Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 30 Recap

Qianmian monitors Huan Heng and reports to Ye Hongyi that Huan Heng uses the birthday banquet to woo high-ranking officials and important ministers, probably with ulterior motives. Ye Hongyi gritted his teeth, believing that Huan Heng was blatantly arrogant, and wanted to go to the birthday banquet to find out. Yao Xiang risked his life to attend the birthday banquet, Huan Heng was grateful, and was about to thank Yao Mowan for saving her life, Ye Hongyi came. The ministers were frightened and the atmosphere was solemn. Ye Hongyi reprimanded Huan Heng.

Today is not his birthday at all, so why is there a birthday party? Yao Xiang stepped forward to help intercede, saying that today’s birthday banquet was actually for the concubine. Ye Hongyi didn’t believe it at all. He was so angry that he asked his guilt and prepared to send down the ministers who attended the birthday banquet. Huan Heng begged Ye Hongyi to let the others go. Ye Hongyi was suspicious, and ordered no private gatherings and party formation, otherwise he would be severely punished.

In the middle of the night, Huan Heng was punished to return to the border gate. The army camped in the mountains. The colleagues arranged by Ye Hongyi set up an ambush and besieged him. Huan Heng did not expect that the betrayer turned out to be his apprentice Wei Qi. He hoped Wei Qi could distinguish right from wrong. , Don’t follow blindly, ask your heart.

Junxiu rushed to rescue Huan Heng, and Witch repayed his favor, so he scratched his leg and made Huan Heng leave easily. Huan Heng came to Mangyuan to meet with Concubine Cai. Yao Mowan had already left a letter, hoping that Huan Heng would train the people of Jing Yao in the army so that they could use them to kill the enemy in the future.

Ye Hongyi was aware of it, and remembered that Ye Junqing recommended Huanheng to go to the border to deal with the robbers, Yao Mowan also made the same suggestion, which was very suspicious. He summoned Ye Junqing late at night and talked about Huanheng going to the border to deal with the robbers, but disappeared on the road.

He suspected that Wedge was deliberately letting Huanheng go and colluded to deceive him. Ye Junqing pretended not to know, and was calm, saying that it is not appropriate to designate Weiqi and Huan Heng as rebellious ministers early. After Ye Junqing left, Ye Hongyi asked Qianmian to investigate the matter secretly and tortured Weiqi severely.

Yao Suluan watched Ye Hongyi’s brows furrowed and mentioned Huan Heng. He deliberately said that Yao Mansion and Huan Mansion were very close, causing Ye Hongyi to suspect that Yao Mowan was the bridge between Yao Mansion and Chaozhong. The heavy minister watched and decided to investigate thoroughly.

In order to protect Yao Mowan and avoid Ye Hongyi’s suspicion of her, Yao Mansion deliberately asked the butler to send the letter to the palace in his own name. After seeing the letter, Ye Hongyi was furious and sent Yao Mansion to a prison and tortured. Yao Mowan went to Tianlao to see this scene and said that he would definitely rescue Yao Xiang. Yao Xiang was at a critical moment of life and death, hoping to protect Yao Mowan. Yao Mowan begged Ye Hongyi to let Yao Xiang go and confess to him that Huanheng was his own.

Yin Xue came to the palace to ask Ye Junqing for help. Yao Mowan was under house arrest by Ye Hongyi. It happened that Gonggong Liu was ordered by Ye Hongyi to get Ye Junqing to the palace immediately. Duan Tingting advised Ye Junqing to be cautious and Ye Junqing worried. Yao Mowan is in danger, knowing that it is a feast for a grand feast, there may be no return, but he insists on going.

Yao Suluan knew that Yao Mowan had committed a serious crime in the harem and had a worrisome life. She put on the queen’s dress privately and wanted to take her place. However, Yao Xiang did not expect Yao Mowan to commit the crime. Yao Suluan, who had a trace of conscience, went to Ye Hongyi before he could change his clothes. Yao Mowan repeatedly begged Ye Hongyi to let Yao Xiang go.

Ye Hongyi took out his dagger, and if Yao Mowan killed Ye Junqing himself, he would let Yao Xiang go. The two finally had a showdown. Ye Hongyi was frantic and furious when she saw Yao Suluan wearing the queen’s clothes.

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