Run For Young 风犬少年的天空 Episode 13 Recap

Zhu’s small noodle shop welcomes an uninvited guest. Martin’s mother is arrogant and domineering. Knowing that her son and Zhu Weijiao are not going home at night, she bluntly expressed that she does not want Zhu Weijiao to be too close to Martin to avoid affecting her The future of the son.

When Father Zhu heard such words, he could only do his best to keep the smile on his face, and he had no other choice but to nod his head. These words were also heard by Zhu Weijiao in the door. She looked at her father with some injuries. The father and daughter could only comfort each other, and then silently chose to stay away from such a “noble” family.

From then on, Zhu Weijiao would avoid Ma Tian no matter what she did, and even asked Tu Jun to change positions with her, and did not want Ma Tian to know which university she chose when filling out her volunteers.

Tu Jun’s college volunteer was selected by Li Anran for the sports university, and Li Anran needed to go abroad, so naturally he didn’t need to fill in the volunteer. As for Ding Rongliang happily filling in, the university in the same city as Chen Yuanyuan, their relationship does not seem to be as distant as before.

Luo Shenxi secretly filled out Tsinghua University, but was ordered by the teacher to fill it out again. In the eyes of the teacher, Luo Shenxi’s grades are impossible to reach Tsinghua University, but the results of this examination result that Luo Shenxi and Martin are tied for first place shocked her. Obviously, Luo Shenxi had deliberately failed the exam before. Even if he interjected with Tu Jun and others every day, he could easily get the first place if he wanted to.

After completing the volunteers, Martin took advantage of the break between classes to find out the truth about Zhu Weijiao’s distance from him, only to realize that he had let his mother be a problem. Martin went home and questioned his mother, but his mother’s words were not without reason. How can two people who grew up in completely different environments face a life without a common language in the future. Even in front of them, it is impossible for them to enter the same university, how can they guarantee that the future will not end badly because of the different places.

Ma Mu does have the mind to look down on Zhu’s family, but in Ma Tian’s eyes all her words have become prejudices. Martin believes that as long as there is love in his heart, everything is not a problem. He even ran out of the house secretly, looking for Zhu Weijiao to tell his true feelings. Although Martin did not say what he liked, what he said was the same as confession, which made Zhu Weijiao rush into the house shyly, jumping on the bed with excitement.

At this time, the person who had previously been refused bribe by Martin’s father was full of hatred, and wanted to ruin Martin’s future for revenge, and deliberately acted so that Martin “coincidentally” met a gangster bullying a woman. Martin was not deeply involved in the world, and tried to rescue him, but the next day he woke up in the nightclub box.

Ma Tian went straight back to school in a daze, but he put his arms around many pictures of women and spread it all over the post. For a while, everyone’s comments and saliva drowned him. Smart as Martin, he immediately thought of the key. After going to the hospital for an examination, he did find Ecstasy in his body.

Martin remembered that the woman he saved last night had given him a bottle of mineral water. After thinking that it was a game, he ran to the nightclub and asked the waiter to write a certificate. Unfortunately, after returning home, the distrust of his parents gave Martin no choice to tell the truth. He originally placed his hopes on Zhu Weijiao.

Zhu Weijiao’s distrust of the team, Martin, was fatal. He was so desperate to escape from everything in front of him, but he could not escape the world. Fortunately, Tu Jun believed him. Martin believes that the trust of relatives and friends does not need to be proved by anything, and Tu Jun’s trust has become his only comfort.

At this time, Zhu Weijiao was deeply self-blaming. Martin had stood on the same ladder before, telling that no matter who had misunderstood Zhu Weijiao, he would trust him unconditionally, but his trust was betrayed by Zhu Weijiao. Zhu Weijiao didn’t understand why. She believed in Martin, but when she saw those photos, her sanity disappeared.

Martin was placed under house arrest by his parents. In order not to delay his son’s future, they chose to let him never go out to see people again until the college entrance examination. At the same time, Zhu Weijiao was also comforted by everyone, waiting for the day of the college entrance examination to apologize to Martin.

It is a pity that the attitude of the family, Zhu Weijiao’s despair that day, made Martin completely desperate. The day before the college entrance examination, Martin sneaked out of the house while his mother was on the phone. He came to the school and finally glanced at the crowded school gate and left without looking back.

Zhu Weijiao was also looking forward to Ma Tian’s appearance. When she couldn’t help but looked back, she didn’t find Ma Tian who was leaving, and walked into the school with the comfort of her friends. Just when all the students wished all the students in the third year of high school a smooth college entrance examination, Martin was already sitting on the bus that did not know where to go.

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