Great Age 创业年代 Episode 12 Recap

Jiang Cheng went to see Kuang Mingchou and learned that Yao Kun decided to go to Japan, Jiang Cheng lamented that there is a saying in the world: It’s all for your good. Hong Yuqiao successfully purchased goods in Hong Kong and is full of hope for the future.

Yao Kun decided to go to Japan and had signed the application form with the leader. Hong Yuqiao and Hao Bing returned to the hotel to unpack the goods and look at the goods. The result was a whole box of stones. Hong Yuqiao went back to find the seller but they didn’t admit it. This was all of Hong Yuqiao’s belongings. He had no choice but to seek help from Kwong Mingchou. Kwong Mingchoi introduced Lexus to Hong Yuqiao for help.

Lexus was honest and honest and promised to receive help. Hong Yu Bridge. With the help of Lexus, Hong Yuqiao’s subcontracted goods were quickly completed. Lexus was curious about the purpose of Hong Yuqiao’s import of electronic components in Hong Kong. Hong Yuqiao did not tell the truth, but Lexus confessed that he was looking for new products in the mainland market. Ask more about business opportunities.

Kwong Mingchoo went to see the progress of Professor Tang’s experiment. As a result, the assistants were very tired. They were not rigorous and caused the motherboard to be damaged. The carelessness of these young people made Professor Tang very unpleasant, but it is also forgivable.

The project was too expensive to complete Professor Tang. Sorry. Yao Kun is ready to leave for Japan the next day. Yu Wenjing is very persistent and sticks to Yao Kun. Yao Kun is leaving this time without telling Kuang Mingchou, Yu Wenjing wonders if the two are in love. ,

Yao Kun did not admit the relationship between the two, Yu Wenjing said that after Yao Kun left, she would boldly pursue Kwong Mingchou, even so Yao Kun did not make a statement. Kwong Mingchou was so busy that he did not go home late, so he packed up a bowl of noodles at the supper stall and gave it to Professor Tang. Yao Kun reluctantly walked to Kuang Ming’s home, and looking around was all memories. No matter how unwilling to give up, Yao Kun returned the key to Kuang Ming’s family.

Kwong Mingcai went home in the morning and saw the spare key on the table and the mask given to Yao Kun. Only then did he realize that Yao Kun was really leaving. Kwong Mingcai ran to Yao Kun’s house in a hurry, thinking about what Yao Kun had said all the way, and asked Yu Wenjing about Yao Kun. His flight rushed to the airport to recover Yao Kun. That’s how people are. When they were about to lose, they saw their sincere regrets, but all this was too late. Yao Kun had already boarded the plane to Japan. Hong Yuqiao returned home from Hong Kong smoothly.

In order to thank Kwong Mingchou for his help in inviting the big guys to dinner, Kwong Mingchou was not very interested and talked about finding a new place for Yu Wenjing, but Mei Zhaohe actively clamored to find a place for Yu Wenjing, and Speaking of Kuang Mingchou and Yao Kun’s love, he didn’t know that the two people’s love has reached a deadlock.

Huang Xueyi found Hong Yuqiao with great enthusiasm to finalize the cooperation. Hong Yuqiao already had a purchase channel to talk about it. It was full of momentum. First, he exposed Huang Xueyi’s previous unkind behavior, and then he found another way for Huang Xueyi.

Huang Xueyi buys the goods here at Hongyuqiao at the cost price, and the southern market is all given to Huang Xueyi. Although these profits are not as good as the previous four and a half, but Huang Xueyi has no other way but to agree. Hao Bing thinks that Hong Yuqiao should not give the southern market to Huang Xueyi. After all, he has the technology and component channels in his own hands.

However, Hong Yuqiao considers the long-term and stays in the front line to meet each other in the future. Besides, the southern market is too big and the company is still starting Can’t eat at the stage. Hong Yuqiao’s business is doing well, and the people are very loyal. He prepared a big house for Hao Bing. Hao Bing and Hong Yuqiao are like brothers and beautiful. Mei Zhaohe is actively helping Yu Wenjing finalize her house. Hong Yuqiao met with Lexus to discuss business at the National Hotel.

The people of Lexus followed Hong Yuqiao all the way and learned that Hong Yuqiao was producing game consoles, and directly proposed to sign a game console supply contract with Hong Yuqiao. These game consoles It will not be sold domestically to grab business with Hong Yuqiao, but will be sold directly to the Eastern European market through Hong Kong merchants.

When Hong Yuqiao and Guan Tao returned to the company, they saw Hao Bing again living on the company’s hard bench. He was not used to the house rented to Hao Bing, and he had to return the rent to Hong Yuqiao, Hong Yuqiao and Guan Taoer. People naturally refused to ask for it, and they sighed that Hao Bing didn’t know how to enjoy happiness.

Lexus went to the company to look at the game console products. The products are generally no problem. However, the number of games is small and the shell of the game console is a bit inferior. These Lexus all put forward suggestions for improvement. Although the cost has increased, other competitors will not have the opportunity to surpass ,

The monopoly market for its own products is just around the corner, so Hong Yuqiao and Lexus have reached a business. After Yao Kun left, Ming-Chiu Kwong persevered in writing a letter to Japan, expressing regret in the letter, and will strive to reach the commanding heights of his life in the three years since Yao Kun left.

Professor Tang’s technique was completely successful. Kuang Mingchou and others were very excited. At this moment, they still need to choose a name for this technique. The name cannot be as long as Professor Tang’s proposal, nor can it be as ordinary as Jiang Cheng. Kuang Mingchou remembered the allusion and named the Chinese character encoding card Zhonghua Card.

This resounding and representative name of the country, this epoch-making Chinese character processing card was born, and Professor Tang was also willing to join Chaoxin to do his best for China’s computers. The Zhonghua Card won the second prize of scientific and technological progress assessed by the Science and Technology Commission. However, once another copy of the Zhonghua Card appears, if the copy wins the first prize, the Zhonghua Card will only be replaced.

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