Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 29 Recap

Yao Suluan continued to fan the flames in front of Ye Hongyi, pretending to ask Ye Hongyi’s thoughts. Ye Hongyi said that Huanheng was quite prestigious in the court, and if there was a problem with the concubine Cai, he was worried that the court would be disrupted. Yao Suluan uses the ambiguous relationship between Yao Mowan and Ye Junqing to stimulate Ye Hongyi. Why is the family not peaceful? If they don’t give them some color, it will damage Ye Hongyi’s royal face.

Ye Hongyi called for Junxiu and deliberately sent him out to perform the task. In fact, he ordered someone to stab Junxiu with a poisoned arrow and kick him into the cliff. After Qianmian confirmed that Junxiu was dead, Ye Hongyi deliberately informed Cai Fei, pretending that he would let Cai Fei leave the palace and be reunited with Jun Xiu when Jun Xiu returned from the task. Concubine Cai was heartbroken, her heart was ashamed, and she drank the lotus seed soup that Ye Hongyi ordered.

Fortunately, Yao Mowan found out in time and asked Ye Junqing to save Junxiu at a critical moment. He wrote a secret letter to the assassin in advance, asking him to be merciful and save Junxiu’s life. Yao Mowan learned that Junxiu was still alive, plus the Jiansui that Junxiu gave to Cai Fei, she wanted to quickly tell Cai Fei that Jun Xiu was alive, but she didn’t expect Ye Hongyi to arrive suddenly and Yao Mowan could only use it.

Qi and Ye Hongyi dealt with each other, Ye Hongyi deliberately mentioned the news of Jun Xiu’s death, and Cai Fei already knew the news. Yao Mowan endured uncomfortably, pretending to be Zhengding, but the matter was urgent, she found reasons not to go for a walk with Ye Hongyi in the imperial garden, and arrived late in Caifei’s palace.

Concubine Cai drank the bowl of lotus soup and was poisoned to death. Ye Hongyi became a demon. He couldn’t tolerate his concubine having an affair with others. It also involved the situation in the DPRK, so she had long been murderous against Concubine Cai and Junxiu in order to create a mischief.

The concubine’s heart is ashamed of suicide. When Junxiu heard the news of the death of Concubine Cai from the maid of the palace, he fell into a slump, drinking numb and venting himself. He blamed himself for not protecting Concubine Cai. Ben Lei was worried that Junxiu would harm his body in this way, so Yin Xue rushed to tell Cai Fei that she was not dead.

It turned out that when Yao Mowan rushed to Cai Fei’s palace in time, Cai Fei took the poison for only a quarter of an hour, and the toxin did not infringe on the internal organs. She took out a silver needle and pierced Cai Fei’s head to force the toxin out of her body. In order to conceal Hongyi for the night, Cai Fei continued to pretend to be dead, and released her when she was out of the funeral coffin, so that Cai Fei and Junxiu were reunited.

Huan Heng didn’t know the real situation, thinking that Cai Fei was killed in this way, it was extremely painful. Ye Junqing arranged for the division of the division to do things for Cai Fei, mixed the arrangement of Jun Xiu into it, and replaced Cai Fei. Yao Mowan quietly hinted that Huanheng, the concubine Cai was not dead, and when he was about to go out for the funeral, Yao Suluan suddenly came in and had to open the coffin for an autopsy, believing that the death of the concubine Cai was hidden.

In order to prevent Yao Suluan from opening the coffin, Caiyan, the servant girl of Caiyan, hit the coffin and died. Yao Mowan denounced Yao Suluan for being disrespectful to the imperial concubine, and forcing the maid to death. Yao Suluan panicked and didn’t want to make matters worse.

Qianmian asked people to go to the Taiyuan Hospital to fetch Jinzhisan, and to Huanheng Mansion, after Yao Mowan knew about it, he was worried that the consequences of Huanheng’s illness would be unimaginable. Qianmian took out Jinzhisan and took it horizontally. If it is taken by a person who is ill, it will have a sound effect, but if it is taken by a healthy person, it will be a kind of insoluble poison.

Huan Heng originally wanted to refuse, but Ye Hongyi ordered Huan Heng to take this medicine immediately. Huan Heng took it in one sip and sent the guests off immediately. Qianmen pointed out whether Huanheng had deliberately concealed his condition, but he couldn’t help but leave. Fortunately, Yao Mowan asked Ye Junqing to deliver the antidote in time to save Huan Heng’s life.

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