Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 24 Recap

Guo Jing went home and saw Han Haoyue squatting on the ground and handing him the key, hoping that he would have a good talk with Guo Guo in the house. Who knows that the two stayed in the house for half the night, and they didn’t respond to calls or messages. When Huang Rong also came back, the two wanted to go home but couldn’t knock on the door. They ended up staying in a small hotel outside. In the middle of the night, someone looked for a dog and awakened everyone. Huang Rong and Guo Jing heard a complaining voice that seemed to be Guo Liye and stepped forward At a glance, he was also living in a small hotel.

Guo Liye introduced his son and daughter-in-law Swallow into the house. Guo Jing understood that his father was making room for himself. Huang Rong also thought that the pressure was too great. In order to create a two-person world, Guo Liye even lived in a small hotel.

Guo Liye went home and found that the door of the house was open. Guo Jing and his wife were busy walking in and out of the house, buying a lot of things to spend their old age, massage chairs, flush toilets and so on. Huang Rong promised to have a baby, but hoped that Guo Liye would enjoy it. The two are planning to go out to rent a house and will return after being pregnant with a child.

Doctor Yu is cooking for his son. When his son sees him busy with work and has to take care of himself, he takes the initiative to apologize for failing the exam. Doctor Yu is very pleased.

Yanzi refused to eat because the things Sister Kong bought were too high in sugar, and finally fainted in the hospital. Guo Jing asked for a doctor immediately when she found out. Seeing this, Sister Kong didn’t shoot the video now, and then took out the video to report to Huang Caiyun. Thinking that the nurse accepted the fruit she gave but didn’t do anything, Huang Caiyun decided to investigate the matter after listening to it. Who knows that Sister Kong refused to give up, and took the video to find the upper management.

Guo Liye accompanies Guo Jing and his wife to rent a house. Because the price issue has not been negotiated, Guo Liye finds his old friend, entertains and intercedes, and finally takes down another house in his own community. After Guo Jing Huang Rong got off work, Guo Liye showed the results of his labor to the two of them. Guo Jing found out that he had been escaped from Guo Liye’s palm.

He had known that he might as well move outside the sixth ring road. Huang Rong also thinks that the room opposite the cell is also a cell, but Guo Liye is also very hardworking in his busy schedule, and he can’t help but appreciate it.

Sister Kong woke up in the middle of the night and found Yanzi fainted in the bathroom. She was so frightened that she hurriedly asked the doctor for help. Doctor Yu immediately sent her to the operating room when she heard the movement. Sister Kong had been talking outside the door to keep the child. Unexpectedly, the child eventually miscarried. Sister Kong found Dr. Yu to vent her anger and reached him.

Wu Hantang went to the hospital for a physical examination. Guo Jing accompanied him. Wu Hantang remembered that Huang Caiyun didn’t want children and agreed to it. At that time, he thought it was respect, but now he realized that he was negligent. Guo Jing understood what he meant, and quietly planned the childbirth.

Guo Jing admitted a patient, and the patient entrusted his daughter to Guo Jing because he had to check the urine. Guo Jing found that the child was simply a demon king and messed up his consultation room. But when the child was cute, she gave Guo Jing a painting, and Guo Jing smiled from ear to ear when she saw it. In the evening, Guo Jing secretly changed Huang Rong’s contraceptive pill.

Huang Rong was assigned to be the leader of the poisoning team at the emergency center, but at the same time there would be more night shifts. The deputy dean hoped that he would discuss with Guo Jing, and Huang Rong made it clear that he did not want children for the time being.

Huang Caiyun held a meeting with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Because of Yanzi’s miscarriage, the doctor had to be punished, and Doctor Yu offered to resign. In the evening he had a drink with Zeng Li. Zeng Li remembered that there was a child in his family who was waiting to be fed. Doctor Yu probably wouldn’t do anything without a way out.

Guo Jing took the initiative to chat with Sister Kong. Swallows had a recurrent miscarriage. The main problem was overprotection. Pregnant women can live their lives carefully, but they can’t behave like a snake.

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