Sniper 瞄准 Episode 2 Recap

Su Wenqian took off his shirt, raised his hand and turned around for examination according to their words. There were several scars on his chest and back. The plainclothes policeman outside the door noticed something was wrong and quickly called the section chief, saying that the girl pretending to be the child’s sister had been in his woodcarving stall before the gunshot.

Lao Zheng, who was also at the stall, quickly explained that Su Wenqian had been there for three years, and maybe the woman chose the woodcarving stall because it met her monitoring characteristics. Section Chief Cao turned and walked into the room, and briefly said a few words to Su Wenqian. Xiaoxue held the wooden sculpture that Su Wenqian had given herself in a hurry. Principal Fang did not wait any longer and chose to find her mother.

The dock guard company recruits small mirror found a suspicious item on the dock, and ran to the police station to find the section chief. The police brought Su Wenqian’s carved wooden box and asked Su Wenqian to help him engrave a portrait with the excuse of opening his eyes. Of course, the object was the single-sided girl in front of his wooden carving booth this morning.

The small mirror took out half of the wooden fish and said that when the crime happened, he saw it skipped from himself and hit the enemy, and the speed was not much slower than the bullet. The section chief saw a mark on Su Wenqian’s shoulder and asked casually. Su Wenqian said he left it when he was doing root carving. The portrait carved by Su Wenqian was indeed very similar, and Lao Zheng also confirmed for him that his right hand was always shaking, without arousing suspicion.

Ouyang Xiangling has not determined that Ye Guanying was killed by the jellyfish group, because Ye Guanying is not dead yet, unless there are other factors, such an error will never occur. Section Chief Cao has no doubts about Su Wenqian, because a person with trembling fingers on his right hand is definitely not a sniper. When Ouyang Xiangling received the fax of the piece of wood, she immediately began to investigate. Almost instantly, she determined the owner of the piece of wood.

Qin Zishu learned that her daughter had stolen something and hit Xiaoxue with a stick, and the principal quickly stopped. Su Wenqian called and said to find Xiaoxue, claiming to be her parent. Xiaoxue took the phone and yelled at him for nothing. Qin Zishu was very angry when he heard Su Wenqian’s voice on the other end of the phone. It turned out that he had been used to Xiaoxue. Qin Zishu was blind, and tremblingly walked away with his cane. Principal Fang picked up the phone in a puzzled way and asked Su Wenqian who Xiaoxue’s parent was. Su Wenqian hung up without a word.

Shan Leng has been lurking in the dark to follow Su Wenqian, while at the same time, another member of the jellyfish assassination group, Li Beicai, came to the infant. Su Wenqian came to Kaile West Point House to buy cakes, and Chi Tiecheng also applied for this West Point House. He speaks French and claims to be French. Su Wenqian didn’t have enough money to buy cakes.

The manager persuaded him to choose other cakes, but Su Wenqian insisted on asking for Snow White cakes. He took the seventy-seven dollars as a deposit and said he would get the cakes in an hour. It turned out that today was Xiaoxue’s birthday. She kept saying that her father would buy her a Snow White cake but it didn’t happen. She would steal something only after being laughed at by classmates.

Another identity of Principal Fang is also the head of the Songjiang Station of the Secrecy Bureau. Li Beicai came to him to cooperate in obtaining the information on Ye Guanying. Li Beicai made sure that there was nothing wrong with his skills. Someone had acted before he did it. His hand only caused the marksmanship to deviate, and he only left a piece of wooden fish. In addition to his master jellyfish, Li Beicai also encountered such a sniper for the first time.

Ouyang Xiangling confirmed that this piece of wooden fish belongs to the jellyfish partner, codenamed the killer of animal husbandry. Li Beifa and Principal Fang also confirmed his identity. Muyu is not a member of the bureau, and the jellyfish’s file is highly confidential. Besides Director Mao, only Principal Fang has seen him. There are some information about Muyu. Although there is no photo or name, he will wear a piece of wooden fish as a mark.

Section Chief Cao and others gathered around the half of the wooden fish to study. Old Zheng remembered that this was something on Su Wenqian’s carving knife. Section Chief Cao quickly found Su Wenqian’s address and drove people over. Ye Guanying still has information on her body. Although she can’t be deciphered by others, she can decipher her old partner as a jellyfish, so Principal Fang ordered that she be killed immediately!

Section Chief Cao rushed to Su Wenqian’s house to check that it was Xiaoxue’s birthday, and immediately started investigating when he thought that he had an advertisement for a cake shop. Cui Jiu and Li Beicai of the First Operation Brigade of Songjiang Station met and prepared a lot of ammunition for him. Su Wenqian collected two hundred thousand, and the Snow White cake he asked for became the subject of the interview for Chi Tiecheng.

After the exquisite and gorgeous cake came out, he was also approved by the boss. But Xiaoxue outside the cake shop was jealous, and took out a slingshot to aim at the cake. The stone was stopped by Chi Tiecheng, but the cake was also damaged. The manager told Su Wenqian that it would take half an hour to repair the cake.

At the same time, Section Chief Cao and Li Beifa were on their way to the cake shop. Xiaoxue was chased and beaten by the clerk of the cake shop, and accidentally rushed into the street and frightened Cui Jiu and Li Beifei, and Li Beifei also noticed the signal sent by Shan Leng, here is the Communist Party!

Su Wenqian was invited to the Public Security Bureau by the section chief again, and Su Wenqian had to leave the delivery address and name and follow them. After getting in the car, Su Wenqian was handcuffed and asked Section Cao what he was going to do, but Section Cao said nothing.

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