouyang Xiangling’s condition and asked Su Wenqian to be taken into the car, took the opportunity to interrogate him, and repeatedly asked Ouyang Xiangling to control his emotions. Cui Jiu was installing explosives, when Li Beica saw a car coming out of the Public Security Bureau and quickly stopped and followed.

Chi Tiecheng came to the hotel to find a Miss Tong and said that she had ordered a cake. This so-called Miss Tong is single-sided, and the apprentices of Jellyfish Pool Tiecheng are waiting for him in the hotel room. They were all afraid of Chi Tiecheng. Chi Tiecheng looked like a tiger with a smile on his face. He punished his apprentice because of a mistake in the security of the room, and used a lighter to slowly roast his palm.

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