Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 26 Recap

Guo Guo and Han Haoyue brought Yuan Dongdong out to play. Guo Guo showed his hospitality in every possible way, but found that Yuan Dongdong seemed to understand everything. Guo Guo suddenly had menstrual cramps, and Dongdong was sent to Guo Jing’s house. The next day, Yuan Yuan went to get the report, and by the way, she went to Huang Caiyun to verify the diagnosis. It seemed that there was nothing wrong with her dizziness. Guo Jing was busy. Yuan Dongdong went to live with Guo Liye’s house. Guo Liye looked at him with joy.

Guo Guo and Han Haoyue took care of Dongdong, and Dongdong was playing games with their heads bored. Suddenly Guo Guo had symptoms of dysmenorrhea, and they sent their children to Guo Jing’s house to live in. Dongdong talked about Guo Guo’s dysmenorrhea in front of Guo Jing because he was worried about going to live at home, so the person who pretended to be sick would not be well. In the evening, Huang Rong and Guo Jing chatted.

Huang Rong thinks Dongdong is very smart, but he meets a strong mother who may be a mommy when he grows up. At this time Dongdong came out to remind them that it was time to go to bed, and Guo Jing and his wife immediately apologized.

Han Haoyue accompanied Yuan Yuan to take the report. The report showed that the uterine fibroids were at the first level. Yuan Yuan thought she had no major problems, and suddenly dizzy when she was about to leave the hospital.

Guo Jing took them to see Huang Caiyun. Yuan Yuan strongly said that she had no problems with her experience every year. The dizziness might be due to her being too busy recently. Han Haoyue hoped that she would have another checkup, but Yuan Yuan was very stubborn and made a decision. The determination never changes.

Guo Liye helped take care of Dongdong, Dongdong played chess with him, wondering why he wanted his grandson so much. Since he entered the house, Guo Liye agreed to any excessive demands. When Guo Liye talked about the animal world, the next generation of wolves were unwilling to give birth to little wolves. In the end, she was left alone.

Dongdong understood what he said and played chess with him, winning with one stroke. Guo Liye discovered Dongdong’s ability and took him to challenge the old men in the community. Dongdong hoped that Guo Liye would help himself to dig out the bird eggs, but Guo Liye fell from the tree.

Yuan Yuan found that she couldn’t smell the coffee, and she was dizzy again when she saw the doctor. In addition, she received a call from the school and knew that Dongdong’s call was ghostwritten by someone else. Yuan Yuan’s emotions collapsed completely and threw her phone on the ground.

Guo Liye was taken to the property, and the property demanded compensation because he broke the flower stand. Guo Liye believed that he fell from the tree and was put on the waist by the flower stand. He had not yet asked for compensation.

Yuan Yuan ran to the Guo’s house to make a big noise, and blamed her father for doing homework for Dongdong. Huang Rong found that something was wrong with Yuan Yuan, so she took out a bottle of stinky tofu to let her smell, guessing that she was out of control due to illness, and guessing that it was an intracranial space.

Yuan Yuan went to the hospital to do ct to find out the cause, Guo Jing sent the charger and talked about Dongdong’s situation. Yuan Yuan saw that he understood his thoughts and took the initiative to chat with him. Guo Jing thinks she is too strong, even if she is sick, she is unwilling to show great joy and compassion. But for a long time like this, the body can’t stand it. In fact, Yuan Yuan had to sell the house to make up for the shortfall because of the loss of the fund recently.

Huang Rong admitted a new patient, and walked to the ward to find that the patient was Shu Xin. Even if Shu Xin was ill, she would appear as a husband and wife affectionately in front of Huang Rong. Chen Feng went to the consultation room and cared about Huang Rong’s teeth. Since the two separated, Huang Rong’s wisdom teeth have not been processed.

I hope Huang Rong will find time to solve it. At this time, Guo Jing walked in and lied that he was using chocolate to inquire about the chat between the two. Chen Feng believed that Guo Jing was still able to pretend as before, and he would come in again after five minutes. As soon as his voice fell, Guo Jing really found an excuse to walk in. , Huang Rong smiled when he saw his guilty conscience.

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