Great Age 创业年代 Episode 11 Recap

Guan Tao went to comfort Hao Bing. The two brothers were unhappy because of Huang Xueyi’s affairs. Hao Bing did not blame Hong Yuqiao, but felt that technology companies should focus on technology research and development, as long as the products are good, they can’t make money. There is no need to ponder those negotiation skills. Guan Tao thinks what Hao Bing said makes sense, but Hong Yuqiao also considered the company’s poor foundation and only considered it more deeply.

Hao Bing understood that Hong Yuqiao also believed him. Professor Tang learned that Kwong Mingchou took his family to go shopping, angrily reprimanded Kwong Ming for bribing himself. These capitalist businessmen acted as pie and used their ideals as a guise.

Professor Tang would not betray his skills because of Kuang Mingchou’s good intentions. Technology from the country will only be dedicated to the country in the end. Zhou Dingbei came home and saw this big show. The next day he went to the company to discuss with Wang Yong and determined that Kuang Ming’s plan to please Professor Tang was for Chinese character programming technology. Zhou Dingbei is not optimistic.

Huang Xueyi went south to Guangzhou to find Chen Xiaoguang and took out the parts list listed by Hao Bing. Chen Xiaoguang knew that Alia Street in Hong Kong could be sold, and he still had a border defense certificate. Huang Xueyi urged him to do it quickly. Kwong Ming-Chiu was in a bad mood because he was misunderstood by Professor Tang.

It happened that everyone went on a picnic in Xishan to change the mood. But when he went to the higher places, Kwong Ming-Chiu was afraid of heights and could not go on. Yao Kun did not comfort Kwong Ming-Chiu or accompany him like Yu Wenjing Staying at the bottom of the mountain, Yao Kun encouraged Kuang Mingchou not to give up the scenery of the heights forever because he was afraid of the heights.

Yao Kun’s words stimulated Kuang Mingchou, and he slowly climbed up the heights firmly. When Zhou Dingbei found Professor Tang, he had to ask him to understand the reason for his anger. After knowing the reason, he deliberately provoke the relationship between Professor Tang and Kuang Mingchou, slandering Kuang Mingchou’s nature as a businessman. The big guy finally climbed to the top of the mountain to take pictures and enjoy the high scenery.

Yao Kun likes high places because there is a panoramic view of the artistic conception, and Kwong Mingchoi likes the appearance of Yao Kun standing on the commanding heights. Facing the beautiful scenery, Kwong Mingchou was still in a low mood. Yao Kun knew that Kwong Mingchou was distressed because of Professor Tang’s affairs. She told Kwong Mingchou that dealing with intellectuals requires sincerity and the habit of neglecting businessmen. Professor Tang finally succeeded in developing a Chinese character programming system. He was so excited.

The game console parts that Huang Xueyi came in through Chen Xiaoguang were in line with Hao Bing’s needs, but Hao Bing’s sharp eyes and Hong Yuqiao’s cleverness found that there was a place for sale in the parts box. Hong Yuqiao perfunctory Huang Xueyi and decided to take Hao Bing to break through. Before leaving Hong Kong, Guan Tao was also a thousand exhortations.

Yao Kun thought for a long time and still tended to study at Ichiran University in Japan, but the final idea was still undecided. Yu Wenjing understood that Yao Kun was so hesitant to ask for an answer from Kuang Ming.

Yu Wenjing asked Kwong Mingchou for Yao Kun, but Kwong Mingchoi said that she supported Yao Kun to go to study. Yu Wenjing didn’t understand Kwong Mingchoi’s true thoughts, but if she liked it, she would give the other party a clear answer instead of letting the other party guess. go with. Wang Yong took the motherboard approval form and signed it to Zhou Dingbei.

Zhou Dingbei immediately disagreed when he heard that it was for Professor Tang to continue research and development, because Professor Tang’s Chinese character programming card was very unstable although it had achieved initial success Continuing research and development needs to consume a lot of motherboards.

Zhou Dingbei just doesn’t want to get used to the behavior of these scientists wasting national property and resolutely refuses to sign. Hong Yuqiao took Hao Bing to Hong Kong and immediately started purchasing. The businessmen in Hong Kong were very smart. Professor Tang went to Zhou Dingbei personally because of the motherboard issue. Zhou Dingbei’s smile on his face just didn’t let go, and he said something about saving resources for the country. These words blocked Professor Tang’s words. Can leave.

Kwong Ming-choi and Jiang Cheng drank because of the company’s troubles, and Kwong Ming-choi’s mood was even worse. Yao Kun wanted to immediately he couldn’t stop others from pursuing a better future. If he went to Japan with Yao Kun and couldn’t leave the tide, these troubles were ultimately due Unable to win over Professor Tang.

Professor Tang is also worrying about the suspension of research and development. The Chinese character programming card is his many years of hard work and will not abandon it. Professor Tang decided to go to Kuang Mingchou after thinking about it all night. He hesitated and knocked on the door of Kwong’s house. Professor Tang first apologized for his temper that day, and then said his plight. He needs a lot of ATG motherboards.

Under the control of Zhou Dingbei’s Jingqi Company, Jingqi Company no longer provides motherboards, so it can only come to Kwong Mingchou for help. Kwong Mingchoan agreed. Professor Tang also stated that this technology will be successful, but the success cycle is uncertain. Within this cycle It requires a lot of capital investment, and Kwong Mingchou is willing to support Professor Tang’s research and development without encouraging funds.

Kuang Mingchou asked Jiang Cheng to keep an eye on the project he was holding. Hong Yuqiao found several Hong Kong sellers and the offers were very affordable, and Hao Bing was fascinated by the prosperous world of Hong Yuqiao. After Hong Yuqiao settled the deal, he agreed to take Hao Bing to stroll around. Jiang Cheng kept a close eye on the business that Wang Yong was talking about, and the few deals that he talked about made Chaoxin’s account ample funds, and if there was enough funds, he could continue to support Professor Tang’s research and development.

Chaoxin continued to order the motherboard from Zhou Dingbei Company. Wang Yong told Zhou Dingbei that Chaoxin ordered the motherboard for the project of Professor Tang, and Zhou Dingbei wanted to see Chaoxin being taken advantage of. Yao Kun approached Kwong Mingchou to ask about studying in Japan, Kwong Mingchou still expressed his support, Yao Kun asked Kwong Mingchou to consider choosing support for himself, but as a boyfriend, what should Kwong Mingchou do to be worthy of Yao Kun, but Yao Kun didn’t.

In need of these, Yao Kun has always believed that love is not something that you can have when you are rich and idle. Love is something that allows two people to support each other and work hard together. Kuang Mingchou did not keep Yao Kun, and the two stayed at home without sleep.

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