Run For Young 风犬少年的天空 Episode 12 Recap

The election of Super Girl is coming soon, and Zhu Weijiao’s mood becomes more disturbed as the day approaches. Since childhood, both her parents and Tu Jun always regarded her as a boy, and never played with anything that a girl should touch, which made her not feminine at all.

When Zhu Weijiao listened to Tu Jun chatting with Zhang Hanyun, and then compared herself with no charm and sweet temperament, she was even more embarrassed and even thought of giving up. Fortunately, Zhu Weijiao has a kind and loving parents, and a partner who is willing to make any sacrifices for her.

In order to regain Zhu Weijiao’s confidence, Tu Jun, Ding Rongliang and Luo Shenxi even dressed themselves as girls, wearing skirts, hugging dolls, and wearing weird makeup to satisfy Zhu Weijiao’s desire to play girl games. Zhu Weijiao looked at the three of them from behind, thinking that the criminals came from somewhere and secretly called the police and made an oolong.

Zhu Weijiao admits that she actually doesn’t like girls’ things, but seeing that girls who are surrounded by ladies and cute girls are more popular, she still wants to change herself. Zhu Weijiao was specially dressed up by Li Anran, and she deliberately endured her true temperament and pretended to be gentle, but in Ma Tian’s heart, any appearance of Zhu Weijiao deserves to be cherished by him.

On the day of the audition, Zhu Weijiao used the excuse of a school meeting to remind him to fill in the key points of volunteering to abandon the race. Tu Jun and Martin took advantage of the marathon champion to drag her and ran outside the school. With the help of Luo Shenxi’s mother, Tu Jun, Li Anran and Martin took Zhu Weijiao to register in time.

Zhu Weijiao was excited and nervous in the face of the judges’ difficulties. While singing and dancing, she accidentally misfigured her makeup, which became a joke for the audience. After she finished, she realized how ugly she was. Zhu Weijiao ate the hot pot and vented in silence. The TV shows that day’s audition was still on the TV. Tu Jun and the others hurriedly took her away from the restaurant for fear of hurting Zhu Weijiao’s pride.

Several people finally found a hotel with vacancies. Two girls slept on the bed and the boy slept under the bed. This was an experience they had never had before. In order to relieve the embarrassment at the moment, everyone decided to go out, and happened to meet passers-by playing skateboarding. Tu Jun was so handsome because of Li Anran’s words, so he had to go forward and try for a long time. As a result, he fell and hurt himself.

After all, Zhu Weijiao still saw her embarrassment on TV, and it was difficult to accept it for a while. Martin deliberately danced ugly, just to make her happy. The dance ended, and the two interlocked their fingers. Although Ma Tian didn’t have the courage to express his feelings, it was enough as long as Zhu Weijiao was happy.

Li Anran bought a bottle of potion and gave Tu Jun medicine in the hotel. Wounded behind his back, Tu Jun had to take off his clothes, feeling Li Anran blowing lightly, making him jump up suddenly. Two people fell asleep on the same bed and under the other. Tu Jun hoped that Li Anran could be taken care of by another him abroad, but in Li Anran’s mind, there was only one Tu Jun in this world.

When Ma Tian and Zhu Weijiao, who came back, opened the door, they saw Li Anran lying on the bed and Tu Jun wearing clothes. Tu Jun hadn’t explained the scene clearly, but was suddenly rounded by the police. After an education, the four of them could only sleep on the street.

Zhu Weijiao slept on Martin’s lap, Li Anran slept on Tu Jun’s lap, and the two boys watched their favorite girl sleep soundly, even if the waist was sore and the legs hurt. They obviously liked it in their hearts, but only when the two girls were sleeping did they dare to show their thoughts to their faces.

Back at school, Zhu Weijiao was always worried that she would be laughed at by her classmates, but no one seemed to know about the super girl, which made her feel relieved. In fact, it is Martin and the others in a class, and the classmates go to ask the classmates, don’t laugh at Zhu Weijiao, who was brave for a dream.

However, they can tell their classmates to act and pretend they don’t know, but they can’t stop passers-by from ridiculing. Zhu Weijiao is already well-known. All the way home, Zhu Weijiao was maintained by everyone, but she couldn’t imagine how long she would have to ridicule her neighbors after she returned home.

The embarrassed Zhu Weijiao ran home alone, but saw darkness everywhere. Just when she was scared, lights suddenly lit up around her, and her parents and all the neighbors were celebrating her. Their sincere smiles and pride infected Zhu Weijiao. Her parents were proud that someone in the family could finally be on TV. Zhu Weijiao’s haze was swept away in this atmosphere.

When Martin, Tu Jun and the others arrived, they were shocked by everything in front of them, and their chins were dropped. It was only after Zhu’s father attracted them that they recovered and joined the celebration team. Zhu Weijiao stood on the table, thanking everyone for their kindness, she finally let go of her embarrassment and sang with everyone.

Not everyone has the courage to pursue dreams. Youth is accompanied by all kinds of accidents, but as long as the family and friends concerned, any difficulties and ups and downs will become a beautiful experience.

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