Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 25 Recap

Huang Rong was watching TV at home, looking for snacks, and found in the biscuit box that Guo Jing had replaced her contraceptive pills. Guo Jing hurriedly explained on the phone that this was because he was attracted by the little girl in the ward before and did something on impulse. Huang Rong and Guo Liye watched TV and chatted at home, and Guo Liye advised Huang Rong not to get angry. Huang Rong has to buy a pregnancy test stick to test whether she is pregnant, Guo Liye knows she is fooling herself.

Guo Jing went to Huang’s house to pick up Huang Rong. When he saw Huang Rong, he immediately explained that Huang Rong was not angry and did not go home. Guo Jing saw that she did not know how to coax him. He remembered that Huang Rong could do nothing but see a doctor. People take care of. Huang Rong thought about it all night and decided to give birth to Guo Jing. Guo Jing decided to show his false proof to his father to delay time and let Huang Rong concentrate on his career.

Han Haoyue received a call from Yuan Yuan and hung up the phone because she was holding her up. Afterwards, he hid in the toilet and called Yuan Yuan back. Yuan Yuan asked him to attend his son’s parent meeting.

Guo Jing showed the false certificate to Guo Liye, mentioning that Huang Rong had not been pregnant with the child because it was his own problem and he needed to take care of it. Guo Liye found an old friend for a native method.

Han Haoyue held a parent-teacher meeting for her son, and then gave his son Dongdong pocket money in the name of Guo Guo. The Dongdong kid thinks that it is not easy for Han Hao to save private money, so he does not want his hard money.

Yuan Yuan experienced yoga class. The coach kept pestering her to get the card, but Yuan Yuan put him in the army and said that there was a problem with his marketing skills.

Guo Jing was pulled by Guo Liye to get the needle. At the critical moment, he slipped out quietly. Huang Rong felt distressed for his efforts. She was curious that she hadn’t been pregnant without taking contraceptives for a month. Guo Jing asked Guo Jing to check if there was a problem. There are minor problems.

Guo Liye cooked fish for Guo Jing. When Guo Guo came back and saw that he had only bought a small fish, he was angry that he was partial. When Guo Liye mentioned his fortune-telling situation today, Guo Jing had only one son, but Huang Rong had another son and a daughter. He worried that after Guo Jing and Huang Rong were separated, Guo Jing couldn’t think of a life. Guo Guo thinks he is superstitious, so he should not talk about cross talk in the future, and simply go to fortune-telling. During the banquet, Guo Liye hoped that Huang Rong would not worry about it. If Guo Jing really couldn’t, he could do IVF in the future. Guo Jing threw his chopsticks back to the room.

Han Haoyue went home and found Yuan Yuan at home. She was curious about why she was at home. Yuan Yuan said that she had sold the house and was planning to buy a new school district house for Yuan Dongdong to study. There was a time difference between buying and selling the house, so she was planning to borrow for half a month. . Han Haoyue thought it was inconvenient for her new marriage, Yuan Yuan refused to listen to him, and made up her mind to move in, and walked to the door after speaking.

Guo Guo hummed a small song to go home, Han Haoyue blindfolded to give her a surprise, Yuan Yuan walked over, Guo Guo instantly fell into Han Haoyue’s arms.

Guo Guo returned to Guo’s house and cried and ate noodles. Guo Liye took everyone to the restaurant to eat, but he ordered special dishes. Huang Rong saw Guo Guo and Han Haoyue compete, and hoped that she would think about communicating with Han Haoyue. Guo Jing deliberately said something ironic. Guo Guo is not at home at the moment.

Perhaps the two are just eating and chatting at home. Han Haoyue rushed in as soon as the voice fell. Guo Guo told him not to use ink stains and explained why Yuan Yuan pestered him. Han Haoyue immediately explained that Yuan Yuan might have changed cancer. Guo Guo knew that after this time the family bank card was handed over to Han Haoyue, thinking that it would not be easy for Yuan Yuan to take the child alone.

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